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Welcome to Cosier, the modern guide to shopping.

Each week we set out to find everyday products for your home that solve your needs. Our guides feature key findings and need-to-know facts so you can make a quick, confident buy – because who’s got time to waste trawling the shops when you can shop from the comfort of your PJs?  

With Cosier, you’ll find products that are a great fit for most Aussies. Products that have more to offer than trending on social media, flashy features or a rock-bottom price. Products that will last and won’t end up in landfill. Products that are truly worth buying. 

We promise to put in the work and tell it how it is.

Thanks for being here with us.

From the Cosier team,

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How we pick

Friends, it’s a long process. Each guide involves dozens of products, hours of research and multiple sources, ideally from Australia but we throw our net wider if we have to. It draws on expert testing plus real Aussies’ opinions because we reckon you’re the real experts here. We take the time to delve into what you love, what you hate and what you’re meh about.

What it doesn’t draw on is slick marketing copy and empty claims. That don’t impress us much. 

As we search for Australia’s best products, we think about: 

Your wallet

Products that do the job and last are kinder to your wallet in the long run. Bonus: less shopping because you’re not having to replace things regularly. You’ll find products across a range of prices at Cosier, from the affordable to the splurge, to suit every type of Aussie wallet. 

Supporting local

It’s better for the environment and for Australia. 


You’ll find long-lasting, quality products that won’t end up in landfill in a few months’ time.  

The must-haves

A balance between essential, must-have features and the nice-to-have ones gives a baseline that all Cosier picks need to meet. It’s an exclusive club. We don’t let just anyone in. 

Because all Cosier picks are carefully chosen from expert insights and real consumer feedback, you’ll see us mention the same sources every time:

  • For expert insights, we turn to CHOICE, Australia’s consumer advocacy group. If CHOICE hasn’t tested our products, we might look to their Kiwi equivalent, Consumer NZ. 
  • We also frequently refer to Canstar Blue, Australia’s customer satisfaction research and ratings business. 
  • For real Aussie thoughts, we check out, Australia’s first consumer opinion website. 

We’re not linked to any of these companies - they don’t pay us to mention them in our guides. We’ve chosen them because they’re Australian-based, highly reputable and regarded independent organisations. This means they feature products that are widely available here, unlike USA-based consumer advocacy groups such as Consumer Reports. They’re also familiar with Australian standards. 

You’ll know we’re always open and transparent with you by the fact we always include our reference links at the bottom of our guides. This means you can check out our sources for yourself.

How we make money

The Cosier team cares about credibility. That’s why we do hours of research to compile every single product guide we produce. So that you can read and use these guides for free (and to keep our team well-caffeinated), we partner with affiliates and advertisers. These partnerships make us money through links on our website.

What does this look like? Well, some affiliates pay us for sending them new customers. Others pay us for ads on our website. If you love our content and buy something in one of our guides, we might be paid for that.

But we never let our partnerships affect the honesty of our content. We choose our product picks from things like expert testing and consumer insights - not on whether we’re affiliated with a product. We might place links at certain points within a guide, but this in no way impacts on our rating or review of the product.

Full disclosure: to avoid bias towards affiliated products, our editorial team has no idea of our partnerships (sorry team). This means they’re not influenced by our affiliations when picking our recommended products. They simply take pride in well-researched reviews.

If Cosier is helpful for you, you can support us by buying products through on-page links - and we’ll send a whole heap of feel good vibes your way. If you’d rather sidestep any affiliate links, head straight to the brand’s website or your favourite search engine instead. No hard feelings, honest.

Cosier is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This affiliate advertising programme allows us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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