Peace Lily Mattress Review for 2023

Can a mattress in a box be sustainable? Definitely, according to Peacelily.

Peace Lily Mattress Review for 2023
Sarah Idle
Apr 4, 2023
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There are many reasons why you might choose a mattress in a box. The convenience factor is probably up there - no more schlepping around shops or pushy salespeople. Price is a big thing as is the glowing reviews from your mum / bestie / flattie / favourite barista. Heck, maybe it’s the novelty factor (it’s a mattress! In a box!). But something you might not consider is how natural or sustainable the mattress is.

The Peace Lily mattress is here to change that. This certified and natural latex mattress delivers a great night’s sleep as well as peace of mind that you’re not cuddling up with a tonne of chemicals. In our Peace Lily mattress review, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to help you decide if this is the right mattress for you. We’ve been fans of the Peace Lily mattress for a while (we reckon it’s one of Australia's best latex mattresses) - see what you think.

What we love
  • Flippable firmness layers so you can choose a medium or firm feel.
  • Huge range of sizes which is the widest of all mattresses we’ve reviewed.
  • The clean, green naturalness of the mattress, including its sustainable manufacturing.
  • That it’s handcrafted.
The not so good bits
  • Heavy to move, lift and turn. 
  • Returns policy isn’t great with customers in non-metro areas having to arrange a charity pick up or drop off.
  • Delivery timeframes are vague.
The details
What it offers
Mattress Type
25 years
1-10 business days
Free Trial
100 nights
Price range
$999 - $1,849
Our ratings breakdown
Customer Experience
User Friendliness

Is the Peace Lily mattress any good?

We highly recommend the Peace Lily mattress, especially for its natural, eco-friendly focus. A good choice for back and side sleepers, it offers a flippable firmness level between medium and firm and great pressure relief. Springy, it provides a lovely cushioning feel that gently moulds to your body. With a 25-year warranty - one of the longest we’ve seen - this is a durable, long-lasting mattress. (Be sure to read the warranty carefully to understand Peace Lily’s requirements around a suitable bed base to prevent moisture build-up.)

Who’s the Peace Lily mattress best for

The Peace Lily mattress is for anyone that’s concerned about the environmental impact of their mattress and the chemicals they might be bedding down with. The Peace Lily is a natural, cleaner, eco-friendly choice, which seems to be the main reason Aussie sleepers choose it. 

You might also choose it if you’re after a supportive, supple and springy sleeping surface that provides excellent pressure relief. It’s got the widest range of sizes of any mattress we’ve reviewed, including long single, king single and super king. This means it suits a wide range of sleepers, including children. 

Latex isn’t known for its ability to reduce partner disturbance so shift workers or particularly wriggly sleepers might need to look elsewhere. 

The ordering and delivery process

If there’s a more restful, zen website than Peace Lily’s, we haven’t found it yet. One look at the mint green and white website and we were ready to skip into the forest and bed down in nature. Finding the mattress was simple, from both the homepage and the top menu.

We love how the mattress size is clearly shown underneath the selected size - we’ve only seen Eva offer the same handy functionality. Once we picked our size, the add to cart button was pleasingly large. It was fairly easy to ignore the optional extra mattress topper that appears before the button. We didn’t object to this too much as the Peace Lily mattress isn’t very deep - it’s just 21cm. This is the lowest of all mattresses we’ve reviewed. Even the Koala mattress and the Noa Lite, both the most affordable offerings from those brands, check in at 25cm deep. If you’re after a deep mattress, you might want to add the 5cm plush topper to make it a more luxe feeling 26cm.

Delivery information is displayed underneath the add to cart button so you know whether your mattress is in stock and ready to ship within 1-2 days or on back order.

Once added to the cart, Peace Lily offers an express checkout option through Shop Pay, PayPal and Google Pay. Or you can add your details manually, including your name, email address, delivery address and phone number. Shipping options are limited - you choose free shipping and that’s it. You can’t choose a delivery date or delivery timeframe like Koala offers and you don’t get an estimated delivery 

Then it was time to pay, either through credit card, PayPal or Klarna. 

The Peace Lily mattress is delivered in a tall, skinny box (from 103cm for a single, up to 194cm for a super king) which weighs between 30 and 63kg. All the packaging - cardboard and soft plastics - can be easily recycled.

What's the Peace Lily mattress made from?

The Peace Lily mattress has 5 layers of natural, certified organic materials:

  1. A 100% certified organic cotton handmade cover that’s soft, cool and moisture wicking.
  2. 100% certified organic cotton wadding for a breathable, luxe-feeling cover.
  3. A medium 5cm layer of 100% natural rubber latex.
  4. A 100% natural rubber latex core layer.
  5. A firm 5cm layer of 100% natural rubber latex.

The layers are encased in 100% certified organic cotton, complete with a cotton tape edge that’s double stitched for durability.  The layers are glued together with a natural latex glue that’s adhesive and chemical free. There are no toxins, polyurethane foams, chemical adhesives or nasties of any kind in a Peace Lily mattress. This is backed by international certification bodies, including eco-INSTITUT, OEKO-TEX and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

What the Peace Lily mattress feels like

As a 100% natural latex mattress, the Peace Lily offers firmness and support and a little bit of responsive bounce. Unlike a memory foam mattress, you don’t sink into a latex mattress - it feels more like you’re lying on top of it. But it does gently mould and contour to your body. Known for being excellent at relieving pressure, the Peace Lily mattress responds to your every movement, cushioning you as you move about. It’s a especially good mattress for side sleepers who appreciate the cushioning on their hips and shoulders. 

The great thing about the Peace Lily, like the Koala and the Koala Calm As, is that you can choose your firmness level. You can flip the mattress from the medium side to the firm. 

Most Peace Lily sleepers say it does take a while to get used to the mattress, especially if you’ve not slept on latex before. But they also go on to say that once they’ve adjusted to it, it gives a comfortable night’s sleep. The 100-night free trial gives you plenty of time to see if it works for you. 

Partner disturbance

If your bed partner is more octopus than human, the Peace Lily mattress might not impress you. Unlike memory foam, latex isn’t that great at minimising motion transfer. So, if your bedfellow gets up in the night or twitches a lot, you’re probably going to feel it. 

Suitability for hot sleepers

The Peace Lily mattress’ open cell design means that this is a very breathable mattress that doesn’t trap heat. Its cool feel is helped by the natural materials, including organic cotton. Some sleepers even found it too cool in the winter and needed to stock up on a wool mattress topper and thick sheets. The Peace Lily mattress is a great choice for anyone living in the hottest parts of Australia. 

Off-gassing smell

Because there are no chemicals involved in the manufacture of the Peace Lily mattress, you won’t notice any off-gassing - that chemical-like smell that’s released when you open a mattress in a box. However, you might notice a faint ‘new latex’ smell (think of it as the ‘new car’ smell).

Bonus bits

Out of all the mattresses we’ve reviewed (a lot), Peace Lily impresses us most with their commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing and producing the most natural mattress possible. All Peace Lily mattresses are made in Sri Lanka from Sri Lankan rubber sap. The Peace Lily mattress uses as little chemicals as possible, even opting for rubber sap glue, and is certified by leading organisations around the world to be free of nasties. 

We also like that the Peace Lily mattress comes with a 25-year warranty, the longest of any we’ve seen.

How much does the Peace Lily mattress cost?

Prices start from $999 for a single mattress, up to $1,849 for a super king. 

Trial, warranty and shipping

Peace Lily offers a 100-night free trial. However, they do ask you to try your mattress for at least 30 nights. This gives your body time to adjust and also allows the mattress to fully decompress. If it’s still not for you, you need to email Peace Lily and follow their instructions. The mattress needs to be in good condition and clean with no stains or tears, etc. (Pro tip: use a mattress protector!)

If Peace Lily agrees it’s in good condition, they’ll arrange a local partnered charity organisation to pick up your mattress for free. Once it’s been accepted and picked up by the charity, then Peace Lily will process your refund.

Some Aussie customers haven’t had the best returns process, especially those in more rural areas with no partnered organisations nearby. In some cases, customers have been left to arrange their own charity pick up / drop off. This has involved contacting local charities and attempting to wrestle a heavy latex mattress into their vehicle for drop off. Honestly, the returns process sounds like a hassle unless you live in an urban area.

The Peace Lily mattress comes with a great 25-year warranty. Latex mattresses tend to be more durable and longer lasting than other mattress types. However, you must use a bed base with your mattress, otherwise the warranty is void. It’s worth taking a read of the warranty to understand what Peace Lily defines as a suitable bed base. 

All orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days of ordering and can take up to 15 business days for rural deliveries. Compared to Koala, who contact you with the day and time slot for delivery so you can make sure you’re home, Peace Lily is a bit more hands-off. Although you’ll get a tracking link emailed to you, they highly recommend you choose the authority to leave delivery option. Given the price of these mattresses, you might not feel comfortable having your mattress left outside your home.

Peace Lily courier drivers don’t bring your mattress inside your home or up any stairs so expect to haul the box around by yourself.

How long does the Peace Lily mattress last?

Peace Lily reckons the mattress should last up to 25 years - that’s how long a warranty they back it with.

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