The 15 Best Gifts for Dogs in Australia for 2022

Paw-sonally approved by a pup.

Gifts for Dogs
May 4, 2022

Think of all the joy your furry 4-legged friend brings to your life. Whether it's over-enthusiastic licks, vocal demands for all the attention, or a complete inability to be away from your side for even a few minutes, we've got a lot to be thankful for. There's no better way to say thanks than by spoiling them with gifts.

If you're buying gifts for the family, make sure you don't forget the most important family member. (That's the dog.) We've chosen 15 of the best gift ideas for dogs, carefully selected by Cosier editor Sarah (dog lover) and her greyhound, Fergus.

Coffee Wood Chew

When boredom bites, your furry pal can decide to bite too. If you'd rather them not chew on your favourite shoes, keep them busy with a Coffee Wood Chew from WAG. We love WAG dog treats because they're ethically and sustainably made right here in Oz, with all natural ingredients and no nasties, like additives. We reckon your dog will love their Coffee Wood Chews. These long-lasting 100% natural hardwood sticks provide hours of chewing fun while being easily digestible and keeping their teeth clean. Bonus: there's no meaty smell (they're vegan).

Pet Calming Bed

Dogs spend a lot of their day snoozing, so you might as well make them cosy and comfortable. You won't find a cosier sleep than a Pet Calming Bed by Pupnaps. Super soft fur-like fabric relaxes and calms your dog while the raised rim helps create a private sanctuary that's all theirs. With a waterproof bottom and removable, machine washable cover, the inevitable spills and slobbers are easily cleaned. The only problem you'll have will be persuading your dog to get out of it.

Robot Toy

Us humans get hours of digital entertainment a day, why shouldn't your 4-legged friend? The Wickedbone Robot Toy promises day-long entertainment, which you can control via an app on your device. Think turning it around, spinning it quickly or flipping it. Or you can select auto play mode and the toy will respond automatically to the way your dog plays with it, with no input from you required. Safe, durable and easy to clean, this is either going to delight or terrify your dog.

Paracord Dog Collar

Sure, collars look cute but can they withstand everything your dog is going to put them through? We reckon the Paracord Dog Collar from Native Collars can. Even if your dog isn't a hoon-up-the-beach-and-lose-their-collar-type (ahem, Fergus), they're so good looking that even gentle strollers won't mind being seen in them. Handcrafted in Western Australia from vegan-friendly materials, including strong parachute cord, they're water resistant and easy to clean after outdoor adventures They come in a beautiful range of Australian-inspired colours and designs.

Puppuccino Coffee Dog Toy

Any discerning city-dwelling pup knows that coffee isn't just for humans. Let them enjoy their very own puppuccino with this dog toy from Fuzzyard. Soft and fluffy, it's ideal for carrying around and snuggling up with. Even better, it squeaks. And even better than that for you - it's machine washable. Fergus has this toy and I've been pleasantly surprised at how long it's lasted (he's got big jaws) and how much he enjoys resting his hardworking head on it.

Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment

Ok, technically this isn't one of the best gifts for dogs in Australia, but we reckon you'll appreciate it. Bathe your dog in the comfort of your own home with this Pet Wand Pro Shower Attachment. This handheld attachment can either be used indoors or outdoors. Simply attach it to a tap and away you go - it's got an almost 2.5m hose so it's ideal for the backyard. The rubber handle ensures you keep a firm grip, no matter how wet you get. While the water combing spray is powerful enough to get through even the fluffiest fur.

Monthly Dog Goodies

It can be hard to think of gift ideas for dogs, so give them a bit of everything. Extend that gift-giving feeling year-round with a monthly dog goodies box from Olly's Box. When you sign your dog up, let Olly's Box know their size, gender, personality and dietary needs then sit back and let them do the rest. Each month your dog will receive their handpicked goodies, including 100% Aussie made treats, interactive toys and handy accessories.

Classic Dog Toy

You won't find many dog owners that don't own at least 1 KONG. These rubber toys have so many uses. Naturally bouncy, your dog can chew, chase and fetch them. Fergus has one and loves that treats can be stuffed inside. On hot days, I stuff it with PB and freeze it to create a dogsicle. It’s dishwasher safe which helps with the slobber clean up. Fergus has really put his KONG to the test over 3 years and it still looks as good as the day I bought it - it's super durable and long-lasting.

Natural Dog Bar Soap

Make bathtime a real treat with this Natural Dog Bar Soap from WashBar. Made across the ditch in New Zealand, WashBar only uses 100% natural ingredients. In this soap you'll find gentle, skin-loving ingredients like neem leaf, tea tree oil and manuka oil. These carefully chosen ingredients ensure your dog's fur is left soft, clean and sweet-smelling. Plus, I reckon a bar of soap is much easier to use than trying to open a plastic bottle when wrestling with a grumpy, damp dog.

Snuffle Mat

If you'd rather your gift for your dog lasted longer than a few minutes, try a Snuffle Mat. Instead of just giving them a treat (because where's the fun in that?), hide them in this Snuffle Mat from Kingtree. They can then sniff them out through the forest of felt. A non-slip bottom means it won't slip around with over-enthusiastic snuffling and it shrinks to a smaller size for easy storage. When your dog's done, you can pop it in the washing machine, ready for the next treat.

Calming Cuddler Blanket

It's a truth universally acknowledged that dogs love soft, cosy things - especially blankets. I reckon a Calming Cuddler Blanket from Snooza makes one of the best gifts for dogs. This large, soft, fluffy blanket will help enhance any snoozing spot. (Or maybe your dog is like Fergus who enjoys walking around home with his blanket still hanging on top of him for the ultimate in warm laziness.) It's reversible thanks to its double-sided plush fabric that's furnishing grade quality - expect this durable blanket to last.

Boomer 8 Dog Bowl

Get a dog bowl that's as hardworking* as they are with this Boomer 8 Dog Bowl from YETI. This tough, durable dog bowl can take whatever your dog throws at it - it's made of double-wall, non-insulated stainless steel. Once your dog is done, chuck it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. It holds up to 8 cups of water or food, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes. I love the range of classic colours, all of which I'd happily have in my home. *Sleeping / eating / playing totally counts as work, ok.

Zippy Burrow Interactive Dog Toy

Fergus and I absolutely love seriously cute Zippy Paws soft dog toys. Not only do they look great, they're top quality and provide hours of fun too. Feast your eyes on this fox stump soft toy. It includes a tree stump burrow, inside which is stashed 3 small squeaking foxes for your dog to find and pull out. Once they do, they'll be begging for you to stuff them back in the burrow so they can do it again (and again).

Dog Worker


Who says only humans can enjoy puzzling fun? Keep your dog’s mind busy with this Dog Worker puzzle game from Outward Hound. Fill the 12 hidden compartments with treats then let your dog try to find them. Easy to fill, it's equally easy to clean afterwards - simply remove any unfound treats and give it a wash in warm soapy water. To help keep your pup safe, there are no removable parts. It's also made with eco-friendly materials.

Subscription Kibble Delivery

Forget lugging 20kg bulk bags of dog kibble around. What your dog really wants is tailored, delicious kibble straight to their door (well, bowl - that's where you come in). Scratch offers a kibble subscription service that's based on your dog's individual needs, including their age, weight and breed. Made in Sydney, their kibble includes premium Aussie meat and is delivered in 2 back-friendly 4kg bags. With flexibility built-in (pause, speed up, slow down or cancel), your dog can enjoy Aussie-made kibble always.

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