The Best Sofa Brands in Australia for 2023

Or how to splurge on a sofa, sensibly.

The Best Sofa Brands in Australia for 2023
Sarah Idle
Apr 3, 2023
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In this guide

Buying a sofa is a big commitment. It’s (hopefully) got years of lounging, sleeping, watching, reading and relaxing ahead of it. These activities don’t come cheap - you’ll be looking to drop at least $1,000 on a new sofa. How can you make sure your investment is worth it? You can check out our guide to the best sofa brands in Australia. We’ve done the hard work for you to bring you the brands we reckon are worth your hard-earned dollars and the sofas that are worthy of your hard-working butt. 

How we picked the best sofas

Choosing the best sofa brands came down to a few key points:

  • Availability: how easy it is for a sofa to get from your screen to your room, including free and fast delivery.
  • Price: the sofas in this guide start from $1,000 for a 2-seater which is the lowest we reckon you want to go to ensure a quality sofa. 
  • Looks: were there any sofas we actually wanted in our own home?
  • Free trial: sofas sold online usually come with a free trial which we think is important for ensuring the sofa is right for you. 
  • Bonus bits: we paid attention to any brands who offered a little more, like ethical, sustainable or local manufacturing.

Sofa vs couch

What's the difference? Basically nothing. A sofa by any other name is a, er, couch. If we’re being technical, there are some (outdated) differences.

The word sofa comes from the Arabic word ‘suffah’. This is a wooden bench covered in cushions and blankets. Sofas are traditionally associated with hosting or more formal occasions, and they’re also associated with sitting. 

The word couch comes from the French word ‘coucher’ which means to lie down. Thus, couches are associated with lounging, lying on and curling up on. They’re more informal than sofas.

Those in the industry will mainly refer to a sofa, not a couch. But if you’re not in the industry, you can say whatever the heck you want and people will know what you mean. So, ya know, don’t stress about it.

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You probably know Koala for their mattress in a box. Well, now you’ll know them for their online sofa offerings. This proudly Aussie company ticks multiple boxes. Because their sofas, couches and modular sofas are sold exclusively online, there are no showroom fees for Koala which means more affordable furniture for you. Even better, their furniture is quick and easy to assemble with no tools required. Plus, it’s sustainably produced by this B-Corp certified business that makes a donation to WWF for every purchase. 

If that’s not enough, Koala’s sofas come with a 120-night trial. If you don’t love it, you can send it back and get your money back. 

Our Koala faves for the title of best sofa include the award-winning Cushy Sofa Bed - it was Voted Product of the Year in the sofa bed category for 2022. This foam sofa bed switches in seconds from a sofa to a bed. We love the soft, squishy cushions that provide a great lounging, and sleeping, experience. 

We’re fans of the Modern Sofa with Chaise too, which can be on the left or right depending on your space. The modern yet muted colours are inspired by Australia - how can you not love the Blue Heeler?

Choose this if…

You want the Koala convenience and quality, but in a sofa.

Ethically Made
Sustainably Made
Gives Back
Australian Owned


Another mattress in a box brand that’s branching out to offer a sofa online (2 actually) is Eva. Their modern sofa and modular sofa offer different things, depending on what you’re after. If you want the flexibility to choose a sofa design that fits your home and needs, the Everyday Sofa is a great choice. There are 7 different configurations and sizes, including a chaise and a L-shape, plus an optional matching ottoman. Note that currently the Everyday Sofa is only available in VIC and NSW.

If you want an eco-friendly sofa, consider the All Day Sofa. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. About 300 of them, to be precise. It’s also got a great large storage pocket down the side for squirrelling away your favourite magazines.

Whichever sofa you choose, you’re getting a sustainably sourced timber frame and foam that’s guaranteed free of chemical nasties. You’re also getting tool-free assembly and a 365-night trial. Not sure about the fabric? You can request free samples. What we really love is that the Eva sofas have removable, washable covers so any spills or pet hair are easily cleaned up. 

Choose this if…

You want a sofa with a removable, washable cover or one that’s made from plastic bottles.

Ethically Made
Sustainably Made
Australian Owned


Noa offers one of the best ways to buy a sofa online. That’s because they have so many options. Sectionals! (Configure your sofa in multiple ways.) Sofas! Modular sofas! (Different parts of a sofa you can buy individually.) Whether you’re after a left chaise, a right chaise, a L shape, an extra large or compact, leather or velvet, Noa has it all. 

There’s a limited range of colours but they’re all modern and neutral, making them ideal for any home. The designs span the traditional (hello button-backed Madison) through to the minimalist (hi, low profile Pacific) and even retro (g’day skinny legged Soho).

You can request free fabric swatches for all sofas so you can see and feel the fabric before buying. There are no tools required for assembly so it’s more lounging, less arguing over screwdrivers. We love the relaxed look of the Hudson which gives us psychiatrist office vibes (but make it chic) and the cushion-filled Miami which is just crying out to be cuddled up on.

Noa backs their sofas with a 14-day returns policy. You can have a pick-up and refund within 14 days of delivery, as long as it’s in as-new condition.

Choose this if…

You want some of the best lounge options available online.

Mid Range

Lounge Lovers

Unlike some of our picks, Lounge Lovers specialise in the best lounge furniture. They didn’t start as mattresses and then branch out. Lounge Lovers was born from a frustration that well-designed furniture came with a premium price. By selling directly online to customers, Lounge Lovers cuts out the middleman while remaining a proudly Aussie business.

Their Australian in-house team designs a huge range of sofas to suit every style and home. We really love how Lounge Lovers design for specific needs. Some sofas, like Frankie, are specifically designed to be space-saving, ideal for apartment living. Others, like Harbour, are designed for lounging so there’s extra space to spread out. 

With most of the sofas you can request free fabric samples. For some of the sofas you can customise them with different colours and fabrics, to help you design your very own sofa. Most sofas (apart from custom designed ones) have a 21-day returns policy so if you don’t love it, you can send it back. 

Our pick for the best couch in Australia is the Hampton which gives us serious coastal vibes.

Choose this if…

You want a beautiful Australian designed sofa.

Australian Owned


If you can rely on anyone for smart sofa design, it’s IKEA. Delighting furniture buyers for years, IKEA has a huge selection of sofas, including fabric sofas, modular sofas and leather sofas. Those aren’t your only choices. You can also shop for 2-seater, 3-seater or corner sofas, and those with chaise longues. The range of fabrics, colours and patterns is overwhelming. We reckon there must be at least 200 IKEA sofa options. Phew.

Choosing an IKEA sofa means there’s definitely some assembly required. But you’re getting a good price, hundreds of options, good customisation (you can choose your own configuration for the modular sofas), some sustainable design (like some of the fabrics being 100% recycled), and removable, washable covers. IKEA offers a 365-day returns policy as long as the sofa is in unused and resalable condition. You can return to store, for free. 

We reckon the SÖDERHAMN is the best modular sofa IKEA offers. With deep, generous seats and removable back cushions, it’s the ideal lounging spot. You can customise it to make it the right size and shape for your lounge.

We also love VIMLE because of its headrest which gives one lucky sitter a comfortable neck resting place.

Choose this if…

You want the best of Swedish design.

Sustainably Made


Plush stands out for its customisation. It reckons it has over 100,00 sofa combinations to choose from. You start by choosing your sofa style (there’s about 40 so you’re spoilt for choice), then choose your configuration, then finally choose your fabric. If it’s too hard to choose from your computer screen, you can order free fabric swatches.

Plush sofas range from the minimalist and modern through to the laid back and beachy, and even classic leather upholstered sofas. It’s not just the style we love though. Plush is a proudly Aussie company with over 2 decades of experience designing and selling sofas. We’re eyeing up the Jansen Modular that not only looks great, but has a power headrest and a USB charging port. While the Santa Monica has got us dreaming of California beach life.

Because Plush sofas are customised to your needs, you can’t return them. But they are backed by an impressive 10-year warranty that covers everything: stitching, frame, fabric, webbing and any mechanisms. Plush is also a member of BLC (the world’s leading independent leather technology centre) and accredited with the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice programme. This is for their Breatheclear technology which is applied, free of charge, to all sofas and gives protection against dust mites and allergens. 

Although delivery isn’t free, Plush drivers unpack, assemble (if needed) and place your sofa exactly where you want it, before removing all packaging. Oh, and Plush also supports Starlight Children’s Foundation, helping them to grant a seriously ill child’s wish every month. 

Choose this if…

You want to fully customise your sofa thanks to a proudly Aussie company with great bonus bits.

Gives Back
Australian Owned
Editors Pick
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Which is the best sofa to buy?

Choosing the best sofa brand for you will come down to a range of choices. Some of these will be practical: do they ship to me and how much does it cost? What’s my budget? What room size do I have and what configuration do I need?

Some of them will be more personal things. Like what fabric do I want? What style of sofa am I after? Am I bothered about supporting local or having a sustainably made sofa? 

There is no one sofa brand that will delight every Aussie. Be guided by your needs (including budget) and design preferences.

How much does a sofa cost?

Most sofas start from at least $1,000 for a 2-seater. The most affordable sofas are sold only online as these companies have low operating costs (no showrooms or sales staff to pay, for example). 

Which sofas are the most durable?

How long your sofa will last depends on a range of things. This includes how well you look after it (do the kids / dog jump on it regularly? Are spills quickly cleaned up?) and how many hours a day it’s used. But it does also depend on the construction, materials and fabric.

Sofas with 100% hardwood frames are known to be more durable than metal and soft woods. Look at the joints too. If they’re held together by nails, staples or glue, that’s a no no. Wooden dowels and metal screws or brackets are better options. Steel springs offer lasting support and ward off sagging. Webbing is a cheaper option (and will never squeak, unlike springs) but you’ll lose some of the comfortable bounce that springs give a sofa. 

All foam sofas tend to be the most affordable and that’s normally because they’re not as durable as more expensive filling materials, like goose / duck down or innerspring core (pocket springs encased in foam). Ensure the foam used in a sofa is high density to make sure it’ll last. 

Fabrics like tightly woven cotton, wool and leather are natural yet tough and durable. Oh and patterns, rather than solid colours, are more forgiving of stains and spills.

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