The 16 Best Gifts for Grandparents in Australia for 2022

Grandparents: spoiling grandkids since forever.

Gifts for Grandparents
Feb 14, 2022

Grandparents seem to exist for one purpose: spoiling their grandkids rotten. Whether it’s smuggling them an extra biscuit at lunchtime, sticking a fiver in a greeting card or reading a favourite bedtime story for the 70th time, grandparents just can't help themselves. Although as a parent you might not be a fan of having your child returned hyped up on sugar, it's basically in the grandparents' job description.

Now’s the perfect time to return the spoiling with our selection of the best gifts for grandparents. For the true overloaded-on-food-grandparent experience, check out gift hampers. Once you've sorted the grandies, focus on the rest of the family, including your parents.

Photo Frame and Family Photo

Is it even your grandparents' home if it's not plastered with photos of the family? We think not. Add to the gallery wall by giving them a photo frame. Frames Now has a frankly dizzying range of frames to suit all photo sizes, styles and budgets. What we really love is that they offer a print and frame service. Simply upload your photo online and choose a custom frame or a ready-made one. The only thing left to do is to find the most embarrassing possible photo of your sibling to go in it.

Ansley Slipper

Make them feel like they’re walking on a fluffy cloud with a pair of UGG Ansley Slippers. These slippers feature an upcycled wool lining and insole, so it’s basically like they’re putting their feet onto a well coiffed sheep. With a rubber sole, they can wear these inside and out, helped by the water resistant suede. Honestly, they look so comfy you’ll probably be tempted to pick up a pair for yourself.

Crossword Book

Help them while away time between your visits with a bumper book of crosswords. But not just any crossword. Oh no, it's got to be the legendary Sunday Times crossword. Fiendishly difficult, these 100 cryptic crosswords will keep their brain puzzling for hours. Throw in a pencil and an egg timer and you’ve got the makings of an ideal day.

1,000-Piece Jigsaw

If there’s anything more soothing than the meditative practice of slotting well-fitting jigsaw puzzle pieces together, we haven’t found it yet. (Let’s not mention the frustration that comes with not being able to find the right piece.) This Piecework puzzle is a thing of beauty. Heck, it's so beautiful you won’t blame your grandparents for framing it once they’re done. Keep them entertained for days with this 1,000-piece Power Lunch puzzle. With those giant mobile phones, it’ll be a bonus trip down memory lane for them.

Grandparent Journal

Sort of like how you refuse to believe your parents were right about anything, you might find as you grow up that your grandparents are a treasure trove of ace stuff. Think family recipes or that time they met that famous person. Encourage your grandparents to share their wisdom with this grandparent journal from Write to Me. It has 47 double page spreads, including one photo page and one lined page on high quality paper for capturing lasting memories. Hardback and featuring beautifully illustrated end papers, it’ll become a family heirloom to pass down.

Gardener's Tool Seat

Don’t let sore backs and dodgy knees stop them from doing what they love with this Gardener’s Tool Seat from Uncommon Goods. A folding chair and tool bag in one, they can garden in comfort. Who needs to bend over flower beds when you can sit down instead? This genius tool seat is made from lightweight steel so it’s easy to move around. Plus, if they accidentally leave it outside, it’s covered with water-resistant nylon so it’ll be fine in the rain. Multi-use, they can remove the bag from the chair. It’s got plenty of storage, including a whopping 21 pockets.

Indoor Smart Garden

Bring the outside in with UrbiPod. This smart indoor garden is small enough to fit on the kitchen benchtop but large enough to grow your grandparents’ favourite plants, herbs, salads and micro greens. Even better, it makes caring for plants simple: its irrigation system provides the exact amount of water and natural plant food the plants need to thrive. Plus, it has an automated energy efficient LED system that mimics sunlight for healthy, happy plants. Kermit was right: it is easy being green.

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Coffee Machine

Kick start their day with the Breville the Bambino Plus. This compact coffee maker is suitable for small kitchens, thanks to its smaller-than-most footprint. It can quickly whip up 2 cups of coffee, so there will be no arguments about who gets their coffee first. Although it looks the business, it’s simple to use with large, grandparent-friendly 1-touch buttons. All they need to choose is their froth and milk temperature and off it goes. It’s even got a steam wand for that barista-like finish.

Stick Vaccum

Cleaning sucks. But at least you can make it simple and painless with the Dyson V8 Animal stick vacuum. It’s got everything they need to clean up, quickly. Plus, weighing just over 2.5kg it’s lightweight and easy to move around. With up to 40 minutes of runtime before needing a charge, they can power through every type of vacuuming. It converts to a handheld and comes with an assortment of tools to tackle stairs, the car and pet hair. They’ll be whizzing across the floors like Mrs Doubtfire in no time.

Steel Garden Art

Your grandies can now gaze fondly upon their favourite true blue Aussie icon (not you) with this Kookaburra Steel Garden Art. Designed to be gently tapped into a tree, it'll only get better over time as it develops a natural golden-brown colour. Proudly Australian made, this Kookaburra provides some gorgeous natural art for their garden.

Fountain Pen

Support them to keep up their correspondence with this Waterman Expert Fountain Pen. This timeless and elegant pen is made of some of the finest materials, including 24k gold and stainless steel so you know it’ll last them years to come. Made in France, it comes in a beautiful gift box that you don’t even need to bother to wrap (win). A medium nib, it’s smooth and effortless to use. Expect a thank you note in their fanciest handwriting if you gift them this.

Foot Spa

Being a grandparent is a busy job - who else is going to feed you / your kids the stuff parents won’t? Treat them to a relaxing foot massage with this HoMedics Tru-Heat foot spa. Three experiences in 1, it offers magnetic therapy, deep tissue massage and vibration massage, as well as soothing bubbles. They can control all of these separately and the vibration massage can be used without water. The in-built heater keeps things warm and toasty. Large buttons, an easy pour water spout and a safety timer makes it super grandparent-friendly.

Chess Set

Although they’ve probably been playing chess from before The Queen’s Gambit even existed as a book, there’s no time like the present to brush up their skills. This handcrafted wooden senator chess set has large letters and numbers around the edge of the board, making it ideal for beginners or those who haven’t played in a while. When they’re done playing, it folds up with all the pieces neatly stored inside, in felt-lined individual compartments. Compact and suitable for travel, expect to be challenged to a game or 3 on your next family holiday.

Picnic Blanket

Grandparent approved
The Grampians Goods Co

Whether they’re inside dwellers or still love outdoor adventures (and a festival or two), a Recycled Wool Scottish Tartan Blanket by The Grampians Goods Co will get every grandparent’s tick of approval. Made from recycled wool, it’s eco-friendly and will look so inviting thrown over their sofa. As well as being the ideal sofa companion, this blanket can be used for picnics and keeping warm when they’re outside. Beautiful and luxurious, they’re also durable. See? Literally all the boxes ticked.

iPad Air

With many families spread across the world these days, keeping in touch is more important than ever. Get them an iPad Air and the approx. 28cm liquid retina display will make it seem like they’re in the room with you at your next virtual catch up. When they’re not catching up with their favourite grandkids, they’ve got plenty of other things to keep them entertained - from streaming shows to editing videos or heck, writing their memoir thanks to the Apple Pencil. The only downside we can see is that you might have to invest some time in showing them how to use it.

Moët Celebration Hamper

Whatever they're celebrating (special anniversary, birthday, the fact it's Friday), make it a delightful occasion with this Moët Celebration Hamper. Packaged in a beautiful box, inside they'll find a great range of sweet treats, all lovingly made right here in Aus. There are French vanilla almonds, cashew toffee brittle, dark chocolate almonds and lemon white chocolate almonds. These can be washed down with a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne. Gifts Australia has thought of everything - there are even 2 stemless champagne flutes. Classy.

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