MOD Blend Pro Review

Is the MOD Blend Pro worth its salt?

MOD Blend Pro Review
Elese Dowden
Oct 25, 2021
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The MOD Blend Pro packs the punch of a big-name blender at less than half the price. It leaves berries and frozen bananas for baby food in seconds, and has a light-up digital display with a touch-slider to control the power level. With a 3.5 horsepower motor, it's as powerful as the commercial blenders your local baristas use to whip up $12 smoothies. The only real downside is the noise. This product was provided free of charge, but opinions are my own.

Unboxing the MOB blend pro

I was delighted when the MOD Blend Pro arrived on my doorstep one Sunday morning, along with the MOD Cold Press juicer. I received tracking links on the Friday night prior, so was extra-impressed by the quick weekend turnaround. The MOD Blend Pro was well-packed with polystyrene and cardboard, and the pieces were wrapped in plastic. It's hard to get around polystyrene when shipping heavy things, but there could have been less plastic.

What’s in the box

The MOD Blend Pro motor, a 2L blending jug with lid, a MOD Tamper Accelerator, branded drink flask, and two beautiful coconut bowls and spoons for smoothie bowls. There was also an instruction manual.

A sturdy blender

The MOD Blend Pro feels very robust. It's around 5-6kg, which reflects a solid motor. At the same time, it's not too hard to pick up and move around, and the simple shape makes for pretty easy storage. The jug is huge at 2L, and feels very durable, being made from exceptionally solid BPA-free plastic. 

I like that it won't turn on unless the jug is placed on top of the motor. The blender jug fits very securely onto the blender base with a soft, silicone-feel pad that stops slippage. The light-up touch buttons did worry me at first. Sometimes these are a pain with wet fingers, but it turns out they're super responsive.

Smoothie time

The MOD Blend Pro is fairly easy to use, and I confess that I was too excited to read the manual before making my first smoothie. It has a series of pre-set functions for crushing ice, pulsing dry ingredients, grinding coffee, and making soups and smoothies, but it took a bit of mucking about (and reading!) to understand them all. 

You can start the MOD Blend Pro on a standard setting by touching the slider at the desired power point, and there's also a '+20' button which adds 20 seconds to the timed blend. There's a pulse function, too. It feels like there are a few too many functions, but it's not too hard to make it do what you want.

Mod Blender Pro Collage

Loud, but gutsy

I'll be blunt: this thing is very loud. When I first used it, it was stationed next to a wall shared with a neighbour. I quickly decided that this wasn't the right place for the MOD Blend Pro, as on its highest setting, it's about the volume of a small power tool. At the same time, this reflects just how gutsy it really is. 

A seamless performance

I'm blown away by how easily the MOD Blend Pro chews up ice and frozen fruit and turns it seamlessly into smoothies. There are no weird bits or leftover icy chunks, and the massive 2L jug leaves ample room for 2-4 servings. It plows through any medley of steamed or roasted vegetables for soup, producing a velvety-smooth result. 

But the MOD Blend Pro isn't just a mean smoothie machine - it also makes fabulous coconut and oat flour for low-gluten baking. I was skeptical about whether a blender could grind things into flour, but the proof is in the pudding. This is truly a top-notch blender.

The final word

I loved

The MOD Blend Pro exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I've sold and used $1,000+ American blenders with similar motors, and the MOD easily compares. It's very robust, and the digital touch display is reasonably intuitive. 

I love the size of the blending jug, which feels very durable. I haven't had any issues with fitting batches of soup into the blender, either. The design is great, the power is great - in short, the MOD Blend Pro is a well-priced, commercial-quality machine with serious oomph.

I not-so-loved 

It doesn't have too many flaws, and any of its downsides are reasonable trade-offs given its power and capacity. I'm not that keen on the power-tool noise level, but it's a small compromise for the results it produces. The jug is also just too big to fit under my kitchen sink tap. But again, that's not a major - I just wash it sideways in a sink filled with warm soapy water.

Note: This product was provided free of charge, but opinions are my own.

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