MOD Cold Press Juicer Review for 2022

Is the MOD Cold Press Juicer really as good as the reviews say?

MOD Cold Press Juicer Review for 2022
Elese Dowden
Oct 25, 2021
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The MOD Cold Press Juicer is a versatile masticating juicer that handles tough veg like celery and ginger as easily as it makes banana ice cream. It's quiet but grunty, with a slow rotating auger that crushes your fruit and veg at a gentle speed to reduce nutrient loss. It can be annoying to clean if you're in a rush, but all in all it's a quality juicer with a strong motor. This product was provided free of charge, but opinions are my own.

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Unboxing the MOD cold press juicer

The MOD Cold Press juicer showed up at my place on a rainy Sunday, along with the MOD Blend Pro. Delivery was so quick I didn't even have time to check the tracking link they texted me on Friday night. It was packed very sturdily in a fair amount of cardboard and polystyrene, but that seems hard to get around when shipping heavy items. There wasn't too much plastic on the inside though, and the juicer itself was protected by a special MOD branded produce bag. MOD included a heap of literature too - a juicing guide, 5-day juice menu, some recipes, and an instruction manual.

MOD cold press juicer collage

What’s in the MOD box

The MOD Cold Press Juicer, cleaning brush, 2 juicing jugs, a strainer, an instruction manual and some recipes. I was also sent the Bonus Wellness Bundle, which includes a special attachment for plant milks and sorbets, as well as a juice flask, extra recipes, and produce bag.

A beautiful juicer

I'm quite impressed by the design of this machine, and it feels very sturdy. My previous juicer was similar in style, but lacked many of the clever little refinements of the MOD Cold Press juicer. I can easily lift the base off the motor body, and all the spiky bits of the interior juicing parts have protection for your fingers. It's reasonably heavy, about the right weight for a robust motor. 

There are no notable smells, and its tinted perspex pieces are durable and transparent. The tinted perspex should also keep things dark and cold on the inside so fruit and veg doesn't oxidize as rapidly. I love that MOD includes an extra set of the smallest silicone bits of the machine - the ones that would be crucial if you were to drop one down the sink or chuck one in the compost.

Making juice

As someone who's sold and used slow juicers before, this was pretty easy to figure out. The manual has clear written instructions, helpfully accompanied by pictures simple enough to rival IKEA's. After a longer juicing session, the auger (the big slow bit that turns) gets sucked down and can be difficult to remove. You have to turn it while pulling, which requires a bit of force. 

It takes a few minutes to chop your fruit and veg beforehand and wash the machine after, but having a sink of soapy water ready to go speeds up the process. The strainer is not super well-designed, as the flat surface and square metal holes block up quickly. I do love the little hook on the end of the cleaning brush for getting excess pulp out of the fiddlier bits.

MOD cold press juicer in action

Juicer noise levels

I was surprised at how quiet this machine is - there's definitely no risk of bothering the neighbours, It's quieter than other slow juicers I've used, and much quieter than most centrifugal juicers. 

How the juicer performed

For the most part, the MOD Cold Press Juicer does what it's supposed to. It works best for juicing the obvious stuff, like carrots, oranges, celery, and ginger. I cut things up into 2-3 inch pieces for a uniform result, but it sometimes takes a little encouragement with lighter veg like spinach. It handles around half a litre of juice, no sweat. The pulp is also fairly dry, which means it extracts a good amount of juice, and I love that I can throw it in the compost or freeze it for baking.

One of the recipes supplied by MOD was for making hummus with the sorbet attachment. I can confirm it does a good job of squashing chickpeas! It isn't the most efficient way to make hummus, but it is delicious. I also made some lovely ice cream with frozen banana and blueberries. Something I noticed with both attachments is that after a while, residual pulp, hummus, or sorbet builds up inside the chamber at the top. I just scoop it out and pop it back through.

The final word

I loved

All in all, I'm pretty stoked with the MOD Cold Press Juicer. I can get up early and make fresh juice without waking my partner, and it makes top notch ice cream with only a few bits of frozen fruit. You'd be better off with a food processor if you want to make plant milks or butters, but it does a stellar job of juicing (which, after all, is its main function).

I love how quiet the MOD Cold Press Juicer is, and am impressed by how sturdy it feels. The motor is powerful yet gentle. It compares to some of the top-of-the-line juicers in performance, and the sorbet maker is a clever little attachment that represents excellent value. I also love the thoughtful little extras MOD included, especially the recipes and silicone replacement parts.

I not-so-loved 

The jug strainer is frustrating to use, as the tiny, thick metal holes and flat surface make for poor drainage. Sometimes the pulp builds up in the top of the machine, especially when using the sorbet attachment. Even so, you can just take it out and pop it back through the juicer. It also takes a few minutes to clean, but that's something you'll find with most masticating juicers.

Note: This product was provided free of charge, but opinions are my own.

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