Macoda Mattress Review for 2022

Is the Macoda really Australia’s most comfortable mattress?

Macoda Mattress Review for 2022
Sarah Idle
Apr 11, 2022
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Some things are really subjective. You might love to sprinkle fresh cut coriander on everything. Your bestie might think it tastes like soap. This is especially true when it comes to comfort, especially mattresses. Macoda makes a bold claim: Australia’s most comfortable mattress. Is it really? Find out in our Macoda mattress review. We’ll take you through everything you need to know, from what’s inside it to how it feels to sleep on every night to help you decide whether the Macoda will be the most comfortable mattress for you.

At a glance

SR: Macoda Mattress

Marcoda Mattress

What we love
  • The adjustable firmness levels, including soft, medium and firm.
  • The layers of quality materials, including latex and gel-infused memory foam. 
  • The removable cover that can be spot cleaned to keep things fresh.
The not so good bits
  • The warranty is problematic in 2 areas (keep scrolling to find out where).
What it offers
Mattress Type
10 years
2-10 business days
Free Trial
100 nights
Price range
$750 - $1,250
Ratings breakdown
Customer Experience
User Friendliness

Who’s the Macoda mattress best for

With affordable prices, the Macoda mattress is a good choice for guests or kids. It tends towards a softer, medium feel, so lightweight sleepers are best suited to it. With memory foam and pocket springs, it’s good at reducing partner disturbance so it’s a great option for co-sleepers.

What you need to know

Ordering and delivery

The Macoda website makes it easy to find and order the mattress online. Even adding it to your cart is pain-free by simply selecting the size and hitting the big blue add to cart button. Although there’s no mattress dimensions listed by the drop down menu (always helpful), Macoda gets a tick from us for not being pushy with the optional extras. There’s just a sheet set offered below. 

The checkout process is simple and streamlined. Contact information and shipping address, then shipping method. There’s no information provided about shipping during checkout, other than it’s free. (Although Macoda is very transparent on the mattress page that they’re experiencing significant delivery delays.) Payment methods include credit card, PayPal and financing options. 

The Macoda mattress is delivered in a box ranging in size from 105cm x 30cm x 30cm (single) up to 195cm x 32cm x 32cm (king). It weighs between 30kg and 59kg and delivery is only to your doorstep. If you’ve ordered a large size, you might need help moving the box to your bedroom, especially as it doesn’t have any wheels.

Materials and construction

The Macoda is a hybrid mattress which includes:

  1. A 3cm latex layer for support and bounce.
  2. A 5cm layer of gel-infused memory foam for cool, cushioning support that moulds to your body, plus pressure relief.
  3. 3cm of high density support foam for a stable, quality support base.
  4. 5-zone pocket spring foundation to reduce partner disturbance.

It’s also got a breathable, moisture wicking removable bamboo cover and edge support so you can sit on the edge without sliding off.  All materials in the Macoda are certified free of harmful chemicals and other nasties by independent testing organisations. 

What the Macoda mattress feels like

What the Macoda mattress feels like depends on which position the foam inserts are in. If you’re after a softer feel, you’ll have the gel-infused memory foam on top for a cradling, sinking sensation. For a medium firm, you’ll flip this layer to have latex on top so you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on your mattress, not in it. For a firm feel, you’ll swap these layers so that the high density support foam is on top. The Macoda mattress doesn’t have a deep top comfort layer so it doesn’t have the plush, cushioning feel of other mattresses. 

Most Aussie sleepers reckon it feels like medium firmness, whichever layer you’re sleeping on. 

Partner disturbance

Macoda reckons that the foundation of hundreds of independent pocket springs mean that motion doesn’t transfer across the mattress. There’s also memory foam in the mattress, which is good at reducing partner disturbance. Most Aussie sleepers say they don’t experience much, or any, partner disturbance. 

Suitability for hot sleepers

Macoda has put some effort into making the mattress cool. This includes gel-infused memory foam which cools the mattress as you heat up. There’s also a moisture wicking bamboo cover. 

Aussie sleepers are somewhat split about whether the mattress is cool and comfortable or slightly hot. It does have a removable cover that you can spot clean with warm soapy water so even if you get a little hot, you can keep it fresh and clean. Plus, you get 100 nights to try it at home to see how it feels.

Off-gassing smell

Macoda is pretty open about the fact that you may notice a chemical or plastic smell when you first open the box. This is called off-gassing and is very common with mattresses in a box.

Macoda recommends airing the mattress for a few days by opening windows. Although it might not smell the best, the smell isn’t dangerous. 

Bonus bits

Macoda is fairly no frills. Their warranty is standard (10 years) as is their free trial (100 nights). 

How much does the Macoda mattress cost?

Prices start from $750 for a single mattress, up to $1,250 for a king. 

Trial, warranty and shipping

The Macoda mattress has a 100 night trial. Macoda asks that you give the mattress 28 nights before asking to return it. If it’s still not for you, contact them via their online form or email address. Macoda will then arrange a free pick up and refund you once the mattress has been picked up.

In some areas, Macoda doesn't offer free collection. Instead, you’ll need to return the mattress to a ‘suitable facility’ (provided by Macoda) at your own time and expense. Once the facility has confirmed they’ve got it, your refund will be processed. Stained or damaged mattresses can’t be returned so always use a mattress protector. 

Macoda’s 10-year warranty covers ‘any indentation in the mattress greater than 3.5cm that is present when no weight is applied to the mattress’. This is a huge indentation! Most mattresses in a box cover indentations greater than 2cm or 2.5cm at a push. Macoda also states that the warranty won’t cover ‘Any damage due to abnormal use or moving of the Macoda mattress, including the use of an inappropriate bed base’. Yet according to their own FAQ, you can even use the mattress on the floor so we’re unsure how they can then refuse any warranty claims about an inappropriate bed base. 

Macoda offers free shipping Australia wide and it takes anywhere from 2-10 business days, depending on where you are. Delivery is available Monday to Friday and you can leave a note on your order if you want delivery on a certain date. However, Macoda admits that specific dates for regional areas might not be possible.

SR: Macoda Mattress
Marcoda Mattress

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Common questions

Is the Macoda mattress any good?

The Macoda mattress is a good, affordable mattress in a box option. A hybrid mattress, it’s packing layers of quality materials including latex, steel pocket springs and cooling gel-infused memory foam. Customisable firmness levels mean you can choose the ideal feel for you, from soft through to medium and firm. 

How long does the Macoda mattress last?

The Macoda mattress comes with a 10-year warranty so you should expect it to last at least 10 years.

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