Eva Timber Bed Frame Review for 2023

Would your mattress feel better on an Eva Timber Bed Frame?

Eva Timber Bed Frame Review
Elese Dowden
Apr 4, 2023
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The Eva Timber Bed Frame is testament to minimalist design, and not just because it's nice to look at. It's beautifully simple on all counts - from delivery to assembly, right through to form and function. Eva proves that kitset furniture can tick all the boxes with a bed frame that's as user-friendly as it is good-looking. Oh, and did I mention it comes with a whooping 365-day trial?

Eva Timber Bed Frame: The bottom line

I loved

I love how beautifully simple this bed is. Marie Kondo would be proud of the team at Eva, and it's no wonder the Eva bed frame won a Good Design Award. From straightforward delivery and assembly, to minimal timber construction and clever cable management - this bed does it all with less. Bedroom furniture doesn't need to be complex to be beautiful or functional, and the Eva Timber Bed Frame is perfect proof.

I not-so-loved

I not-so-love how not-so-easy it is to find information about where Eva's timber comes from. Even if there are several different sources, it would be nice to know whether their wood is grown in Australia or further abroad. Other than that, no complaints. The Eva Timber Bed Frame truly nails it.

This product was provided free of charge, but opinions are my own.

Unboxing Eva Bed Frame

The Eva Timber Bed Frame was delivered pretty quickly, though the delivery showed up an hour later than expected. I received a tracking link via text a few days before, saying the bed would arrive between 9am - 2pm on November 23rd. On the 23rd, the delivery guy texted around 2:20pm to say he'd be there in 20 minutes. 

It had been raining heavily that day, and the bed frame eventually arrived at 3:00pm. I was a little frustrated that it was outside the delivery window, but it was understandable given the weather. There were 4 separate parts to the bed frame delivery. They were fairly heavy, but that made me hopeful about the quality. 

Together with my partner, we dragged all 4 boxes up the stairs, and took everything out of its packaging. While the boxes themselves were heavy duty cardboard, not all the packaging materials were recyclable. There were a few different pieces of padding, and some of the smaller parts were wrapped in plastic. But overall the plastic packaging didn't seem excessive.

What's in the box

Inside the 4 boxes are some kit-set parts made from birchwood ply and finished with American oak. The pieces are very precisely cut. Each segment of timber is really smooth, which adds to the clean finish of the bed frame. There's also an instruction booklet with IKEA-like instructions in simple pictures. The booklet includes a handy QR code which links to video instructions.

That fresh timber smell

The Eva Timber Bed Frame is heavy in pieces, and even heavier when assembled. It's difficult to move with a mattress on top, but the weight seems to reflect its quality. All the pieces are neatly cut to fit together like a massive jigsaw. One or two pieces had small imperfections, but only on sides that face towards the ground or wall. 

It smells pleasantly like fresh timber, and the smell lingered for a few days. Eva says that all their materials are sourced from suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This certification means materials are sustainably sourced, but it would be good to have a little more info about whether that timber comes from local forests.

Eva timber bed frame slats and phone holder

Assembling the Eva Bed Frame

Eva reckons you can set this bed frame up in 5 minutes flat. I've put together enough IKEA and Kmart furniture to know that sounds like a pipe dream. But honestly, I was surprised. Eva's handy booklet has a QR code that links you to an instructional video, and if we'd watched that before putting the bed together, it probably would have taken us 5 minutes. 

In reality, we laid out all our materials, and deciphered the pictures using good old-fashioned critical thinking. There are two main pieces in a cross shape, with side and end beams, thick rounded slats and a headboard. The legs screw into the main pieces, and there are also a few extra screw pieces which have secure plastic handles that you can easily attach tool-free. 

We didn't have to work too hard to make one piece fit into another, and everything sits together neatly. All up, it probably took us 15 minutes including head-scratching. Compared to the time and squabbling it usually takes to put together kitset furniture, this is a massive improvement. Eva calls it their most 'argument-free piece of furniture,' and I can attest to that.

Once the frame was assembled, we added an Eva mattress (see our Eva mattress review for more insights) and some linen. We didn't feel like we deserved a rest after such easy setup, but duty called. The bed frame is a little lower than I expected. With the Eva mattress on top, it's a similar height to our normal bed. My partner and I both like the built-in cable management, which makes it easy to keep devices nearby. This minimal timber bed frame is also a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right.

Assembly of the eva timber bed frame

How durable is the Eva Bed Frame?

The Eva Timber Bed Frame scores excellent marks on performance. Almost everything has rounded edges, which minimises the 3am cursing when you knock your shins. There's no squeaking or rattling, and the pieces are cut so precisely, nothing shifts. The smooth surface of the slats means lighter mattresses may move in the night, but the weight of the Eva mattress means we have no dramas.

This Eva timber bed base also feels very durable. Each individually-cut piece is thick and robust. The timber doesn't seem to be treated, so temperature or humidity may impact the bed over time. We rate the cable management. The slots are just the right size for iPads, Moleskines and iPhones. The headboard is sturdy, and we can lean against it without any wiggling or flimsiness. It's also lovely to look at. The Eva frame's basic, minimal design fits with our existing decor.

Eva timber bed frame complete in room

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