Onebed Original Mattress Review for 2023

Is the Onebed the one ring of the mattress world?

Onebed Original Mattress Review for 2023
Sarah Idle
Apr 18, 2023
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Forget the one ring to rule them all, this is the Onebed to rule them all. Well, according to Onebed anyway. We’ve dug underneath the marketing spin to bring you the truth with our Onebed Original mattress review and to work out what makes this latex and memory foam mattress so special. Could it be the customisable firmness levels? Or the lack of partner disturbance, and the longer-than-average warranty? Join us on our journey to discover if it really delivers sleep so peaceful you’ll think you’re in the Shire.

What we love
  • The adjustable firmness levels, from medium through to medium-firm and firm.
  • The removable, washable cover to keep things smelling sweet.
  • Quality materials, including latex and memory foam.
  • Thousands of happy Aussie sleepers.
The not so good bits
  • Lack of details, including shipping and basic stuff like weight.
The details
What it offers
Mattress Type
15 years
0-10 business days
Free Trial
125 nights
Price range
$990 - $1,590
Our ratings breakdown
Customer Experience
User Friendliness

Onebed mattress: The bottom line

According to thousands of happy Aussie sleepers, the Onebed Original is very good. This quality latex, memory foam, and foam mattress offers customisable firmness from medium through to medium-firm and firm. Known for its support and firmness, the Onebed Original is also great at minimising partner disturbance and sleeping cool.

Who’s the Onebed Original mattress best for

Sleepers looking for a firm mattress that combines quality materials, including memory foam and latex, will love the Onebed Original. With flippable firmness levels, it provides a supportive, comfortable sleep that suits all sleeping styles. Effective at minimising partner disturbance, it’s great for co-sleepers.

The ordering and delivery process

The Onebed website is all about clean, modern, sleep-themed simplicity. The good news is that finding the mattress online is easy. The bad news (in our opinion) is that there’s not an awful lot of information about the mattress, bar some fluffy marketing spiel. 

Ordering it is simple. You just choose from the large size buttons, complete with pictures and mattress dimensions. Then you can add optional extras, like a mattress protector or bedframe, before getting to add it to your cart.

Once it’s in your cart, you get presented with super large optional extras (again) before you can checkout. Checkout is the usual 3-step process including contact information and shipping address. (According to my Firefox browser, the page can’t load Google Maps correctly so I had to input my address manually. That could just be a Firefox glitch.) The only shipping information I was provided was ‘local delivery’ to Victoria so I didn’t get heaps of information about when to expect delivery. Apparently it’s same day delivery if ordered before 10am Monday-Friday - a deadline I didn’t order by. Payment is via card, financing, afterpay or PayPal. 

The Onebed Original is delivered in a box which measures 50cm x 50cm and is 1m high. Onebed gives zero information about delivery but let’s assume it’s doorstep only. 

What's the Onebed mattress made from?

The Onebed Original mattress is an all-foam mattress with 3 layers:

  1. A 4cm latex top layer for a cool, somewhat bouncy sleep.
  2. A 4cm memory foam layer for cushioning support that moulds to your body, plus pressure relief.
  3. A 17cm polyurethane foam layer for a stable, quality support base.

It’s also got a removable, washable polyester cover. All materials in the OneBed Original are certified free of harmful chemicals and other nasties by independent testing organisations. 

What the Onebed Original mattress feels like

Because it offers different firmness options, the Onebed Original can feel anywhere from medium to firm. With the latex on top, you’re going to have a softer, more responsive and bouncy feel. But switch to the memory foam layer and you’ll have more of a cradling sensation, like you’re lying in your mattress, not on it. 

Most Aussie sleepers reckon it’s more on the firmer side (but still very comfortable). If you’re after a soft mattress it might not do it for you. 

Partner disturbance

The combo of latex and memory foam means that partner disturbance is kept to a minimum. Most Aussie sleepers note that they can’t feel their partner moving throughout the night. 

Suitability for hot sleepers

Onebed reckons the use of latex ensures a cool night’s sleep, and it does sleep cooler than other materials, like memory foam. However, that only applies if the latex layer is on top. 

Aussie sleepers are somewhat split about whether the mattress is cool and comfortable or slightly hot. It does have a removable, washable cover so even if you get a little hot, you can keep it fresh and clean. Plus, you get 125 nights to try it at home to see how it feels.

Off-gassing smell

It’s common for mattresses in a box to off-gas. That’s when you open the mattress for the first time, a weird chemical smell is released. A few Aussie sleepers do mention that they notice a smell from their Onebed Original.

If you do, air the mattress for a few days by opening windows. It’s good to know that although it might not smell the best, off-gassing isn’t dangerous. 

Bonus bits

Onebed offers a 15-year warranty which is longer than most mattresses in a box. Other than that, there’s nothing extra special about Onebed.

How much does the Onebed Original mattress cost?

Prices start from $990 for a single mattress, up to $1,590 for a king. 

How long does the Onebed Original mattress last?

The Onebed Original mattress comes with a 15-year warranty so you should expect it to last at least 15 years. 

Trial, warranty and shipping

The Onebed Original comes with a 125-night trial. Onebed asks that you try it for at least 30 nights before returning it. If it’s not right for you, you can email them to arrange a free pick up. Once it’s been picked up, you’ll be fully refunded - within 30 days. Onebed also promises that it’ll be picked up within 30 days. So you could be looking at up to 60 days or around 2 months for your refund to be issued.

You have a 15-year warranty with a Onebed Original. This warranty covers any indentation that’s deeper than 2cm; a flaw that causes the foam or latex to split or crack; and failure of the mattress zipper or tearing of the outer cover. If the cover develops a fault, only the cover is repaired or replaced. The warranty is void if you don’t use a suitable bed base so don’t use the mattress on the floor. 

No shipping information is provided beyond it being ‘fast and free’.

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