The Best BBQs in Australia for 2022

Or how to get in touch with your inner caveperson.

The Best BBQ
Sarah Idle
Oct 19, 2021
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In this guide

Embrace your inner caveperson by barbecuing and savour the delights of food that’s been cooked only by your mastery of the (gas-powered) flames. Whether it’s the smoky taste or the tongs that appeal, no sunny day is complete without cooking your tucker outside.

The best BBQ is easy to use and clean. It’s quick to heat up and offers a good range of cooking flexibility, including grills and hotplates. Here are Australia’s best gas BBQs, picked from hours slaving over a hot computer screen and combining both expert insights and real Aussie feedback.

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How we picked

CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group, has put a huge range of BBQs through their paces. So that was our starting point. We looked at the models they reviewed and ensured they were still available on the Australian market.

Some ideas in hand, we headed to, Australia’s first consumer opinion site. This allowed us to see what real Aussies thought of the BBQs that the CHOICE experts reviewed. We could also gather some non-CHOICE reviewed models. 

Canstar Blue, an Australian consumer review and comparison website, was also a great source of info. It let us know which barbecue brands are top-rated by Australians.

Armed with all this information, we could start to work out which are the best barbecues in Australia. We decided to focus on gas BBQs only, as we felt those were the most appealing to most people. This guide covers larger backyard BBQs and smaller BBQs that are suitable for balconies or smaller families that may be marketed as portable. It excludes integrated BBQs which we felt were a niche item.

You might notice that we don’t have a lot of massive barbecues in our guide – the ones that hang out by the pools on Instagram. This wasn’t a conscious decision. Our research didn’t come across many that were rated by both the pros and consumers. In fact, the top 2019 gas barbecues on are all modestly sized. 

We’re always keen to avoid brand dominance and offer alternatives. But this time, it was tricky. As you might be aware, Weber is pretty much the first name in barbecues – and our guide should show why this is deserved. However, we wanted to showcase a wide range of BBQ brands. But not all alternatives were widely available online – some you could only find in-store in certain locations.

So, we stuck to our usual criteria: all BBQs in this guide should have solid pro and consumer reviews. This meant at least 50 reviews on, with a minimum of 3.5 stars. Because our guide covers a wide range of sizes, we were more concerned with user-friendly features than tech, like number of burners. As well as good consumer reviews, we focused on barbecues that were easy to use and clean and offered good BBQ-ing flexibility.

That’s how we ended up with Australia’s 7 best BBQs.

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The best BBQ for most

Weber Q

Weber Q

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Weber is synonymous with BBQs – and for good reason. Durable, quality materials combine with good versatility, making the Weber Q (Q2000) Gas Barbecue ideal for the backyard or beach. Well-sized, it can handle food for the whole family and has 2 foldout side tables to extend the practical workspace.

What we love

Quality materials

From the stainless-steel burner tube to the cast iron cooking grills and the cast aluminium lid and body, Weber barbecues are built to last.

Cooking area flexibility

Although it comes with a grill, you can buy a hotplate to replace half the grill with. This increases the flexibility of your cooking space.

Folding side tables

2 wings either side extend the practical space around the BBQ, allowing you to rest plates of food or tools there.

Electronic ignition

For easy use and no need for a lighter or matches.

Closed lid cooking

Like all Weber BBQs, the Weber Q has been designed to work with the lid closed. Weber reckons closed lid cooking means better tasting food, as the smoky BBQ flavours are contained. It also says it heats up quicker, saving you money on gas. Bonus: no more fat or juice spits around the barbecue to clean up.

Glass reinforced nylon frame

For a sturdy and stable base.


Making it ideal for small backyards, balconies or travelling.

Infinite control burner valve

To give you more control over the flame and your cooking.

Large lid handle

Which positions your hand well away from any heat for easy and safe opening.

Easy clean

Weber does the hard cleaning for you. Once you’re done cooking, preheat on a high heat until any food residue burns off. You can then scrape off any remaining mess.

Compatible with natural gas

Although the Weber Q (Q2000) Gas Barbecue offers a  natural gas version, you can also convert this LPG model into a natural gas model. You’ll need to contact Weber to go through the process and associated costs, however.

Loved by Aussies

It has almost 200 reviews on and is a 2018 award winner.

5-year warranty

On most of its parts, which is great for a BBQ that costs less than $500.


At RRP $469 for a BBQ that can handle the backyard as well as the beach, it’s an affordable option.

Australia’s best BBQ brand

As stated by CHOICE.

The not so good bits

1 grilling area

Although a decent size (1,800cm2), there’s still only 1 grilling area with no multi-level grilling shelves, or separate burner. Note that the grill can split in half and be replaced with a half hotplate.

1 burner

For the size, this should be adequate but might not be enough to whip up BBQ goodness for a huge family gathering.

No in-built lid thermometer

To know what’s going on inside, you need to upgrade to the Weber Q Premium.

No in-built tool hanging spots

Which probably isn’t surprising given its portable nature, but it’s still a handy feature it lacks.

No patio cart

With no included patio cart, you’ll need a firm, flat surface at a decent height to put this on.

Accessories extra

You need to pay extra for all the accessories, including the half hotplate and patio cart.

Additional specs

If you think of the word ‘BBQ’, the name ‘Weber’ will probably spring to mind. Sometimes certain things are raved about that don’t live up to expectations (hello Fyre Festival). But when it comes to Weber BBQs, they deserve the hype.

There are 3 Weber BBQs in this guide. If we weren’t concerned about brand dominance, there would probably be more. Our top pick for Australia’s best BBQ is the Weber Q (Q2000) Gas Barbecue.

What we love about it is its flexibility. Small and compact, it’s equally at home in your backyard or balcony as it is on the road.

But it still packs a lot of features. These include 2 folding side tables for holding plates of food or tools. The split cooking grill is porcelain-enamelled cast iron. It has an infinite control burner valve for precision heat and cooking, plus electronic ignition – no need for matches or lighters here. Used throughout are quality, durable materials, from the stainless-steel burner tube to the cool touch cast aluminium lid and body.

Because of its compact size, you’re sacrificing grilling space. There’s 1 grilling area of 1,800cm2. Although you can buy a hotplate half separately to offer more cooking functionality. There are a great range of accessories to extend the flexibility of your Weber. This includes a wheeled cart for easy moving.

It comes with a Q recipe handbook for plenty of cooking inspo and a 5-year warranty on most parts. It’s a hit with Aussies. Almost 200 of you have left a review, giving it around 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s a 2018 award winner, which recognises how well-rated this BBQ is. CHOICE also rates Weber BBQs, awarding them CHOICE Best Brand 2020 – Barbecues.

All this, for RRP $469. (If you're desperate for a thermometer in the lid, you can upgrade to the Weber Q Premium (2200) at RRP $479.)

We tossed up a long time between the Weber Q and the Weber Baby Q Premium. We feel that the Weber Q Premium suits a greater range of people. It’s slightly larger and has the 2 folding side tables. If you need something bigger and more powerful, the Weber Q3100 is a good alternative.

The best BBQ with twin grills

Ziegler & Brown Ziggy Twin Grill
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A worthy alternative to our Weber winner, the portable Ziegler & Brown Ziggy Twin Grill offers 1 more burner and the ability to cook with the lid up or down. It has 2 folding side tables and handy features, like tool hangers and dishwasher safe grills. It’s even $10 less.

What we love


Its compact size makes it ideal for travelling.

Twin burners

For extra power and flexibility, they’re operated separately via 2 large dials.

Quality materials

Including stainless steel, die-cast aluminium and enamelled cast iron for long-time use.

Built-in lid thermometer

So you can keep an eye on how your food might be cooking.  

Dishwasher safe grills

Once you’re done with the grills, you can pop them in the dishwasher.

Folding side tables

For handy storage while you’re using it and for easy packing down when you’re not.

Built-in tool hanging

The tables have cut outs which allow you to hang your tools from them.


At RRP $469, it’s $10 less than our winner, making it also an affordable option.

Australian company

Ziegler & Brown BBQs are designed by Australians, for Australians which gives you confidence that they understand the harsh weather conditions your BBQ might be exposed to.

Loved by Aussies

Over 150 Aussies have taken to to praise the Ziggy.

5-year warranty

Which doesn’t quite align to Ziegler & Brown’s promise that your BBQ will “never, ever rust” but still a good warranty.

The not so good bits

Accessories extra

You need to pay extra for extra flexibility, whether that’s a hotplate or a trolley.

1 grilling area

It might be split into 2 like our Weber winner and able to swap in a hotplate, but you’re still only getting 1 area to cook on.

No patio cart

Like the Weber, the Ziggy needs a firm, flat surface at a back-friendly height.

Accessories extra

You need to pay extra for all the accessories, including the half hotplate and patio cart.

Additional specs

If you’re not ready to join the Weber cult (seriously, there’s even Weber-branded aprons and gloves), you could consider the Ziegler & Brown Ziggy Twin Grill.

Looks-wise, it’s very similar to our Weber winner. But the difference is the twin grill. You get 2 burners, separately controlled, and 2 grills, which, like the Weber Q  (Q2000), you can swap out for other accessories, like a hotplate. Two burners give you more or less power as needed. It also means you can cook with the hood up or down, for a greater range of cooking options.

Like the Weber, the Ziggy’s burners are made of stainless steel. The rest of the BBQ is constructed of die-cast aluminium which Ziegler & Brown claim “will never, ever rust”. The cooking grill is also enamelled cast iron, like the Weber. So, you’re getting the same quality materials as the Weber. For easy clean, the grills are dishwasher safe (Weber doesn’t recommend dishwashing theirs).

It’s easily operated thanks to the 2 large dials on the front which control each burner. Unlike the Weber’s electronic ignition, the Ziggy has a ‘flame thrower’. We like how if you’ve got both burners going, if either goes out, the other will automatically re-light it.

It has 2 folding side tables with in-built tool-hanging. It also has a built-in lid thermometer and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

It comes in the same price as our Weber winner – it’s RRP $469. It also has the highest number of reviews on out of all the barbecues in this guide. Out of almost 160 reviews, it has almost 4.5 stars. It’s been reviewed by CHOICE and Ziegler & Brown was named Canstar Blue’s 3rd most popular barbecue brand. Aussies rate Ziegler & Brown’s overall satisfaction, cooking performance, ease of use and cleaning, design and extra features – giving them 4 stars in these areas.

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Others worth considering

Weber Family Q
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If you need a bigger BBQ than our Weber Q (Q2000) winner, the Family Q (Q3100) is worth considering. It comes with a built-in wheeled cart, which you can’t remove, making this ideal for the backyard. The cart has storage space for keeping your BBQ stuff in 1 handy place. It has a gas tank holder too.

It’s packing more power than our winner, with 2 stainless steel burners. Its cooking area is 2,400cm2, compared to our winner’s 1,800cm2. It has 2 foldable and removable side tables and 3 tool hooks. Like our winner, you can replace half of the grill with a hot plate for more BBQ-ing flexibility. Because this is a standard, not premium, model there’s no thermometer in the lid.

The Weber Family Q (Q3100) is another award winner, for 2017 and 2018. It has almost 115 reviews and almost 4.5 stars. It was also recommended by CHOICE in 2018. It’s RRP $789 (our winner is $469) and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Char-Broil Professional
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Need to feed the family or having a party? Meet the Char-Broil Professional 4-Burner Stainless Steel BBQ. The 4 burners fuel the cast iron cooking grates, plus a hot plate. It also has a side burner for extra cooking versatility.

With a cupboard underneath, there’s plenty of storage space for tools and the gas bottle. It has 2 side tables too, although 1 of these holds the side burner, and they’re not foldable. There’s a built-in lid thermometer and it’s natural gas compatible.

It features TRU Infrared cooking technology. This means there’s an infrared grate over the flame diffusers. Char-Broil reckons this prevents flare-ups, creates even heat and locks in juices for tastier meals. Because it’s stainless steel, you need to take care of it – it can show smudges and fingerprints easily.

It’s been reviewed by CHOICE and there are mixed, but very limited, consumer reviews. It gets almost 3 stars on It comes in at RRP $1,199.

Everdure FORCE 2 Burner Gas BBQ with Stand
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Another BBQ with a stand, the RRP $799 FORCE 2 Burner Gas BBQ is a great patio / balcony / small backyard option. It has a 50:50 split between a grill and hotplate for cooking flexibility. They’re also interchangeable. There’s a built-in lid thermometer and a range of retro-inspired colours.

The 2 folding side tables extend the useful space. The controls are positioned on the right-side table for easy operation and viewing.

The stand has 2 lockable wheels and a storage shelf for tools and more. The gas bottle has its own hook for hanging under the BBQ.

It’s been reviewed by CHOICE and has great, although limited, consumer reviews. It racks up over 4.5 stars on, with Aussies raving about how easy it is to clean and use.

BeefEater BUGG Mobile Barbecue with Stand
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Want the flexibility to have your BBQ at home and away? Meet the BeefEater BUGG Mobile Barbecue with Stand. It’s compact and portable yet comes with a stand. Which means you can keep it at home or use it separately from the stand when you’re on the beach.

The bug shell-like design gives it cute looks, helped by its orange or grey colour options. It also comes in black.

Open it up and you get 2 independently controlled stainless-steel burners and a versatile cooking area that can be a mix of grill and hotplate. There’s an integrated lid thermometer and 2 side trays that lock in for extra space. Store them away when you’re not using. They also have 2 tool hooks.

The controls are rear mounted which take a little getting used to.

This model has been reviewed by CHOICE and has good consumer reviews. It has almost 70 reviews, giving it almost 3.5 stars. Plus, BeefEater is Canstar Blue’s 5th most popular BBQ brand. It has a RRP of $550.

Weber Baby Q Premium
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The bottom line

If there’s any tastier way of cooking food than barbecuing it, we haven’t found it. Whether you’re all about the chargrilled flavour or embracing your inner caveperson while wielding a pair of tongs, a BBQ is the perfect cooking companion. The best BBQ is easy to use and clean. It offers cooking flexibility and plenty of storage for food and tools. It might even support multiple cooking locations, both home and away.

We reckon the best BBQ in Australia is the Weber Q (Q2000) Gas Barbecue. We love its flexibility. Small and compact, it’s ideal for your backyard, balcony or the beach. Yet it’s packed with features, including 2 folding side tables and a split cooking grill. Weber is a highly rated BBQ brand around the world, including Australia. They won the CHOICE Best Brand – Barbecues for 2020. Aussies love Weber too – the Weber Q (Q2000) is a 2018 award winner. You’re getting all this for RRP $469, including a 5-year warranty. 

A worthy alternative is the Ziegler & Brown Ziggy Twin Grill. As the name suggests, you get 2 burners, separately controlled, and 2 grills which can swap out for hotplates. Because it’s not a Weber, you can cook with the lid up or down. It has 2 folding side tables with tool hooks and a built-in lid thermometer. Which means it’s very similar to our Weber winner but boasts 1 more burner and a $10 less RRP of $469.

Features to consider

Ready to start shopping for your BBQ? Here’s what to look for.

Cooking area flexibility

Look for a half-grill, half-hotplate mix for maximum flexibility. Bonus points if these are interchangeable, allowing you to move them to different sides or have all grill / all hotplate. 


The most basic BBQs have a paint finish. The most affordable option, it can scratch or flake off over time. 

Other finishes include vitreous enamel, which is tough and durable, or stainless steel. Also durable, it shows water stains and other marks easier than other surfaces so it needs additional care. Plus, the quality of stainless steel can vary. Try sticking a magnet to it. If it sticks, the stainless steel is more likely to rust.


The controls should be easy to use – look for clearly labelled controls that are easy to grip and turn. Check what height they’re at. You might need to bend down to use them, which isn’t ideal.

Easy clean

The smoother the surface, with no cracks or crevices for food to hide down, the easier to clean. Removable drip trays are a great idea, as are removable grill plates. Some grill plates and hotplates are dishwasher safe. 


Some BBQs come with a trolley; others are sold separately. If you’re looking only for a portable BBQ, you probably don’t need a trolley. For a backyard / balcony BBQ, you probably do. There are a few things that can make a trolley really handy. These include a cupboard, storage shelves, and gas bottle storage space.

Ideally, it should have 4 lockable wheels. If it’s only got 2, check the non-wheeled end to see how heavy it is and that it doesn’t have any sharp edges. It might have a handle.

Tool hooks

Seems super basic, but if you’re limited on space around your BBQ, choosing one with tool hooks will help keep your stuff to hand when you need. 

Compatibility with natural gas

All BBQs in this guide are fuelled by LPG. But if you want to use natural gas, look out for barbecues that are either natural gas versions or can be converted to natural gas. To do this conversion, you normally need to buy a separate conversion kit through the maker.

What you get if you spend more

Spend more, and you’ll get a bigger BBQ!

More burners

Although 1-2 burners will be fine for 1-3 people, you might need to feed a crowd. In which case, you’ll need to spend more on a bigger BBQ with more burners (4+). 

Larger cooking area

With more burners comes more space. Not only a bigger cooking area but some bigger barbecues have 2-tiered grills, with another grill suspended above the main one. You can use this to keep food warm or steam veggies. 

Built-in lid thermometer

A thermometer on the lid is a handy feature, letting you know what’s going on inside when it’s closed. It seems to be only Weber that charges this as a premium feature. Our other picks have this as standard.

Side tables

Only the smallest (and most affordable) BBQ in our guide, the Weber Baby Q, doesn’t have side tables. Side tables are helpful because they extend your prep or storage space.


If you want to make your BBQ a multi-functional tool, you might want to look for a rotisserie. It’s ideal for slow-roasting meats and vegetables while you’re grilling up a storm.

Side / wok burner

If you want to pan-fry some things (hello caramelised onions) while you’re barbecuing, some more expensive barbecues include a separate side / wok burner. We only found this feature on 1 of our picks - Char-Broil Professional 4-Burner Stainless Steel BBQ. At RRP $1,199 it’s also the most expensive BBQ we reviewed.


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