Pognae NEO No.5 Hipseat Baby Carrier Review

Baby carriers promise hands-free parenting, but do they deliver?

Pognae NEO No.5 Hipseat Baby Carrier Review
Alison McGuire
Sep 15, 2020
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The Pognae NEO No.5 Hipseat Carrier is a beautifully modern baby carrier that’s designed to be comfy for baby and mum and dad. We loved the fact it comes with everything you need, like teething guards and drool bibs, and that it’s so comfortable to wear and use. Sure, it’s a little bit bulkier than other baby carriers but we’ll take that for its excellent back-friendly support. It’s quickly become one of our most-used baby items.

Unboxing the Pognae carrier

The NEO No.5 arrived on our doorstep in a box featuring hipster dads with a fashionable mini human strapped to them. It felt like these images were geared towards mums that had been trying to encourage dad to do a bit more of the baby wearing (c’mon, we already did our share for 9+ months, right?). Our hipster dad (Dan) was pretty keen to crack open the parcel and take the NEO No.5 for a spin.

Pognae No5 Hipseat Carrier Collage

What’s in the box

We were impressed and surprised to see that the NEO No.5 comes with everything you need, including teething guards, drool bib and hoods for keeping baby shielded from the weather. 

We already own an Ergobaby 360, and didn’t realise drool bibs were sold separately. Which means our Ergobaby now bears the distinctive signs of our little one’s toothless munching. 

The box also contains a sturdy plastic drawstring bag which you can use to keep everything together when not in use.

Out and about

I’ve never been the type of person to read instructions (hence my poor track record with flat packs and following recipes). Although the NEO No.5 came with a neat little manual, I was intuitively able to start wearing it and figure out most of its features.

Another feature that scored a big tick was that it was easy for one person to put on and tighten all the straps, single handedly. We both also loved the handy side pocket with room for a phone, wallet and keys. It was much easier to access these in a side pocket, rather than being tucked underneath baby near the front.

Baby in Pognae Baby Carrier at the beach

Don't wake the baby

There is no louder noise than velcro straps beneath a sleeping baby. Fortunately, the NEO No.5 has found a way around this with their clever patented zip design. 

Unfortunately our baby refuses to sleep in a carrier (any carrier, full stop) so we never got to test this feature (sigh). However, I imagine most parents would love this!

Our favourite carrier

The No.5 has quickly become one of our most used baby items and we rarely leave home without it. Comfort was where it out-performed our expectations. Although the hip seat makes it less compact than other carriers, this feature makes it the most comfortable we’ve tried so far.

The final word

I loved

The Pognae NEO No.5 has become a staple baby accessory for us and gets plenty of use, from pottering around the house to adventuring outdoors. Our curious baby loves spending time in the NEO No.5 and we can happily report the teething guards have withstood her rigorous testing! My favourite feature is definitely the carrier’s weight distribution, which means my back hasn’t suffered from carrying our rapidly growing baby. It’s also great that this carrier comes with teething guards and sleeping hoods included.

I not-so-loved

It would be great to see Pognae look at ways to further minimise their packaging and plastic use. They’ve recently stopped printing instruction manuals and are encouraging people to view them online which is a good start.

This product was provided free of charge, but opinions are my own.

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