The 16 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers in Australia for 2022

More pressie ideas than you can shake a stick at.

Dog lovers
Apr 21, 2022

No matter how many treats we give them, dogs always deserve more credit than they get. After all - they made it to the moon before us, and doggie internet celebs like Tofu Chan brighten the days of millions on Insta. Whether you're buying for dog owners, or their most loyal friends, dog themed gifts should be useful, unique, and above all, good fun. Here are 16 of our fave dog gift ideas in Australia for the most pure-hearted of companions.

Oodie Calming Pet Bed

The Oodie dog bed is a gift for a dog and a human. How? Because you can buy a matching Oodie so the human and pup can relax together in their matching cuddly hoodie and bed. If the thought of fulfilling their #squadgoals isn't enough, this cosy and comfortable pet calming bed might do the trick. Using the Pupnaps calming beds, Oodie has covered them in popular, cuddly and fun Oodie prints. Super soft fabric relaxes and calms dogs while the raised rim helps create a private sanctuary that's all theirs. With a waterproof bottom and removable, machine washable cover, the inevitable spills and slobbers are easily cleaned.

Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel

For curious puppers, Cosier co-founder and dog owner Sarah rates these Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel toys as top tier dog gifts, which have entertained her own fur baby for years. “Ferg is too adorably stupid to work out he's supposed to try to get the squirrels out of the trunk. He just chews on the trunk. Nevertheless it's a cute toy (the squirrels squeak) and has lasted a few years which is impressive given the size of his jaws.”

KONG Classic Dog Toy

These practically indestructible KONG Classic Dog Toys are no-brainer dog gift ideas for serial snack-hunters, coming highly recommended by dog owner Sarah. “Kongs are great! You stuff them with treats [or] pop PB in them and stick them in the freezer… Ferg licks it like a dogsicle.” They're made from durable, natural rubber, and will keep dogs entertained for hours.

Vitalitaē Calming Superfood Jerky For Dogs

Nervous nellies of all shapes and sizes will benefit from this Vitalitaē Calming Superfood Jerky. These tasty treats are made in Australia, and are packed full of calming ingredients like chamomile, hemp oil, and ginger. We also like that they include L-Tryptophan to help regulate sleep, behaviour and mood.

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster


Most dogs love playing fetch, and this Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster serves up endless afternoons of fun for dog owners and pups alike. Plus, everyone knows tennis balls are kryptonite for dogs. Cosier co-founder Daniel says “growing up, the highlight for our family on Christmas morning was watching our labrador Otis tear the wrapping paper off his yearly bag of tennis balls. Of course, he'd destroyed most of them before lunch, but we could tell he loved every minute of it.”

EzyDog Convert Harness

If your dog-owning friends haven't yet made the switch from leash to dog harness, drop a heavy hint with this EzyDog Convert Harness. These little rippers are made for serious rough and tumble, handling anything from Bondi surf to outback adventures. EzyDog is an Aussie-owned company that offers clever custom add-on for these harnesses, like saddle bags, lights, and custom side labels.

Frozen in Time Long Yeti Tubular Squeak Dog Toy

Better Yeti
Frozen in Time

If you're going for the cute factor, Cosier dog owner Sarah points out there's nothing more heartwarming than a giant dog dragging around a fluffy soft toy. These Bark-A-Boo Frozen in Time Long Yeti Tubular Squeak toys fit the bill with their adorable fluffy looks and super size long body for hours of throwing and fetching fun. This guy also has multiple squeakers to keep doggos coming back for more.

Sleeping Duck Dog Bed

No matter how much they love their fur baby, waking up to stale kangaroo breath isn't everyone's idea of a good morning. A quality, washable dog bed is the answer. We rate these Sleeping Duck dog beds for their water-resistant liners and washable covers to keep the stink at bay. Sleeping Duck is an Aussie-owned company too, so you'll be supporting local.

BECO Peppermint Scented Poo Bags

These BECO Peppermint Scented Poo Bags make great dog lover gifts for dignified owners who like to do the right thing. They're biodegradable, and Cosier dog owner Sarah says “I particularly enjoy the mint scented ones that mask (somewhat) the smell. They have a cute egg shaped dispenser too that easily clips onto the lead.”

Smiley Dog Gift Travel Pack

Speaking of doggy smells, you can't go past a great dog shampoo. This Australian-made Smiley Dog Gift Travel Pack includes pH-balanced Goats Milk & Vanilla shampoo and conditioner for sensitive doggie skin. This pack also helps banish wet dog smell, with pet cologne and an air freshener for the car.

Custom Dog Socks

Dog parents need treats too, and dietary requirements aren't a problem with these Custom Dog Socks from The Print Cave Australia. All you need to do is email them a cute pet pic, and they'll sort the rest. Bonza.

Aussie Dog Tug It

These Aussie Dog Tug It toys are ideal for tug of war without the rope burn, with a flexible, contoured grip handle to help owners hold tight. Sarah reckons rope pull toys are great exercise for dogs and owners alike. “[Ferg] gets super grumpy / competitive and emits a low growl… that gets me dropping it, sharpish.”

Dog Lover Bowl And Mug Set

For dog owners known to bring their pet in a matching outfit for halloween, we rate these Dog Lover Bowl and Mug Sets. With a coffee mug and stoneware bowl, these dog themed gifts mean both owners and their furry companions can tuck into brekky while proudly declaring their mutual love.

ChomChom Roller

There are more glamorous ways of telling the world you're a dog-owner than furniture covered in fluff. The ChomChom Roller claims to be one of the 'World's Best Pet Hair Removers', and works without adhesive, sticky tape, or power to gather dog hair from sofas, beds, blankets and more. They're conveniently reusable, too, which means no more lint roller refills.

Ridley's Who Let the Dogs Out? Mini Game

This social strategy game by Ridley's answers the age-old question: Who Let the Dogs Out? This doggie whodunnit looks like a real head scratcher, and works well as a dog themed party game for 4 to 8 players. You'll have to work together to find the missing dog and the saboteur, in the hopes of finally providing an answer to the Baha Men's classic tune.

LOLA Black Dog Carrier

This LOLA Dog Carrier is possibly the most Melbourne thing we've ever seen for small breed owners who never brunch without their tiny bestie. Made by Etsy sellers St Argo Melbourne, these vegan leather dog carriers are designed with animal kindness in mind. They include a soft memory foam cushion with a washable faux fur case and padded headrest for premium doggie comfort, as well as an interior leash attachment to keep them safely by their side.

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