6 Best Weighted Blankets in Australia for 2023

Or how to enjoy a comforting hug without having to invest in a relationship / pet.

The 6 Best Weighted Blankets
Sarah Idle
Apr 5, 2023
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In this guide

Once upon a time, being sent to bed early was the ultimate punishment. These days? Not so much. Some of us probably reckon bedtime is our favourite time of the day. Off we skip, with our mugs of caffeine-free tea and soul-nourishing books, ready to slip into the sheets and savour 8 blissful hours of the good stuff.

But these days, we’re also all about doing everything better. Which means there’s a whole industry devoted to getting better sleep. One of these ‘better sleep’ aids is a weighted blanket. They’re touted as the cure for most of society’s ills (which would be most likely achieved by finding Donald Trump’s mute button) and are an essential part of our obsession with a good night’s sleep. 

The idea is simple. Based on acupressure, a weighted blanket is filled with slightly heavy stuff, usually micro glass beads. You then snuggle underneath it and the weighted sensation makes you feel like you’re being hugged or held. In turn, this is supposed to calm your nervous system and flood you with happy chemicals, reducing anxiety and paving the way to sweet dreams. 

They’re not for everyone. The sensation of having something heavy resting on your chest might be more smothering than soothing. But if you’re keen to try one, check out our guide to the best weighted blankets. It’s been compiled from hours of research, including the opinions of real Aussies. What you won’t find is the marketing fluff.

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How we picked the best weighted blankets

We started with CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group. Although they’ve done an excellent piece on whether weighted blankets work, they haven’t tested any. 

So, we visited the real experts – Australian consumers. We headed to, Australia’s first consumer opinion website. We normally look for great reviews (at least 3 out of 5 stars) from a good number (at least 50). We found 2 strong contenders and a third option.

Next, we threw our web wider and turned to the internet. We searched for weighted blankets Australia to see what options came up – quite a few. Finally, we checked international review websites The Wirecutter and the Strategist to see what they thought. 

To narrow down our picks, we looked for certain things. This included price range, returns policy, Australian availability, suitability for Australian weather and a good range of sizes and weights to suit most bodies.

Are weighted blankets safe for kids?

Weighted blankets are marketed as ‘safe’ because they’re drug-free. Which is true, they are. But that doesn’t automatically make them safe. There have been cases around the world of children dying because of weighted blankets. 

The safety issues of weighted blankets for kids are:

  • Risk of suffocation. This includes from the weight of the blanket as some are too heavy for a child to lift off themselves. Plus, having loose bedding in a cot isn’t recommended – it should be tucked in firmly and be lightweight material.
  • Risk of overheating.
  • Choking hazard from the beads inside it. 

During our research, we found manufacturers of our picks saying 2 things about using their blankets with kids:

  1. Don’t use them with a child under 2 or 3.
  2. Make sure the child can lift the blanket off themselves. 

We turned to Red Nose, Australia’s leading authority on safe sleep for children. They do “not promote or endorse any specific products including weighted blankets”. They also state “From the safe sleeping perspective there are a couple of issues of concern”. 

If you’d like your child to use a weighted blanket, be aware of the risks.

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The best weighted blanket for most

Calming Blankets

Calming Blankets

Calming Blanket
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We think the Calming Blankets is the best weighted blanket in Australia. Mainly because it’s so well loved by Aussies. It’s available in a good range of options and comes with a 30-day returns period. With a starting price of $299, it isn’t the most affordable option we found.

What we love

3 weight options

Not too many to be overwhelming, but enough to choose the right one for you.

3 colour options

All modern and neutral to suit most homes.

Size options

If you don’t think the adult’s size is big enough, you have the option for a queen size too. There’s also a kid’s option.

2 fabric options

Soft, plush minky for warmth or bamboo for a lighter, cooler feel.

Machine washable

Making it easy care. You can wash the inner but Calming Blanket don’t recommend you do it often.

Micro glass beads

Small, quiet and washing machine- and eco-friendly.

12 ties

To keep your inner in the right place and avoid bunching.

30-day trial period

Allowing you to try it for yourself, risk-free.

Great Aussie reviews

it gets almost 650 reviews, giving it a huge 4.6 stars on

The not so good bits

None that we can find. Although the starting price of $299 isn’t the most affordable option we found.

Additional specs

Calming Blankets claims to be ‘Australia’s favourite weighted blanket’. Although we don’t get our heads turned by slick marketing copy, they’re onto something. has almost 650 reviews – probably the highest number of reviews we’ve seen. Ever. Even better, the Calming Blankets weighted blanket gets a huge 4.6 stars.

Their Adult’s Weighted Blanket starts at $299. That’s for 4.5kg weight and size 198cm x 121cm. There are 3 weight options to choose from – 4.5kg, 6.8kg and 9kg. It has soft minky fabric for a warm, velvet feel. It comes in 3 neutral and modern colour options, to suit most homes. You can also opt for a bamboo version, which is more cooling than minky fabric. Whichever cover you choose, they’re all machine washable for easy care. The inners can be machine washed but Calming Blankets don’t recommend it.

Each of the Calming Blanket’s pockets is separately sewn and filled with eco-friendly, micro glass beads. This helps ensure even weight distribution. The Adult’s Weighted Blanket has 12 ties to keep the inner firmly attached to the outer cover. This should help avoid any bunching.

Calming Blanket offers a 30-day trial period. If you don’t love it, send it back within 30 days and they’ll refund it. Note you’ll have to pay shipping.

Honestly, most weighted blankets are packing the same features. But the huge number of happy Aussies is why we think the Calming Blankets is Australia’s best weighted blanket.

See our Calming Blankets weighted blanket review

The best weighted blanket for all seasons

Therapy Adaptive Series
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If you’re after all-year use, consider the Therapy Adaptive Series Premium Weighted Blanket. It’s 2 blankets in 1, with warm micro plush and cooling bamboo. It also has a SmartZip design and micro pockets to help with even weight distribution. RRP $325, it’s expensive but a year-round investment.

What we love


Thanks to its reversible cover, you get warm, micro plush one side and cooling bamboo the other, making it suitable for year-round use.

Easy cleaning

The cover is machine washable.

2 sizes

It’s available in adult and kid sizes, so you can find your ideal size.

Separate king / super king sizes

Want to upgrade to bigger sizes? You can.

Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial

Ideal for sensitive skin.

4 weight options

Giving you a wide range of options for your needs.

Micro pockets

Therapy reckon they use a smaller grid than other weighted blankets to ensure even weight distribution. (Note we can’t find evidence to back up this claim.)

3 colour options

All modern, all neutral, all suitable for your home.

SmartZip design

To keep your inner securely attached to the cover with no bunching.

30-day return

Tried it but not convinced? Return it for a refund within 30 days.

The not so good bits

At RRP $389 for the adult size, it’s expensive.

Additional specs

Choose the Therapy Adaptive Series Premium Weighted Blanket and you’re getting a weighted blanket you can use year-round without sweating or shivering. That’s thanks to its reversible cover. One side is made from cooling bamboo fabric. The other is soft, warm micro plush fabric. Too hot or cold? Simply flip it over. Even though the blanket features 2 different materials, it’s still machine washable for easy cleaning. The fabric is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial too, for sensitive skin.

It’s available in 2 sizes: adult XL / queen (152cm x 203cm), child (102cm x 152cm). The adult size has 4 weight options: 5kg, 7kg, 9kg and 11kg. It uses micro pockets with smaller grids to help with even weight distribution. Although we can’t find whether these micro pockets are smaller than other grids in the weighted blankets we reviewed.  

Like the Calming Blanket, it comes in 3 modern, neutral colours. It too uses micro glass beads as its filling and it also offers 30-day returns.

Unlike the Calming Blanket, it doesn’t just use ties to keep the inner well-distributed. It also has a zip that keeps it securely attached to the cover. All this comes in at RRP $325 – almost $100 more than the Calming Blanket. But remember you’re getting 2 weighted blankets in 1.

Therapy also offers the Adaptive Series Premium Weighted Blanket in king and super king sizes. There’s also a Bamboo Weighted Blanket in adult XL / queen, child, king and super king.

Aussies love the Therapy blanket too. It gets 4.8 stars from almost 150 reviews on

The best weighted blanket for supporting local

Calming Moments

Calming Moments

Calming Moments
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Keen to shop local? Try Calming Moments Weighted Blankets. They’re handmade in Western Australia from as many locally sourced components as possible. They’re all custom-made to your needs, with a huge range of fabrics, colours, patterns, weights and sizes to suit all budgets. They start at $149 for a single.

What we love

Locally made

In Mandurah, WA, including locally-sourced materials and components, where possible.


Plenty of love and attention goes into making these quality blankets.


There are so many different options of weight, size and fabric to help you find your perfect fit.

No outer cover

Which means the inner doesn’t need to be tied to the outer, which can result in uneven weight distribution.

Machine washable

The entire blanket is machine washable on a gentle cycle for easy care.

Optional soft padding

For extra luxe and to help with even bead distribution, opt for soft padding.

Suited to Australian weather

Locally sourced, organic cotton is ideal for hot nights or choose soft minky fabric for cooler ones.

Budget options

Their weighted blankets start at $149 for a single.

2-year guarantee

Which is one of the best we’ve found.

The not so good bits

None, other than not having any reviews on

Additional specs

Supporting local business important to you? Meet Calming Moments Weighted Blankets. They’re handmade in Mandurah, WA and the company is proudly Australian owned, using as many safe Australian components that they can get their hands on. Because they’re handmade, they’re also the most customisable weighted blanket we found.

Whatever you choose, all the weighted blankets are double-lined and tripled-stitched on the edges, to make them durable. Unlike the other weighted blankets we reviewed, Calming Moments don’t have a separate outer cover and inner. This means no fiddly ties and no risk of the inner getting separated from the outer, which can lead to bunching. The blanket is still fully machine washable. You can add optional soft cotton padding for comfort and to help with even weight distribution. This organic cotton is sourced from an Australian supplier. All blankets use micro glass beads to give them weight.

Weight options run from 2.5kg – 12kg. Size options include single, king single, double and queen. There are budget options and seasonal options too. You can choose printed cotton, which is cooling on Aussie hot nights. Or warmer soft minky fabric which has the bonus of being sensory, thanks to the raised dots. For ultimate customisation, you can design your own blanket from around 50 fabric colour and pattern options. Phew.

All their blankets are backed by a 2-year guarantee. Calming Moments aren’t currently on

No items found.

Others weighted blankets worth considering

Sleepist Weighted Blanket
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Sleepist Weighted Blanket manages what Calming Blanket and Therapy Weighted Blankets nearly manage: it gets 4.1 stars on The downside? That’s from less than 10 reviews.

We like how the Sleepist makes its simple. You get the choice of an adult or child size or a galaxy printed adult size and that’s it. The adult size is 150cm x 200cm and available in 5kg – 11kg. The child size is 92cm x 122cm and available in 2.2kg – 3.2kg. The outer cover of the adult weighted blanket is soft and warm microfibre. It’s available in grey only. Ties keeps the inner blanket secure in the cover. You can machine wash both the inner blanket and the outer cover. Like the rest of our picks, the filling is micro glass beads.

Sleepist offers a 30-day return period so you can try before committing. Prices start from $279 for an adult weighted blanket.

Luna Weighted Blanket
Check price

Luna reckons they have an ‘innovative, smart design’ that ‘streamlines 7 layers together’, ensuring the weight is evenly distributed. Readers, we can’t find what this design is and 7 layers they’re talking about. Putting aside their questionable marketing, Luna Weighted Blankets feature 100% certified organic cotton for a soft, cool feel and breathability. They’re machine washable too.

Like everyone else, they use small glass beads in small pockets. There are 8 ties to secure the inner blanket to the outer cover, which is sold separately. They also offer a 105-night money back guarantee.

Luna blankets come in a huge range of fabric colours, patterns, sizes and weights, including twin, full, queen and king size. (Luna is an American company, so their sizing options don’t quite translate to Australia – here’s a size guide.) Converting their weight from pounds, they range from around 2.2k –13.5kg. Their prices vary too, from around $90 to $290.

The Wirecutter reckons the Luna is ‘a serviceable budget option’.

Gravity Blanket
Check price

Seriously, we couldn’t go past the weighted blanket that kickstarted the trend – the Gravity Blanket. It’s available in single (182cm x 122cm) and 3 weight options (6.8kg, 9kg and 11kg). It comes in 3 modern neutrals (grey, navy and white) and the cover is warm, soft micro-fleece. Although you can machine wash the cover, the inner is handwash only.

It features not 1 but 2 internal clasps (ties and elastic button connectors) to keep the inner blanket secure inside the cover. The filling is – you’ve guessed it – micro glass beads. They’re stitched into small pockets with ‘precise gridded stitching’ for even weight distribution.

They offer a 30-day return policy, but you’ll need to pay the return US shipping. Ouch. It doesn’t currently have any Australian reviews.

What's the best weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is a lingering trend. Intended to feel like a giant hug, it’s meant to help soothe away stress and pave the way to a good night’s sleep. Although a lot of marketing focuses on ‘deep touch pressure stimulation’ or acupressure, evidence behind the claims is lacking. That’s probably because some manufacturers are going big with their claims. This includes that weighted blankets can treat things like anxiety, insomnia and PTSD. Currently, the science doesn’t back this up. But if you’re all about the hug-life a weighted blanket could be your ideal companion to fresh sheets and plush mattress.

We think the Calming Blanket is the best weighted blanket in Australia. Mainly because it’s so well loved by Aussies. It’s available in a good range of options, depending on whether you’re a cold or hot sleeper, and the covers are machine washable for easy care. It comes with a 30-day returns period, so you can try it for yourself, risk-free. With a starting price of $299, it isn’t the most affordable option we found.

If you’re after year-round use, consider the Therapy Adaptive Series Premium Weighted Blanket. It’s 2 blankets in 1, with 1 side soft, warm micro plush and the other side cooling, wicking bamboo. It also has a SmartZip design and micro pockets, which both help with even weight distribution and avoid bunching. Almost 150 Aussies love it too. At RRP $389, it’s expensive but at least you’ll enjoy it all year.

Keen to shop local? Try Calming Moments Weighted Blankets. They’re handmade in Western Australia from as many locally sourced components as possible. They’re all custom-made to your needs, with a huge range of fabrics, colours, patterns, weights and sizes to suit all budgets. They start at $149 for a single.

Do weighted blankets work?

The marketing spin will tell you that weighted blankets are a miracle cure for all kinds of things. This includes insomnia, stress, anxiety, PTSD and even autism. But do they actually work?

We’re not sure. For every study that backs up the benefits, there’s another that rips them down. The problem is, when it comes to the things that weighted blankets are supposed to help with – anxiety, insomnia, stress, etc. – there’s no scientific measure for that. Instead, we only have people’s opinions on whether they do or don’t work.

If you’re craving a good night’s sleep, a weighted blanket can be an attractive (but not exactly affordable) option.

Note: if you’re struggling with sleep issues, anxiety or more, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor to check for any underlying health problems.

What makes a good weighted blanket


The best weighted blanket is the one that's right for you and your body. You get some say over this with the weight of it. The advice is that your weighted blanket should be around 10% of your body weight. It’s also normally 1 blanket for 1 person, depending on the size. Obviously a king or super king is going to allow for more than 1 person snuggling under it. When choosing your weighted blanket, make sure it offers a weight that suits your body weight.

Filling material

All the weighted blankets we reviewed were filled with micro glass beads. These are normally less than 1mm in diameter, so look like grains of sands. Micro glass beads are eco-friendly, quiet, heavy, comfortable and wash and dry well. Thanks to being so small, the risk of bunching together is minimised. All manufacturers stitch these beads into smaller pockets to ensure even weight distribution. The smaller the pocket, the more even it tends to be. 

There are other filling options. These include plastic poly beads, which normally aren’t eco-friendly and can melt in the washing machine. There are also steel shot beads which provide satisfying weight but won’t survive a washing machine without ripping open your blanket. There are also more natural fillings like smooth small pebbles, rice and sand. But these aren’t a great option. You can’t wash a blanket with these fillings and mould, yeast, bacteria or insects could creep in.

Machine washable

You’ll probably use your weighted blanket every day which means it should be washed regularly. Most covers we reviewed are machine washable. Most of them aren’t tumble dryable. Some of the inner blankets are machine washable too, but not tumble dryable. 

If you choose a weighted blanket with an inner and an outer cover, you can probably get away with spot cleaning the inner, as needed. It’ll be protected by the outer.

Cover material

If you want to use your weighted blanket year-round, pay attention to the cover material. Most of our picks are covered with minky fabric. Although luxe and comfortable, it’s also hot and non-breathable. If that won’t work for you, choose lightweight and cooling fabrics, like cotton or bamboo. Check to see whether your weighted blanket comes with a cover, or if it’s sold separately. Some don’t have a cover because the entire blanket is easily machine washed. 

Inner ties

To keep your inner blanket secure inside its cover, check out the ties it uses. Most simply tie the inner to the outer cover. This helps ensure even weight distribution and avoids bunching. Others boast zips or more than 1 fastening, like the Gravity Blanket’s elastic button connectors. We reckon the more robust ties, the better.


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