The Best Latex Mattress in Australia for 2022

Or how to put some bounce in your bed.

The Best Latex Mattress
Sarah Idle
May 5, 2022
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In this guide

Things that need bounce: big 70s style hair, kangaroos, and your bed (maybe). If you like a responsive, springy, bouncy bed, then a latex mattress might be right for you. We’ve found the best latex mattress in Australia that will deliver a comfortable, cool and supportive night’s sleep.

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How we picked

Choosing the best latex mattress involved looking at the following features:

  • All-latex mattresses: you won’t find a foam latex mattress in this guide. Every one is 100% latex.
  • Quality: ensuring the brand and manufacturer were ones you could trust.
  • Reading latex mattress reviews: to see which mattresses most impressed Aussies.
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The best latex mattresses in Australia

What we love

  • Flippable firmness layers so you can choose a medium or firm feel.
  • Huge range of sizes which is the widest of all mattresses we’ve reviewed.
  • The clean, green naturalness of the mattress, including its sustainable manufacturing.
  • That it’s handcrafted.

The not so good bits

  • Heavy to move, lift and turn. 
  • Returns policy isn’t great with customers in non-metro areas having to arrange a charity pick up or drop off.
  • Delivery timeframes are vague.
Additional specs
  • Mattress type: latex
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Delivery: 1-10 business days
  • Free trial period: 100 nights
  • Price range: $999 - $1,849
  • Firmness: medium-firm

One of the few all-latex mattresses available in Australia, we love the Peacelily. This natural latex mattress is for anyone that’s concerned about the environmental impact of their mattress and the chemicals they might be bedding down with. The Peacelily is a natural, cleaner, eco-friendly choice, which seems to be the main reason Aussie sleepers choose it. It’s good to note that the Peacelily doesn’t claim to be an organic latex mattress. (Although it features 100% natural latex and GOTS certified 100% organic cotton.)

The Peacelily is great if you’re after a supportive, supple and springy sleeping surface that provides excellent pressure relief. It’s got a huge range of sizes, including long single, king single and super king, to suit a wide range of sleepers, including children. Oh, and you can choose your firmness with the Peacelily by flipping it from the medium side to the firm.

Choose this if…

You want a sustainable, planet-friendly all-latex mattress.

Further reading:

What we love

  • 7 targeted support zones for all night comfort.
  • Removable and machine washable cover.
  • Flippable to get the right firmness for you.
  • Impressive 25-year warranty.

The not so good bits

  • Quite thin - it’s just 20cm high so won’t have that plush feel of other mattress types.
Additional specs
  • Mattress type: latex
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Delivery: 5-7 business days
  • Free trial period: 100 nights
  • Price range: $1,095 - $1,895
  • Firmness: medium

Another all-latex option, the Zenna also contains 100% natural latex and is free of glues, fillers and harmful chemicals. Unlike the Peacelily which features organic cotton, Zenna opts for another natural material, bamboo. We love that the cover zips off and is machine washable for easy care. The Zenna boasts 7 sleeping zones so you get targeted support wherever you need it, whether that’s your shoulders, back, or lower legs. 

Ventilation holes and an open cell structure ensures heat doesn’t build up, for a cool night’s sleep. Zenna reckons the mattress is medium, although you can flip it for a firmer or softer feel. But what really impresses us is the 25-year warranty. 

Choose this if…

You want targeted support zones and a washable cover.

What we love

  • 2 firmness levels to choose from.
  • Australian made and handcrafted.
  • Top rated by Aussies.
  • Great 21-year warranty.

The not so good bits

  • Can’t try before you buy.
  • Expensive.
Additional specs
  • Mattress type: latex
  • Warranty: 21 years
  • Delivery: not stated
  • Free trial period: none
  • Price range: $4,295 - $8,495
  • Firmness: medium or firm

It might not be a mattress in a box, but we reckon the Latex Mattress Australia Pure Support will still delight you. Proudly made in Australia, this latex mattress comes in a medium or a firm feel. Rather than flipping layers, you choose your firmness when you buy. But you can still flip it (and rotate it) to make sure it wears evenly and lasts well. A lot of mattresses in a box are designed to be one-sided, which means they might wear out quicker than this one.

Inside, it’s 100% natural latex that’s free from all nasties and is sustainably sourced from Malaysia. Outside, it’s got a removable, machine washable bamboo cover that’s breathable and moisture wicking. The quilted cover adds a touch of plush luxury. 

The Pure Support latex mattress features 7 different pressure-relieving zones for all-night comfort. This is achieved through pin core holes, which also improve breathability. Aussies rate it the best latex mattress on, where hundreds (over 400) of latex mattress reviews rave about its brilliance. 

The only downside? You can’t try before you buy. Latex Mattresses Australia don’t offer a trial period, but you can pop into a showroom (although there are only 3 of them in the country). 

Choose this if…

You want an Australian made latex mattress that Aussie sleepers love.

What we love

  • Certified latex.
  • Customisable firmness.
  • 100 nights to try it before getting to swap 1 layer.
  • Great 20-year warranty.

The not so good bits

  • Complex to choose the right firmness with lots of options and layer swapping.
  • Expensive.
Additional specs
  • Mattress type: latex
  • Warranty: 20 years
  • Delivery: 5-10 days
  • Free trial period: none
  • Price range: $1,060 - $1,725
  • Firmness: medium, medium-firm or firm

If you’re after an organic latex mattress, meet the Quokka - it contains only 100% certified organic latex. Like the Pure Support, this latex mattress features 7 zones of pressure-relieving support. Unlike the Pure Support, it offers customisable firmness. You can choose your feel with a 2- or 3-layer mattress, plus you have the ability to swap layers around. 

When you buy the Quokka latex mattress, you choose your initial firmness (medium, medium-firm, firm or mixed) and you’ve then got 100 nights to check you’re happy with it. If it’s not working for you, you can get a one-off free latex layer exchange. 

Choose this if…

You want a certified organic latex mattress.

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Common questions

How much does a latex mattress cost?

Straight up: latex mattresses are usually some of the most expensive mattresses. In this guide, you’ll find an all-latex or latex hybrid queen mattress around $1,600, with Latex Mattresses Australia an outlier at around $7,000.

The price depends on how good the latex is, the mattress brand, whether you buy directly from the manufacturer online (like Peacelily and Zenna), and how the mattress was made. Organic latex, which takes more time and energy to make, costs more than blended or synthetic latex. The processing can impact cost too, with Talalay latex costing a smidge more than Dunlop latex. 

How long will a latex mattress last?

A latex mattress is known to be durable and long-lasting. So durable in fact that it can last between 15 and 25 years. How long it’ll last depends on a range of things, like how supportive your bed base is, how well you look after your mattress, your weight, and the quality of the latex. 

Are latex mattresses any good?

Latex mattresses are better than good, they’re great - for some sleepers. Sleepers who’ll get the most out of a latex mattress are those who sleep hot or live in a hot area; want light contouring without the hug of memory foam; like a bouncy, responsive mattress; and want a mattress that will last. 

Sleepers who want to be closely held by their mattress, aren’t fans of a springy mattress, and are on a budget will do better with another mattress type.

What are the benefits of a latex mattress?

Latex mattresses have many benefits. Latex gently contours to your body, unlike the hugging, sinking sensation of memory foam. This makes it pressure relieving and ideal for correct spinal alignment, especially for heavier sleepers or those who sleep on their back or stomach. 

Latex typically sleeps cooler than other mattress types, especially foam mattresses. It’s not known for retaining body heat. Some latex mattresses are designed to have a more open structure which ensures heat isn’t trapped in the mattress and allows air to move freely. Naturally resilient, latex holds its shape well and it’s also bouncy and springy, making it great for easily changing sleep positions and other, er, bed activities.

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