The Best Dog Bed in Australia for 2022

Or how to soothe a stressed-out pup.

The Best Dog Bed
Elese Dowden
Feb 17, 2021
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In this guide

Sick of sharing the bed with your four-legged friends? Just like humans, dogs need their own special snoozing spot. The best dog bed is durable and supportive yet soft, with a washable cover for messy mishaps. We spent hours compiling our guide to Australia's top dog beds, with local and ethical options so you can sleep soundly too.

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How we picked

Dogs aren't great at writing reviews, so picking a dog bed isn't an easy task. We started out by checking, but there were only a handful of dog bed reviews to choose from. We also had a nosy at CHOICE, Australia's biggest consumer advocacy group, coming up empty-handed. Luckily, Cosier co-founder and editor Sarah has a dog, as well as a few clues about what to look for when buying a dog bed. 

Knowing that there's no one-size-fits-all approach, we set out on a window shopping mission to find a range of dog beds to suit different needs. Buying ethically- and sustainably-made is key to the Cosier ethos, so we factored that in alongside price, availability, and quality. While we stand behind our picks, it's also important to remember we're not trained veterinarians. If your dog has a health condition, we encourage you to check in with your vet before committing to a new dog bed.

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The best orthopedic dog bed

Barney Beds
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Whether you're a human or a dog, tired bones and sore muscles are no fun. That's where Barney Beds come in. This Aussie-owned company makes orthopedic dog beds in 5 sizes, so they'll fit any breed from tiny toy poodles to massive bullmastiffs. With a pressure-relieving memory foam mattress and thick, microfibre cover, your dog's sure to ditch snoozing at the end of your bed. Note that there is a low soft wall which your dog needs to hop over.

What's more, Barney Beds has thought of everything. Does your dog have little accidents? There's a waterproof lining kit for that. Prefer a stylish licorice or pink hue? They've got extra linen covers. Barney Beds' covers are also machine-washable, with a water and dust-mite resistant lining to boot. No wonder over 100 people give them nearly 5 stars on Facebook.

The best calming dog bed

Snooza The Cuddler
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Snooza The Cuddler calming dog beds look so snuggly that even we're envious. They're Australian-made, with a non-slip base in a mock lambswool finish. They also have removable, washable covers in a range of colours, including plush pink mink and leopard print. Snooza combines their soft fabrics with high walls and Snoozafill® fibre for a cuddly safe haven. This makes them ideal for nervous or anxious pets to snuggle down in and get a comforting hug.

Another reason Snooza The Cuddler dog beds are our fave is the Snoozafill® recycled PET fibre. The inner is made from recycled drink bottles and Australian-made pet foam, so you can relax knowing you're buying ethically. To top it off, these beds are repairable with the Snooza Repair Service. What more could you want?

The best for large dogs

Snooza Big Dog Bed
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If your dog is on the larger side, we reckon a Snooza Big Dog Bed is your best bet. Larger dogs can be susceptible to problems like hip dysplasia, so proper support is key to their comfort. This Australian-made Big Dog Bed has 14cm of load-bearing foam at the base, and a 5cm layer of memory foam on top. The foam moulds to the contours of your dog's body for low-impact support.

Like other Snooza beds, this Big Dog Bed is repairable and uses Australian-made foams. It has no sides or edges, making it easier for your pup to hop on or off. The covers are washable, but only come in 3 colours. Reviewers on score it a full 5 stars from a handful of reviews. They reckon the Big Dog Bed is a 'fantastic size,' and 'brilliant quality.'

The best for small dogs

Kazoo Pouch Bed
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We reckon the Kazoo Pouch Bed is ideal for small dogs because it's basically a tiny dog cocoon. Smaller breeds like Silky Terriers and Jack Russells will love snuggling up in this pouch bed with its high, soft walls and faux fur lining. It's also an affordable option with prices from $50. This bed is machine-washable, providing you can fit it in the machine. While there's not much information about how ethically these beds are made, we like that Kazoo is a family-owned Aussie business.

The best for dogs with arthritis

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If your dog has arthritis, Aussie-owned Pawpedics could have just the bed. Pawpedics was founded by a Queensland veterinary nurse after she grew frustrated with other memory foam dog beds. The Pawpedics dog bed is almost like a people-sized memory foam mattress, with a high-density memory foam base for spinal support, followed by cooling gel memory foam, and a top layer of natural latex. Completely flat, there are no walls for your pup to get over. Pawpedics also gets nearly 5 stars from almost 100 reviews on TrustPilot.

The gel memory foam layer moulds to your dog to regulate temperature. Breathable natural latex helps neutralise odours while providing additional support. The Pawpedics' bed comes in sizes extra-small to extra-large. It also boasts an anti-microbial waterproof inner cover, machine-washable, dirt, hair and scratch proof cover, and non-slip base. We're not animal medical specialists, so we encourage you to reach out to Pawpedics and your vet to discuss whether this bed is right for your dog.

The best for puppies

Pupnaps Chew Proof Calming Bed
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If you're shopping for a puppy, you can chews (not sorry) wisely with a Pupnaps Chew Proof Calming Bed. Puppies are whirlwinds of energy. They need durable beds that withstand chewing and muddy paws, as well as inevitable accidents. The Pupnaps Chew Proof Calming Bed is our pick for overexcited puppies as it's made from durable nylon and waterproof fabric, with heavy-duty zippers and double-stitched seams.

Like the rest of Pupnaps' Calming Beds, this well-padded pooch nest has an oversized rim to help puppies and smaller dogs feel safe. The outer cover is machine washable, and they offer a refund guarantee for the 1% of dogs who defeat the Chew Proof Bed. While there's not much info on how ethically these beds are made, Pupnaps scores nearly a full 5 stars from nearly 200 reviews on

The best washable dog bed

Sleeping Duck Dog Bed
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Let's face it: like humans, some dogs are just stinkier than others. Thankfully, mattress giant Sleeping Duck comes to the rescue with their washable dog bed. We love the Sleeping Duck Dog Bed because it goes above and beyond the washable cover. This bed also has a water-resistant lining, so there's no sweat with overexcited puppies or drooling dogs. If something smelly or wet does get through, you can vacuum the foam and air dry it.

The Sleeping Duck Dog Bed has raised edges for extra support and snuggliness, and hidden zips that point inwards to protect hardwood floors and doggie teeth. It's made with AntiGravity® foam, which Sleeping Duck use in their human-sized mattresses. Sleeping Duck reckons their AntiGravity foam provides superior cushioning to latex, and these beds come in small, medium, or large. The only downside is that they don't sell separate replacement covers.

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Common questions

Does a dog need their own bed?

There are many good reasons to buy a dog bed, especially if you're not keen on sharing your own. While puppies can sleep up to 20 hours a day, most dogs sleep for around 12 to 16 hours. A dog bed gives them a safe spot to snooze so they can feel safe when you're not around. 

Dog beds are essential for puppies and incontinent dogs, and all our picks have washable covers. An orthopedic dog bed is ideal for older dogs with sore bits, or larger breeds prone to conditions like hip dysplasia. Anxious pups will also benefit from cocoon-style dog beds, as snuggling up in a small space can help them feel safer.

What size dog bed should I buy?

The short answer is: how big is your dog? Most dog bed sellers offer beds in several sizes, to suit Chihuahuas right through to German Shepherds. Some sites offer guidance on which size suits certain breeds best, but you can also measure your dog while they snooze to see how much space they take up.

How do you clean a dog bed?

While you can't exactly change the sheets on your dog's bed, you can usually wash the cover to freshen things up. Some dog beds can go straight in the machine, but always check the supplier's washing instructions in case your dog bed isn't machine-washable. 

Does my dog need an orthopedic bed?

Orthopedic beds are designed to offer comfort and support to dogs with aching joints or sore muscles. They're usually made with memory foam. While healthy dogs and smaller breeds may be fine without an orthopedic bed, they often provide better pressure relief than standard dog beds. We're not qualified to give medical advice, so be sure to check with your vet if your dog has a health issue that may be impacted by an orthopedic dog bed.

How can I stop my dog chewing their bed?

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew, and if your dog is a puppy, they may be chewing to keep their teeth healthy as they learn to hunt. Just like us when we're babies, puppies chew as they're figuring the world out. Chasing or shouting at your dog may encourage chewing, especially if your dog is seeking attention.

Adult dogs may also chew or destroy their beds out of stress, anxiety, or boredom. Dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy, but if you're already giving them plenty of exercise, chew toys could help. It can also be useful to track your dog's destructive habits. Things like thunderstorms, loud noises, or being left alone can frighten your dog, causing them to chew as a stress response. If you've ticked all the other boxes, it's a good idea to check in with your vet to rule out other underlying problems.


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