Bed Threads Review for 2022

Can bedlinen really look great and be great for the planet?

Bed Threads Review for 2022
Sarah Idle
Oct 25, 2021
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Offering an absolute dream of an end-to-end process, Bed Threads bedlinen proves you can have a beautiful, ‘gram worthy bed that doesn’t cost the earth - literally. Designed to tread lightly on the planet, this 100% French flax linen bedding not only looks great, it feels great, especially when you take into account its earth-friendly ethos.

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Ordering a Bed Threads bundle

Building my own Bed Threads bundle was ridiculously good fun, not to mention easy. Prominently displayed on the website, it took me step by step through the entire process with a few clicks. The extra copy told me exactly what I was getting so there was no confusion. There are just 5 steps, starting with the duvet cover and then going through sheets (fitted or flat), pillowcases (standard then standard or Euro) and optional extras (another sheet and/or pillowcases) before checkout. Drop down boxes made selection simple - I only needed to choose colour and size.

Bed Threads Build a Bundle Checkout

I loved the rotating (optional) 3D model that changed with my colour selection so I could see what my finished bed would look like. Browsing their Insta for inspo meant that I changed my mind on colours, a lot. Luckily, it was so easy to go back and edit my order. Honestly, I could have been there hours trying all the different combos. Once I completed my purchase, I got an order confirmation email plus shipping link. 

Unboxing the sheets

My order turned up in one sturdy cardboard box that survived its long journey remarkably well. When I opened it, I was greeted by a sweet message on the inside lid. My goodies were safely and neatly packed together with absolutely no plastic in sight.

Bed Threads sheets unboxing

What’s in the box

Inside the cardboard box were 5 reusable branded drawstring fabric bags containing my bedlinen - and that was it. Three large bags held the duvet cover and 2 fitted sheets. Two small bags held standard and Euro pillowcases. Each had a small cardboard tag telling me what was inside the bag, tied with a suede-like fabric. When I opened each bag, I found 1 piece of cardboard that the linen was folded around. Full marks from me for their eco-friendly packaging.

Gorgeous bedlinen

Eagerly unpacking my bedlinen I was struck by how much the colours looked like the website. Sometimes it can be hard to shop online when you can’t see colours and fabrics IRL but they were exactly like I was expecting, from the rich ink (dark blue) to the turmeric. My first thoughts were how beautiful everything looked, they slipped between my fingers and felt gorgeous. I did notice a very faint smell. It wasn’t unpleasant or overpowering. It smelt slightly earthy and how you’d expect a natural material like 100% flax linen to smell after it's been cooped up in a bag. I did notice tiny bits were left all over my table after I opened everything.

Bed Threads flax linen sheets close up

Testing the sheets

The first test for bedlinen - the first wash. It washed really well and looked the same as it went in. Caring for Bed Threads bedlinen is simple - it needs a cold, gentle machine wash with liquid detergent and then a line dry. Because it’s linen, it dried in no time. Another big tick from me.

The next test - putting it on the bed. I found the sizing generous, even the pillowcases. But I’m not mad about this because it’s far easier to put on than too-small bedlinen. It also matches the whole relaxed laid back French country farmhouse feel it’s got going on. I fell in love with the way it billows as you move it around.

The final test - slipping into it. It’s humid even overnight at the moment, and I loved the cool feeling of the linen. It’s a little rougher than what I’m used to (100% cotton) but I know linen softens up over time which is going to make it feel even more delicious.

Bed Threads flax linen sheets in Ink and Turmeric

How the sheets performed

After washing, the duvet cover left tiny turmeric bits everywhere - on the carpet, in the bed, on the duvet… there were so many bits that I had to vacuum them up. I’m assuming (and hoping) that’s just a first wash thing. I also noticed a few loose threads on the stitching at the bottom of the duvet cover and on one of the buttons, even though I followed the care instructions to the T.

The final word

I loved

Everything about the Bed Threads experience, from the easy to use website to the fast shipping to the gorgeous look and feel of the bedlinen that somehow looked exactly the same as it did on the website. The bedlinen feels top quality and looks totally ‘gram worthy. But what I really loved is how Bed Threads doesn’t compromise on its ethical or eco values in pursuit of gorgeous bedlinen. Their flax, which needs less water and pesticides than other crops, is grown in France by registered farmers and suppliers, and transformed into bedlinen in China under ethical working conditions. Bed Threads is also a 100% carbon neutral company. At $430 for a complete bundle of quality bedlinen that’s designed to last for years, I reckon this is an investment worth making. 

I not-so-loved

Those turmeric bits really did get everywhere.

This product was provided free of charge, but opinions are my own.

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