Eva Mattress ReviewEva Mattress Review

Eva Mattress Review

Is the Eva mattress a better bed? Find out why it stands out from the rest in our hands-on Eva mattress review.
Elese Dowden
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Elese Dowden
Dec 18, 2020
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At a glance

The Eva mattress is more than just a bed in a box. It's a time-travel machine that transports you to Sunday morning, every morning. My partner and I (Cosier writer Elese, g'day!) tried the Eva mattress for a few weeks. We're impressed by the balance of comfort, softness and support this bed offers, and rate how breathable it is in summer.

This product was provided free of charge, but opinions are my own.

First thoughts


I love the convenience of having a bed delivered, because like many millennials, we don't have a car. Delivery was quick, though the bed arrived outside of the scheduled delivery window. I received a text with a tracking link saying it would arrive on the 23rd November between 9am-2pm. I also got a text the day before saying it had been picked up by the delivery driver. 

On delivery day, I received another message at 2:20pm to say the Eva bed was arriving in the next 20 minutes. The bed eventually showed up an hour after the window at 3:00pm. I had been waiting for the delivery so I could run a few errands, so I was frustrated that it showed up so late in the day. Even so, it had been raining heavily that morning and traffic had been bad.

Once the Eva mattress was delivered, my partner helped me lug it up the stairs. It was heavier than we expected at 45kg, but the wheels on the bottom of the box were handy. We pulled the mattress out and laid it on our Eva bed frame. The mattress was vacuum sealed in thick plastic. We unravelled the roll and punctured the final layer of plastic, letting the air out until the mattress was at full height. Then we pulled the rest of the plastic out from underneath, and it was ready to go.

Eva mattress in a box

What’s in the box

You won't find much inside the Eva mattress box aside from the mattress itself and a whole lotta plastic wrap. It was less stressful to unbox with 2 of us, as the double mattress weighs in at 45kg (or 55kg for a queen). Similar to other online mattresses, the Eva is simple to set up, but the downside is you're lumped with metres of plastic. It would be cool to see Eva use biodegradable material to vacuum-seal, but it does seem hard to get around. 

You might find another use for your metres of leftover soft plastic in the garage or backyard. Alternatively, you can find a REDcycle box or similar near you to recycle your soft plastics. We saved ours in the garden shed, using it to cover plants, collect rainwater, and protect surfaces when doing arts and crafts.

Look and feel

The Eva looks and feels like a top quality mattress. It's delightfully plush, balancing softness with structure to cradle you like a baby. The first layer is gel memory foam, with millions of gel beads that keep your body at perfect temp while you snooze. Next is a layer of premium latex foam, which is naturally antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. Latex is denser than memory foam, and takes a minute or two to cushion as you sink in.

If you pay close attention, you can almost feel this mattress moulding to your body. But there's still great support, and the third density foam layer lends firmness with 5 zone pocket springs underneath. The pocket springs really make a difference to the Eva mattress. They help reduce partner disturbance, so you won't be jiggled awake when your co-sleeper gets up to go to the loo. 

In saying that, this bed is so snug we found we tossed and turned much less. Once you've laid down on the Eva mattress it's dangerously difficult to get back up again. It also helps that the Eva mattress is very breathable. My partner runs hot, but we slept without bother through the beginning of a Melbourne summer with a medium-weight doona

The open structure of the gel memory foam combines with latex and pocket springs to make an impressively well-ventilated mattress. Our new Eva bed is much cooler on warm nights than our usual mattress. We don't get clammy, which is surprising given we don't have air con. The Eva also offers better support thanks to its pocket springs.

There are 5 different pocket spring zones, and you can feel the change in texture across the surface of the mattress. It's plush in the middle of the bed, and firmer at the sides. This puts you in something resembling a zero-gravity type sleep position. Eva reckons this is a medium-firm mattress, but it's softer than we were expecting. I do sometimes feel like I'm rolling into the middle of the bed. Even so, the Eva mattress offers a great balance of comfort and support.

Eva mattress on timber bed frame

Using it

User friendliness

The Eva mattress is so easy to use that it needs to come with a warning. I was a little too cosy this morning and slept through my alarms (and I'm not someone who sleeps through alarms). The pocket springs in this mattress are designed to minimize partner disturbance. But from our experience, you'll both sleep so soundly there won't be any partner disturbance. We're also both side sleepers, but have found ourselves sleeping on our backs lately. The Eva mattress makes every position a comfortable one.

At 32cm, the Eva mattress seems a little higher than other beds in a box. The double fits our queen-sized sheets well. If you're buying a queen-sized Eva mattress, it's worth checking the skirt dimensions for new sheets in case they're a little too tight. 

I like that there's a handle on each side of this mattress, so you can rotate it more easily. Handles are essential given that it weighs 45kg. I wouldn't want to rotate or move this mattress by myself, though I have managed it after using the bed for nearly a month. Our usual mattress doesn't have any handles, and it's much harder to rotate alone.


With a 12-year warranty, it feels very durable. All the stitching is high quality, and the materials are in similarly good nick. We'll be sure to rotate this mattress every few months so we can keep enjoying it for all 12 years of its warranty.

Eva mattress in bedroom

The final word

I loved

I love this mattress, and it's one of the best I've ever slept on. I wish Eva made office chairs, though I don't think they'd help with productivity. Eva combines latex, gel memory foam and pocket springs for premium support and comfort. These materials also keep the Eva mattress super-breathable. Even though this bed is in our guest room, it'll undoubtedly get a lot of summer use as it's cooler than our usual mattress.

I not-so-loved

I not-so-loved the metres and metres of soft plastic that Eva vacuum-seals mattresses in. They're not the only online mattress seller to do this though, and it seems difficult to get around. It would also be good to have more information about where Eva's basic materials come from, and whether they're sustainable. In saying that, they're impressively transparent about where and how their mattresses are made.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the Eva mattress any good?

We reckon so. We rate its great combination of quality materials. As a hybrid mattress, it’s packing latex, gel memory foam and pocket springs. This trio gives great support and comfort and reduces partner disturbance. It also helps keep the mattress cool and breathable. Which - as anyone who’s ever sweated through a hot Aussie night knows - is super important. 

Add to this quick delivery, wheels on the box to easily move it around,  handles to easily turn it and a medium-soft feel, and you’ve got one of the best mattresses we’ve ever slept on. 

How long does an Eva mattress last?

The Eva mattress should last at least 12 years - it comes with a 12-year warranty. 

How much does an Eva mattress cost?

Prices start from $600 for a single mattress, up to $1,000 for a king.

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