The 16 Best Gifts for Friends in Australia for 2022

Because your friendship isn't the only best gift they could ask for.

Gifts for Friends
Feb 3, 2022

Whether they're a friend who remembers your boyband phase in school, a university friend who held your hair back more times than you want to remember, or a work mate who bonds with you over how many buzzwords your boss can fit into one meeting, friends are the best.

There's no better time to say thanks, especially when you give them a carefully chosen gift. We've rounded up 16 of the best gift ideas for friends, who might be couples or colleagues, that'll help you say thanks for everything. Oh and if you'd like your gifting to go further, check out our hamper gifts.

Picnic Blanket

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The Grampians Goods Co

This Picnic Blanket by The Grampians Goods Co is the gift that keeps on giving. During the summer months, your bestie can use it as a picnic blanket. During the cooler months, they can snuggle up with it or use it as a chic yet casual throw on their sofa or bed. Made of recycled wool, it's eco-friendly, soft and durable so they can love it for years to come. Bonus: it's ethically woven in India for this proudly Aussie company.

Icon Trio Gift Pack - Down Under Wonders

Help them start their day the best possible way with the T2 Icon Trio Gift Pack. A tower of T2 favourites, it features 3 loose leaf teas in their own tins. Locally inspired, these Down Under Wonders are Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra Breakfast teas. Ranging from the classic black tea breakfast tea of Melbourne, it also includes the intriguing Canberra Breakfast tea - a blend of black tea, oats, rose and coconut.

Weighted Blanket

Give the gift of relaxation with a weighted blanket from Calming Blankets. These premium quality, soft, plush weighted blankets will help soothe a stressed or frazzled mind. Adult sized, they're ideal for using on the bed or for cuddling under on the sofa. Featuring tiny glass beads, this weighted blanket will give your friend a comforting hug when you're not able to.

Book Subscription

Monthly reading entertainment? Tick. Preloved books? Tick. Aussie company? Tick. The Wild Book Box should tick all your friend-gift-giving needs. Sign them up for a one book a month subscription and let The Wild Book Box delight them with a gently used book, sent to their door every month. If they've read it, they can contact The Wild Book Box and they'll get a replacement book next time. Surely gift ideas for friends don't get much better than helping them carve out reading time.

Natural Shopping Bag

Make their next trip to the farmer's market a breeze by gifting them a Natural Shopping Bag from Sydney brand Trifine. Made of natural linen and cotton, it's strong and durable enough to hold their free-range eggs without breaking. Three separate compartments keep their fresh kale far from their organic kangaroo. When they're not using it, it rolls up for easy storage.

Personalised Typewriter Notecards Writing Set


Sure, messaging apps might be convenient but sometimes it's nice to go old school, like this Personalised Typewriter Notecards Writing Set. Containing 12 cards, envelopes and stickers with a retro typewriter design, it's got everything they need to keep up with their correspondence. For that personal touch, Made By Ellis will add their name to the stationery. Drop enough hints and you might get an actual thank you card for your gifting efforts.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

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Get them enjoying their favourite exercise without leaving their home thanks to this PowerTrain Eco Friendly Yoga Mat. Double layer and 8mm thick, it's well-cushioned to support them during their workout. The back features a non-slip surface so even if they're working out on a wooden floor, they won't slide about. With a carry strap included, they can take it wherever they go. When they're finally done with it, it'll biodegrade making this a great choice for your eco-conscious pal.

DIY Dollhouse Miniature Kit

Bring the cafe to their home in miniature with a DIY Dollhouse from CUTEBEE. Help them rediscover the joy of hobbies with this kit of wooden pieces that they can fit together to create a miniature coffee shop. With incredibly detailed tiny potted plants, furniture and decorations, they'll enjoy hours of fun making this tiny world. Be warned: your Insta feed will be filled with spam of this adorable miniature.


Houseplants might look great but if they don't have the greenest of fingers, you can still surround them with houseplants, just in paper form. Plantopedia by Lauren Camilleri features over 130 plant profiles and detailed care information. With everything from foliage plants and succulents and cacti to rarer plants included, this hardcover book is some serious plant #inspo.

Silver Love Letter Necklace

Let them wear your friendship around their neck with this Silver Love Letter Necklace from Australian brand By Charlotte. This delicate necklace is ideal for layering and is adjustable from 40cm to 45cm while the letter is a tiny 5mm. We reckon this makes one of the best gifts for best friends, especially as you choose their name initial for some beautiful personalised jewellery. (You could treat yourself to one too for matching besties jewellery.)

Wine Subscription

Wine for days
Good Pair Days

Stock their wine cellar (i.e. kitchen cupboard) with a gift wine subscription from Good Pair Days. We love Good Pair Days, not just for their quality pun of a name, but because of how tailored your friend's wine subscription can be. You've got control over whether you send a one-off surprise box or a monthly box, how much you spend, how many bottles and what wine type to include. Because Good Pair Days is totally independent, your mate's getting special wine they won't find in their local bottle shop.

Classic Pocket Ruled Softcover Notebook

If there's any notebook more iconic than a Moleskine, we haven't found it yet. This Classic Pocket Ruled Softcover Notebook is ideal for any budding Hemingway or for being whipped out in a meeting to look achingly retro. It's got 192 lined pages just waiting to be filled plus a bookmark ribbon so they can always find their place. With a soft cover, it's lightweight and flexible and perfect for throwing into a bag for whenever inspiration hits.


Relaxing after a long day just got easier with this ASAKUKI 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser. It'll fill their home with the scent of their choice and 7 gently changing LED lights. The generous 500ml water tank means it won't need constant refilling, while the 2 mist options (weak or strong) means it's suitable for rooms of all sizes. Timer options mean they can switch it on and drift off in their very own private spa setting. Bliss.

Lips! Lip Balm

Looking for small gifts for your friends? Meet the very lovely Lips! Lip Balm by Go-To. Founded by Australian beauty editor and author Zoë Foster Blake, Go-To is all about simple yet effective and fun skincare. This cruelty-free lip balm is crammed full of natural ingredients including medical grade lanolin, apricot kernel, oils, calendula and shea butter for a soothing, nourishing treat their lips will love.

Punch Line Puzzle

Evoke dinner times of old (ok, like the 80s) with this Punch Line Puzzle by Piecework. 1,000 pieces made of 100% recycled paper come together to create what probably looks like your parents' dream retro dinner. There's jelly and fluro punch! There are prawns! There are crustless sandwiches! Bright, jewel-like tones make this 48cm x 68cm a puzzle like no other.

Cool Wine Decanter

Elevate their next dinner party or casual outdoor drinks with this Cool Wine Decanter. Wine purists will already know what this does, but for everyone else it allows white (and rose) wine to breathe and release its delicious aromas. Simply pour the wine through the integrated funnel to aerate (let air in) and let the glass carafe sit on its own hemorrhoids pillow (sorry, removable cooling element) for perfectly chilled and airy wine. Cheers!

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