The Best Baby Sleeping Bag in Australia for 2022

Or how to help soothe your baby into some ZZZs.

The Best Baby Sleeping Bag
Sarah Idle
Apr 13, 2021
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In this guide

No amount of reading, stories or research will prepare you for the sleepless reality of life with a baby. Team, it’s exhausting. Luckily, some bright spark invented the baby sleeping bag - a magical piece of kit you simply zip baby into to help soothe them into some ZZZs. The best baby sleeping bag is easy to use, especially during middle of the night nappy changes. It’s kind to baby’s skin and ideally machine washable and maybe tumble dryable so you’re never stuck without it. Here are our top picks for Australia’s top baby sleeping bags, chosen from hours of research.

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How we picked

There was only 1 place to turn when it comes to baby products - real Aussie parents. For that, we headed to, Australia’s first consumer opinion website. We had a look at the top-rated baby sleeping bags. Armed with a long list, we did hours of research.

Digging into our shortlist, we were keen to find a range of different materials, styles and budgets to suit every Aussie and their baby. All that was left to do was choose which sleeping bag was best for each category and we were done: the 7 best baby sleeping bags in Australia.

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The most loved by Aussies

Original Grobag
Original Grobag
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The Original Grobag is currently the top-rated baby sleeping bag on It gets over 4.5 stars from over 120 reviews. There are so many reasons to love the Original Grobag. There’s the super soft cotton-rich fabric which is kind to baby’s skin. There’s the 2-way zipper that lets you unzip the end of the bag for quick nappy changes. There’s the hourglass shape that helps support healthy hips.

It comes in 3 togs (0.2, 1.0 and 2.5) so baby will be at the right temperature, year-round. Plus, it comes with a what to wear guide to help keep baby cosy but not toasty. It has a cross-body zip plus a zip cover to protect baby’s chin. There are no shoulder poppers for older babies to bust their way out of. It comes in a range of classic and fun designs to suit every baby’s style (and yours).

The Original Grobag is available in 2 sizes: 6-18 months (for children weighing between 8.16 and 11.34kg and measuring 65-80cm) and 18-36 months (for children weighing from 11.34kg upwards and measuring 80-95cm).

Prices start from RRP $49.95.

The best for winter

ergoPouch Sheeting Sleeping Bag
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If the temperature dips in winter, treat baby to the ergoPouch Sheeting Sleeping Bag which is basically a doona with arms. This thing is seriously warm and snuggly, making it the best baby sleeping bag for winter. We really like that it has stretch jersey cotton inserts on the sides and shoulders to let your baby move freely in it. Which, given the 3.5 tog rating and padded look, is a great touch. ergoPouch reckons it’ll keep baby warm overnight in rooms between 14 and 21°C.

It has a 400 thread count organic cotton outer. It’s filled with breathable and unbleached 100% organic cotton. Which means it only uses certified organic and natural fibres, made ethically and sustainably. Plus, ergoPouch only uses non-toxic water-based dyes. So it’s good for baby’s sleeping, skin and health, and the environment too. ergoPouch says it’s been reviewed by the Eczema Association of Australasia as a skin-friendly product but we can’t find any evidence of this.

The arms are rated 1.0 tog and have fold over cuffs so will grow as baby does. It features a front 2-way zipper for easy access for quick nappy changes. It also has buttoned covers over the zip’s top and bottom so little hands can’t unzip themselves. It’s been ergonomically designed to be a wide fit, making it hip-friendly. We love the range of beautiful and modern designs and the fact it’s machine washable and even tumble dryable.

If that’s not enough, it gets almost 5 stars on (where it’s listed as the ergoPouch Organic Cotton Quilt, an older version with no arms). Aussie parents rave about the quality and its easy care nature.

The ergoPouch Sheeting Sleeping Bag comes in 4 sizes (3-12 months, 8-24 months, 2-4 years and 4-6 years) and it comes with a room thermometer and what to wear guide. Prices start at RRP $89.95.

The best for summer

Woolbabe Summer Sleeping Bag
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Think of wool and you might imagine something hot and heavy - and pretty unsuitable for summer. But wool’s actually thermo-regulating, which means it keeps baby cool when it’s hot (and warm when it’s cold). That’s why the Woolbabe Summer Sleeping Bag is our pick for the best baby sleeping bag for summer. Woolbabe says it’s suitable for bedrooms up to 32°C.

It’s made of a single layer of 30% Australian merino wool with 70% organic cotton. Woolbabe reckons the 30% merino means the material is good for absorbing moisture. It’ll wick any sweat away from baby’s skin, keeping them cool and comfortable.

It’s got a front zip plus under-arm snaps which make the arm holes smaller for smaller babies. The zip is 2-way for easy nappy changes. It’s also got a travel slot in the back of the bag so you can use it with your pram’s or car seat’s 5-point harness.

Woolbabe sleeping bags are award-winning, scooping the gold awards for Best Baby / Toddler Sleeping Bag and Most Recommended Product at the 2020 OHbaby! awards. Woolbabe also gets over 4.5 stars on, from almost 40 reviews.

The Woolbabe Summer Sleeping Bag comes in a beautiful range of modern colours and designs and is available in 3 sizes: 3-24 months (measures 95cm from shoulder to bottom), 2-4 years (measures 11cm from shoulder to bottom, minimum 12kg) and 3-6 years (measure 126cm from shoulder to bottom, suitable once your child is wearing a minimum of size 3 clothing).

Prices start from RRP $129.

The best for year-round use

The Sleepy Company 365 Sleep Bag V3
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If the idea of having to buy a sleeping bag for each season seems like too much work (we hear you), choose a sleeping bag that can be used year-round. Like the Sleepy Company 365 Sleep Bag V3.

Now, to get year-round use it’s not technically a sleeping bag - it’s 2. You get a cool summer bag (0.5 tog, recommended for 22°C and above) and an autumn  / spring bag (quilted 2.5 tog, recommended for 18 - 22°C). You use these separately but you can also zip them together to form a warm winter bag (around 3 - 3.5 tog, recommended for below 18°C). Phew.

The Sleepy Company 365 Sleep Bag V3 is about giving you as many options as possible. The autumn / spring bag has swaddle transition sleeves with foldable hand mittens. This helps baby transition from a swaddle to a sleeping bag. It also has large sleeves with foldable hand mittens once baby outgrows the swaddle sleeves. These mittens will be handy (pun intended) during cold winter nights. You can buy all the different parts of the 365 Sleep Bag V3 separately. So, if you don't need the whole system, you don't have to buy it.

All material is 95% organic cotton, with 5% spandex. This makes it super kind to baby's skin, as well as breathable and comfortable. It features a front 2-way zip for easy nappy changes and a zip guard under the chin. The bell-shaped, hip-friendly design lets baby move around. The older version of this bag, the 2.0, gets a whopping 5 stars on from a handful of reviews. Plus, we love that The Sleepy Company is Australian owned and operated.

The Sleepy Company 365 Sleep Bag V3 comes in ages 4-18 months and 18-36 months. Currently, it's only available in grey. The whole system comes in around $150.

The best value baby sleeping bag

Plum Sleepbags
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Keeping baby safe and snug as they sleep shouldn't cost hundreds of dollars. Enter Plum Sleepbags - affordable simple sleeping bags that’ll do a job. Their summer weight sleeping bags start from just RRP $39.95 and their winter from RRP $64.95.

In their summer range, you can choose from soft cotton jersey (0.3 tog) or prewashed extra soft muslin (0.5 tog). In their winter range, there’s an armless 2.5 tog and a 3.5 tog with arms, both made from cotton. Whichever you choose, there’s a sweet selection of styles and the features are similar. These include a 2-way front zip for easy access, a chin-protecting zip tab and a tab at the bottom of the zip too, to help stop an older child unzipping themselves.

The armless winter sleepbags have snaps at the shoulders for getting baby in and out easily. Plus, snaps under the arms for smaller babies and a side rather than front zip.

They’re available in 3 sizes (3-12 months, 12-24 months and 24-36 months). Plum is an Aussie family business and all their sleepbags are designed in Australia. They get over 4 stars from almost 30 reviews on

The best eco-friendly baby sleeping bag

SnugBags Merino Sleeping Bags
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Organic. Ethical. Sustainable. Handmade in New Zealand. Internationally award-winning. The SnugBags Merino Sleeping Bags are a winner for the eco-conscious. The SnugBags Merino Sleeping Bags are available in 4 styles:

  • Organic cotton summer with 2 layers of lightweight, soft certified organic cotton jersey fabric. It has a tog rating of 0.5 - 1. and is suitable for rooms between 23° and 30°C. It features an extra wide zip protector along the back of the zip so it’s ideal for use with just a nappy. You can even personalise it with a name or special message. Prices start from around RRP $100.
  • Standard merino which has a soft layer of pure New Zealand merino wool plus an outer layer of French Terry organic cotton. It’s rated 0.5 - 2 tog and is a 3-season sleeping bag, suitable for temperatures between 18° and 27°C. Prices start from around RRP $160.
  • Winter duvet deluxe which has a 3-layer system making it ideal for autumn, spring and winter - it’s suitable for temperatures between 14° and 22°C. Layer 1 is a warm and thick 100% natural merino fleece inner which is comfy and cosy. Layer 2 is a layer of bamboo and cotton wadding for extra warmth. Layer 3 is a soft certified organic cotton. It’s rated 3 - 3.5 tog. Prices start from around RRP $180.
  • High country deluxe which has a 4-layer system, making it great for winter - it’s suitable for rooms between 12° and 20°C. Layer 1 is an inner lining of organic cotton, featuring a Snug-Spot. This is a panel of brushed pure merino fleece which is designed to help regulate your baby’s temperature throughout the night. Layers 2 and 3 are the wadding. It’s a double layer of brushed merino fleece. Layer 4 is organic cotton fleece. It’s rated 3.5 togs. Prices start from around RRP $190.

There are features that every SnugBags share. This includes a cross-body zip, a travel vent for use with a pram / car seat and snaps under the arms for small babies but none on the shoulders, so baby can’t wriggle out of them. Every Snugbags is machine washable and is available in 2 sizes (0-2 years and 2-4 years). They come in cute contemporary designs and are all eco-friendly and free of toxins.

SnugBags have won over 40 international awards (10 of them gold). If that’s not enough, every order contributes towards a clean birthing kit which has basic essentials for a safer birth for mums in vulnerable parts of the world. On, they get almost 4.5 stars with most Aussies happy to support their neighbours over the ditch.

The best for supporting local

Bubbaroo Joey Swag Sleeping Bag
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Bubbaroo is a proudly Aussie owned and operated company. For #shoplocal vibes, consider their Joey Swag Sleeping Bag. This award-winning sleeping bag (it picked up Sleeping Bag of the Year from Mother & Baby Magazine Australia in 2013) is made of 100% natural material. This includes an organic cotton sateen outer and lining plus Australian wool padding for the heavier weight ones.

All Swag sleeping bags feature a 2-way front zip  and travel slot for your pram or car seat. They’re also all machine washable and are designed to allow your baby to move freely. They come in 3 weights - light (0.5 tog, 24 - 27°C), medium (1.5 tog, 21 - 23°C), and heavy (2.5 tog, 10 - 20°C). They also come in 4 sizes - up to 6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months and 3-6 years. They’re available in a range of classic colours.

The Bubbaroo Joey Swag Sleeping Bag gets almost 4.5 stars from around 20 reviews on Prices start from RRP $54.95 and it comes with a door hanging temperature guide.

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Common questions

Are sleeping bags safe for babies?

Unsafe sleeping practices have been linked to SUDI (sudden unexpected death in infancy). These practices include using sheets and blankets that can cover baby’s head or face while they’re sleeping. A sleeping bag reduces this risk because you don't need to use a sheet or blanket with it. 

According to Red Nose, an Australian charity working to save lives and support families impacted by the death of a baby or child, a safe sleeping bag:

“... is constructed in such a way that the baby cannot slip inside the bag and become completely covered. The sleeping bag should be the correct size for the baby with a fitted neck, armholes (or sleeves) and no hood.”

Red Nose also outlines research that shows the benefits of using a safe sleeping bag. These are that it:

  • Reduces the risk of bedding covering baby’s face.
  • Delays baby rolling onto their tummy during sleep until they’re past the age of peak risk of SUDI.
  • Promotes sleeping on their back as the zipper normally opens on the front.
  • Keeps baby’s temperature at a more constant level while sleeping at home. 

For more safe sleeping information, visit the Red Nose website. 

Plus, using a sleeping bag gives you more chance of sleeping through the night - it can’t be kicked off like a blanket. This means you won’t get woken up by a cold child demanding you pick up their covers from the floor. 

A sleeping bag also works as a sleep association that lets baby know it’s sleeping time. 

What age can you start using a baby sleeping bag?

You can use a sleeping bag from the day your baby’s born. However, most parents and babies prefer to be swaddled when they’re a newborn. A swaddle gives your baby a close hug, like what they’re used to in mum’s womb. The world can seem big and scary and a swaddle is a way to reassure them. 

Not all babies like to be swaddled, in which case you can start with a sleeping bag. 

What tog sleeping bag does a baby need?

Let’s start with what a tog is - a thermal overall grade. It measures how much the fabric insulates and is roughly equivalent to 1 layer of clothing or light blanket. So, a 1 tog sleeping bag is like 1 layer of clothing. The higher the tog, the warmer the sleeping bag. 

For room temperatures of:

  • 24 - 28°C +, go for 0.2 tog. 
  • 18 - 28°C+, go for 1 tog.
  • 14-22°C, go for 2.5 or 3.5 tog.

It’s not just the tog rating you need to think about. It also depends on what and how much your baby is wearing inside their sleeping bag, what temperature their room is, their health and how much bedding they need to keep them warm. This is different for every baby, like it is for every adult.

Most baby sleeping bags should come with a clothing guide to let you know what baby should wear inside them.

Oh and natural fibres, like merino, might not have tog ratings. That’s because they’re thermo-regulating - they adjust according to temperature.

When should you stop using a baby sleeping bag?

Through our research we’ve found sleeping bags that go up to 6 years old. So, there’s no hard and fast rule about when to stop using one. It’ll probably be once a sleeping bag no longer fits your little one or when they decide they’ve had enough of it.


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