The Best Hand Mixer in Australia for 2022

Or how to make whipped cream without the elbow grease.

The Best Hand Mixer
Elese Dowden
Mar 28, 2021
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If your household “hand mixer” is a long-running dad joke about who can whisk meringues the longest, it might be time to invest in an electric version. Perfect for everyday baking, hand mixers are the home cook’s best friend for quick batches of your family’s fave sweet treats.

The best hand mixer is lightweight, quiet, and easy to use. It has enough settings to switch between gentle flour-folding and rapid whisking at less than half the size of a stand mixer. We’ve spent hours combing reviews to find the top hand mixers in Australia, and here’s what we found.

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How we picked

We started by checking CHOICE, Australia’s biggest consumer advocacy group, to see what they had to say about hand mixers. Seeing they’d reviewed a bunch, we cross-checked by doing some window shopping. Some of CHOICE’s picks were discontinued, so it was over to for deeper digging.

There, we found some of Australia’s favourite hand mixers, although again, some models were harder to find. We lastly headed over to Canstar Blue, where we got a good rundown of popular hand mixer brands, and began weighing up the options. While there weren’t as many as we’d hoped, we did learn that Aussies keep their mixers on average around 9 years. This is how we ended up with our list of Australia’s best hand mixers.

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The best hand mixer for most

Breville Handy Mix & Store
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The Breville Handy Mix & Store is a top choice for small families and households big on baking. It has a powerful 300w motor, clever storage case, stainless steel attachments, as well as a retractable cord.

What we love

Big on storage

This hand mixer comes with a storage case to keep all your attachments in one spot.

5 speed mixing

5 versatile speeds for anything from kneading dough to whipping cream.

⁠Turbo boost

Pulse function for an added speed boost when you need it.

Retractable cord

Save even more space without worrying where the cord’s going to go - it retracts into the unit itself.

Stainless steel attachments

Dishwasher-friendly stainless steel beaters and dough hooks for tougher construction.

The not so good bits

No low speed

While Aussies rate this beater for its power, some are frustrated by its lack of low speed options, which makes it hard to mix flour and other dry ingredients.

Additional specs

For anyone tired of losing beater attachments to Pandora’s box-esque kitchen drawers, the Breville Handy Mix & Store is a dream solution. For RRP around $65, you get a grunty little electric hand mixer with a retractable cord. There's also plenty of space to store your beaters and dough hooks underneath. Its 300w motor should be enough to handle anything from delicate meringue to basic doughs, although some reviewers say it’s almost too powerful.

Aussies on give the Breville Handy Mix & Store around 4 stars, and most rate it for its quality performance. It’s a quality brand with a reputation for long-lasting appliances (my parents' Breville hand mixer has been going strong for over a decade!). One person cautioned that the retractable cord had accidentally hit them in the face. If you’re careful when retracting the cord, you’ll find this is a solid little hand mixer that should last you years.

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The best value hand mixer

Adesso 6 Speed
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For a quick-fix hand mixer on a budget, the Adesso 6 Speed is a high performer. You can pick one up from most Woolies, and it has quality stainless attachments. These hand mixers also have grunty 300w motors - just don't expect a 'low speed' setting.

What we love

Stainless steel attachments

Rarer on lower-priced products, we were impressed to see Adesso hand mixers come with durable stainless steel attachments.

6 speeds

Surprising range for a cheap hand mixer.

Quick release button

Eject your beaters without hassle.

The not so good bits


While we didn’t find reviews to back this up, most 300w models seem to struggle on lower speed settings, spraying ingredients out of the bowl.


For $20, this model might not last as long as hand mixers from more reputable brands.

Additional specs

The Adesso 6 Speed Hand Mixer is reviewed by CHOICE, and scores well in our books for its price and simple design. You can pick one up from your local Woolies’ for less than $20, and it even one-ups the Breville with 6 speed settings. Like its brand name competitors, the Adesso hand mixer has a 300w motor, coming with stainless steel beaters and dough hooks to boot.

While the Adesso 6 Speed Hand Mixer doesn’t have cord storage, it does tick most of the other boxes. This includes a quick release button that makes it easy to eject beaters. One downside is that the price may be a reflection of the quality over time. Models with 300w motors also saw complaints across reviews on for their power level. While you'll need to give dry ingredients a quick stir before mixing them into butter, we reckon this model packs a punch for the price.

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The best luxury hand mixer

KitchenAid Artisan KHM926
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The KitchenAid Artisan hand mixer is a premium hand mixer that'll please even the pickiest of bakers. It comes with several attachments, including a milkshake whisk, and is much lighter and quieter than most other hand mixers we reviewed.

What we love

Attachments worth the dough

You won’t just get stainless steel beaters and dough hooks with this one - KitchenAid also includes a proper whisk for meringues and eggs, as well as a milkshake whisk for whipping sauces and other liquids.

2-year warranty

While it's not as long as we'd hope for a $200 hand mixer, it's still one of the longer warranties we saw.

9 speed settings

Reviewers rate the lower speed settings on this machine, saying the motor has a soft touch for mixing flours and dry ingredients.


The KitchenAid Artisan hand mixer is much quieter than other mixers.

The not so good bits


Not everyone will be willing to splurge this much on a hand mixer, but we think the quality and features make it worth the price tag.

Additional specs

More than just a consolation while you save up for a KitchenAid stand mixer, this Artisan mixer is one of the most impressive electric hand beaters you can buy. Maybe that’s why it scores around 4.5 stars on They’re not the cheapest at RRP over $200 but KitchenAid hand mixers come with all the bells and whistles. They even include a liquid blending attachment for milkshakes, and a proper whisk.

The beaters and dough hooks are made from a sturdy, dishwasher-safe stainless steel, and the mixer has a 2-year warranty. Reviewers reckon it’s a dream for dinner parties, as it’s so quiet you can whip cream without disrupting conversation. Some have even had success making dough (the edible kind). It’s also reviewed by CHOICE, and people say it’s a lightweight hand beater that makes quick work of meringues.

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Others worth considering

Sunbeam Mixmaster HeatSoft
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The Sunbeam Mixmaster HeatSoft is very well-rated, scoring better with Aussies than all other hand mixers we reviewed. Reviewers on give it around 5 stars, and it’s also reviewed by CHOICE. So why didn’t it make our ‘best for most’ ranking? This mixer is a little pricey at around $100 and has a niche feature which means it might not be suitable for everyone.

The Sunbeam Mixmaster HeatSoft is designed to soften butter as you beat, fanning warm air down onto the beaters as you go. As long as your butter’s cut up into small enough cubes, it could save you time. It might not be ideal for mixing delicate or  heat-sensitive batches, and some say the beaters are a little fiddly to click into place. We’re put off by the price tag too, given most other models retail for under $70. But if you’re a chronically forgetful butter-putter-outer, this could be a hot option.

Sunbeam Beatermix Pro
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Another contender from Sunbeam, the Beatermix Pro is a popular electric hand mixer that scores around 3 stars on It has 10 different speeds, as well as a boost function. Reviewed by CHOICE, this mixer is a reasonable mid-range option for smaller tasks around the kitchen.

The Beatermix Pro will set you back around $70, and reviewers find that it’s small, light and powerful. More than one person says that both the beaters and power cord are too short. This makes for a frustrating time with high-sided bowls. While this mixer doesn’t please everybody, you’re likely to find this simple, sturdy machine on sale at a pocket-friendly price.

The bottom line

Hand mixers are a compact and easy way to whip up something delicious in the kitchen without having to lug your stand mixer out of the pantry. While most models are best suited for everyday baking tasks, you can get more from your mixer by investing in a product with the right features.

The Breville Handy Mix & Store is a well-priced hand mixer from a reputable household name. Living up to its “handy” title, this product has a retractable cord, a storage case, and stainless steel beaters and dough hooks. While some can’t handle its 300w power, we reckon it makes a great secret weapon for those last minute “bring a plate” invites.

The Adesso 6 Speed Hand Mixer is the underdog of the bunch. Around $20 from your local Woolies, this mixer enters the ring with a 300w motor to rival major contenders. We’re not sure how well it handles dry ingredients, but at this price it seems a fair trade-off.

The KitchenAid Artisan Hand Mixer is our luxury pick of the bunch. This model has an impressive array of attachments, including stainless steel beaters and dough hooks, as well as a special tool for milkshakes and a whisk. At $200+, it’s not the cheapest hand mixer on the block, but it is one of the finest.

Features to consider

Reviews show Aussies find some hand mixers are handier than others, and that’s largely down to the features. Here’s what to look for when buying a hand mixer.

Speed settings

Most hand mixers have between 5-10 speed settings, with motors of around 300 watts. While this provides good grunt for mixing thick batters and light doughs, some reviewers found the heftier motors sprayed flour and dry ingredients more easily. If you want your mixer to gently fold flour, opt for a mixer with a lower-watt motor, like the KitchenAid. Higher-watt motors also tend to be louder.

Stainless steel attachments

Some reviews complain about small pieces of metal flecking off beaters into batches of food. This issue may arise with beaters that are chrome-coated, especially after a few rounds in the dishwasher. Opting for stainless steel attachments solves this problem, as there’s no coating to peel or flake - just solid, dishwasher-proof stainless steel.


Big brands seem to put more thought into making mixers more compact. The Breville model has a retractable cord and a storage case, while the KitchenAid comes with its own storage bag.

What you get if you spend more

If you’re not convinced it’s worth spending more than $20 on a hand mixer, here are a few more things to think about.

Good design

Across the reviews, pricier products tended to be lighter and quieter than cheaper models. We reckon this reflects the thought that goes into the design process.

Two-for-one features

More expensive machines, like the KitchenAid Artisan and Sunbeam HeatSoft, have bonus attachments or features to extend the use of your hand mixer. If you don’t care about melting butter or whisking milkshakes with your electric beater, you’ll be happier with a cheaper product.

Common questions

What does a hand mixer do?

A hand mixer is designed for beating, mixing and combining ingredients for baking. Hand mixers have a main unit, with a handle for you to hold, and space for two attachments (usually beaters). These attachments work in unison to combine things like sugar, butter, eggs, and flour. 

It's also worth noting that hand mixers are different to stand mixers, blenders, and stick blenders. A stand mixer performs a similar purpose, but will usually have a gruntier motor, and doesn't require you to stand in front of a bowl and beat the mixture yourself. 

Blenders are designed for liquids, and consist of a jug with a spinning blade that draws food down to puree or liquefy. A stick blender, sometimes called an immersion blender, is like a reverse blender. Rather than blending from the base of the jug, you place the immersion blender into a tall bowl or jug to liquefy or puree the contents.

Should I get a hand mixer if I already have a stand mixer?

At first glance, a hand mixer might seem like overkill if you already have a trusty stand mixer. Even so, stand mixers are bulky, and can be a pain to clean. If you're only doing a small task, like whipping cream, it's ideal to have a smaller appliance on hand to make your life easier.

Can I put my beaters in the dishwasher?

Yes, if they're stainless steel. Some of the more poorly-reviewed products used chrome-plated beaters instead of stainless steel beaters. Coated beaters may flake their metal coating off if you put them in the dishwasher, but this isn't a problem with stainless steel. 

Can you mix dough with a hand mixer?

It's possible to mix dough with a hand mixer, which is why most models come with dough hooks. At the same time, hand mixers don't often have motors as robust as stand mixers. Using your hand mixer for dough may tax the motor, shortening its life, and moreover may be less efficient than kneading by hand. If you do decide to use your hand mixer for dough, try to stick to soft doughs to avoid straining the motor.


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