Mr Consistent Cocktail Mixer Review for 2022

Bartender worthy cocktails at home? Sign me up.

Mr Consistent Cocktail Mixer Review for 2022
Sarah Idle
Mar 24, 2022
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If there’s any greater drink than a margarita, I haven’t found it. So you bet I jumped at the chance to taste test the Mr Consistent Cocktail Margarita Mixer. In mere moments of opening this bad boy, I had a bartender-quality margarita in my lounge. Mr Consistent, I’ll order from you any day.

At a glance

What we love
  • How bloody tasty it is.
  • How easy it is to use and make delicious cocktails.
  • Those gorgeous looks and retro aesthetic.
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  • Nothing, although I need way more than 10 serves.
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$10, or free over $50
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$30 - $170 (gift packs)
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After ordering, Mr Consistent processed my order speedily and it arrived on my doorstep not long after that. With minimal packaging, I could just see the soft pink box behind the layers of bubble wrap. It was so well packed with plenty of warnings for the postie about it being fragile.

What’s in the box

The beautiful pink branded box, complete with funny slogans, contained just the bottle of margarita mixer. I really loved that the packaging was minimal, with no excess guff I didn’t need, and that I could recycle the box easily.

Mr Consistent margarita cocktail mix in a box

Look and feel

I got a limited edition label in celebration of Mardi (Margi!) Gras 2022 and it was beautiful with its LGBTQ+ inspired styling. As a glass bottle, it felt durable and hardy and ripe to be opened. Thank goodness for a screw top so I could get into it, ASAP.

User friendliness

Making bartender worthy margaritas is an absolute breeze with Mr Consistent. Now, I didn’t exactly follow the instructions (I don't have a cocktail shaker). So, instead I powered up my Optimum 9400X blender to make FROZEN MARGARITAS. All in caps because I’m still excited about it. I followed the instructions by pouring 75ml of the mix into the blender, added 45ml of tequila (swap to water if you want a mocktail. I didn’t) and then added a handful of ice before whizzing those suckers all together.

I reckon in about 2 minutes flat I went from bottle to glass. It honestly couldn’t be quicker and easier to whip up margaritas. 

Mr Consistent margarita mix in glasses


For an at-home cocktail, Mr Consistent blew me away. It was just the right amount of salty and sweet, and neither the tequila or the cocktail mix was overpowering. They perfectly complemented each other, like er, tequila and lime. 

I’ve tried to make margaritas at home before by making my own sugar syrup. Friends, it did not go well. With the recommended amount of sugar syrup, my margaritas were way too sweet. Skipping the sugar syrup made a strong yet bitter cocktail that wasn’t a joy to drink.

But Mr Consistent? Yeah, he’s nailed it. This cocktail mix made a margarita to rival a bartender’s. Oh, and did I mention it’s gluten free, vegan friendly and made in Australia from at least 86% Australian ingredients? No? Well, it is. 

The final word

I couldn’t love Mr Consistent more. If you’re after cocktail mixers that are easy to use and look and taste great, you can’t go wrong. Plus, you can channel your inner Tom Cruise in Cocktail with about a tenth of the effort. Seriously, I’m going to be stocking up and I strongly suggest you do too.

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