The Best Bed Frame in Australia for 2022

Or how to wake up in the right frame of mind every morning.

The Best Bed Frame
Elese Dowden
Feb 2, 2021
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Sure - bed sheets are one way to update your bedroom, but add a new bed frame and you've got yourself a real game-changer. The best bed frame is stylish, easy to assemble, and sturdy. It shouldn't squeak or rattle. We also like bed frames that have built-in cable management to keep devices close by without clutter. We've pored over the reviews and done some window shopping of our own to bring you the top bed frames in Australia.

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How we picked

If there's one thing we learned while researching this article, it's that the world of bed frames is a bit of a rabbit hole. We started by checking Aussie consumer feedback at to see if they could provide some guidance. Sure enough, there were heaps of reckons across thousands of bed frame reviews. We added some of the top-rated bed frames to our list. 

After checking CHOICE, Australia's biggest consumer advocacy group, we discovered they don't rate bed frames. We took matters into our own hands by doing some window shopping to see what was available at major retailers. After finding a few more winners, we cross-checked our results from to be sure all our picks were readily available. That's how we ended up with our list of Australia's best bed frames.

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The best platform bed frame

Koala Timber Bed Base
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The Koala Timber Bed Base is a well-designed platform bed base that comes in natural or vanilla malt. It's the perfect complement to the Koala mattress, and has an oversized platform which makes your bed feel as though it's floating. We like the cable management system, which is cleverly hidden behind the headboard. This means you don't have to hunch over your charger on the other side of the bed. It comes with Koala's 120-day trial, too.

We reckon Koala makes one of the best bed bases in Australia because it only takes 4 minutes to build, and you don't even need tools to put it together. Aussies are big fans, scoring it nearly 5 stars from over 300 reviews on Some say this bed frame gets creaky after a few months, and that the mattress can slide a little. But for the most part, people love the Koala bed base for its good looks, easy assembly, and robust design.

The best timber bed frame

Eva Timber Bed Frame
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The Eva Timber Bed Frame is a beautiful, ethically-made bed frame designed in Australia. Like a massive jigsaw puzzle for adults, Eva reckons this frame can be assembled in 5 minutes flat. No wonder it won a Good Design Award. This clean, minimalist bed frame is made to last, with a strong, but light and squeak-free birch ply and American oak construction. Eva also uses a Forest Stewardship Council-certified supplier. This means their wood comes from forests managed in a sustainable way. Oh, and did we mention it comes with a whooping 365-day trial?

Eva recently sent Cosier writer Elese (g'day - that's me!) one of their timber bed frames and Eva mattresses to review, so we have special insight into this one. I can confirm that it's easy to set up. Once it was out of the box, two of us impatient millennials managed to slot it together in less than 10 minutes. I rate that it has built-in cable management and a simple slot on each side to store devices. It feels super sturdy, and you'll get it delivered to your place free, eliminating any stress about whether it'll fit in the car.

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The best Australian made timber bed frame

Quokka Beds Timber Bed Base
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Quokka's Timber Bed Base is a true blue Aussie solution to your hunt for a decent bed base. These bed frames have been made locally in Perth for more than 30 years using sustainable Australian timbers. Their timber bed frame comes in jarrah, oak, or white oak, grown in Western Australia and Victoria respectively. This makes Quokka bases naturally water-resistant and termite resistant.

You can easily assemble Quokka bed bases within a few minutes thanks to their clever clip-in joint system, and Quokka bed bases have a lifetime guarantee against break or squeak. Pretty impressive, if you ask us. They even offer free delivery. Aussies back Quokka's timber bed base, scoring it nearly 5 stars from nearly 100 reviews on They say these bed frames are easy to put together, and rate Quokka's top-tier customer service just as highly.

The best upholstered bed frame

Ergoflex Custom Made Bed Base
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It can be hard to find an upholstered bed frame that matches your bedroom Pinterest board mood, but Ergoflex Custom Made Bed Bases are tailored to you. You can choose from 30 different fabrics and headboard options to make your bed truly yours. Ergoflex bed bases are custom made in Australia, and they even offer an additional installation service for anyone who'd rather leave assembly up to the pros.

These custom made bed bases have a 5-year warranty, scoring 5 stars from around 25 reviews on Aussies love the fabric, style, and customization options, noting you can even add storage drawers to your bed frame. Reviewers reckon these bases are 'rock solid' and 'worth the price.' Speaking of prices, they don't come cheap. You can expect to pay upwards of $2,500 for a Queen bed base, depending on customization.

The bed frame with the best storage

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Is space at a premium in your house? The Ikea MALM Ottoman bed frame is a simple, stylish solution at a reasonable price. Different to the classic Ikea MALM base with storage drawers, the Ikea MALM Ottoman goes one step further. This white bed frame has a gas piston and spring system so you can easily lift your mattress to reveal a whole closet worth of storage space. And if your budget is as tight as your storage space, there's good news: these bed frames are $599.

Aussie Ikea shoppers score this bed nearly 5 stars from around 40 reviews on While not reviewed separately on, the MALM range scores just over 3 stars from nearly 40 reviews. Some reviewers caution that there are around 60+ screws involved in the assembly of this bed, so it may be easier to put together if you've already got a cordless drill on hand. Otherwise, folks rate how solid this bed is, and love the price and functionality.

The best metal bed frame

Zinus Joseph
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If you're going for a more industrial look, you can't go past the Zinus Joseph Queen Bed Frame. This budget-friendly metal bed frame is simple, stylish and super-sturdy. There's a reinforced centre beam, with non-slip tape and foam padding along the slats and frame to help prevent mattress slippage and squeaking. The metal frame, wooden slats and assembly tools all come in one box, too.

The Zinus Joseph bed frame comes with a 5-year warranty, with all 3 different height options for a Queen frame coming in at under $200. Not only does the price put other bed frames to shame, but it's also well-rated by folks on Amazon, scoring nearly 5 stars from over 70 reviews. This frame isn't reviewed on, but the Zinus brand gets just over 3 stars by a handful of Aussies. Some were frustrated by shipping delays, but most people love their Zinus bed frames.

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Features to consider

You'll probably have a bed frame for at least a few years, so it's worth getting right. Here are a few things you'll want to think about before committing. 

Bed frame vs bed base

The first thing to suss is whether you're after a bed base or a bed frame. A bed base is typically a classic box spring bed base, similar to the ones that come with mattresses from bed giants like Sealy and Beds R Us. They're usually the same shape and size as your mattress, with springs to support the mattress on top, but without a headboard. See our guide to Australia's best mattresses for more details here.

A bed frame is a piece of bedroom furniture that goes under your mattress as a foundation. While a bed frame also supports your mattress, they're often much more elaborate than a basic box spring bed base. Many bed frames come with headboards, and are sometimes called 'bed platforms' too. Just to make things even more confusing, bed frames are sometimes called 'bed bases' by Aussie retailers.

Style and materials

Most bed frames are made of wood or metal, though you'll find thousands of different styles online. You'll also find upholstered bed frames, like the Ergoflex, and adjustable frames. Most 'platform' bed bases or frames are made from timber or metal, too.


Bed frames take up a lot of space, but many bed sellers have figured out ways to fit big things in small boxes. If you have stairs, elevators or narrow hallways leading to your bedroom, it may be easier to choose a flat-pack bed frame you can get delivered, instead of buying from a showroom and squeezing your new frame in the back of the car. 


Bed frames generally come in Single, Double, Queen and King sizes, and some retailers also offer King Single and California King frames too. It's worth checking the dimensions of your mattress before you buy to ensure your bed won't sit too high or too low. Keep in mind that a higher bed may also be useful for storing things under (or even just for playing hide and seek).


There's a bed frame for every budget. Metal bed frames are usually the most wallet-friendly, with the cheapest on our list coming in at under $150. You'll pay up to $1,500 for a wooden bed frame, and most timber frames we saw were between $700 - $1,200 for a Queen bed. Upholstered and adjustable frames were, on average, more expensive. This is likely because these types of frames take more work to produce.

Squeak factor

If you had a bunk bed as a kid, you'll know how infuriating a squeaky frame can be. Thankfully, bed sellers do too, and many have designed their frames to prevent this problem. Some sellers, like Quokka, have a no-squeak guarantee, while others add padding to the frame to prevent noise.

What you get if you spend more

While you can get away with spending under $200 on a bed frame, there are options over and above the $1,000 mark. Here's what you can look forward to if you spend a little more dough.


If it's a custom bed frame you're looking for, expect to pay bigger bucks. Upholstered frames tend to take 3-6 weeks to order, compared to out-of-the-box bed frames, which can be delivered in as little as 4 hours. On the plus side, a custom bed frame is tailored to you, so you'll probably be much happier with the end result. This may also mean it matches your decor better.


Across our research, there was more thought behind the design process with pricier bed frames. If you spend a little more, you're likely to end up with a more stylish result. More expensive bed frames also had better ergonomic features, like cord management and simple assembly. While we didn't review higher-tech frames, there are also options with bluetooth connectivity, under-bed lighting, and wireless remote controls.


Bed frames made in Australia tend to be more expensive than those made overseas. Wooden frames in the higher price bracket are more likely to come with sustainable forestry certifications. If you spend a little more, you may be able to sleep more soundly knowing your frame is produced in an environmentally responsible way.


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