Koala Mattress ReviewKoala Mattress Review

Koala Mattress Review

Does the Koala mattress really live up to the hype? Cosier writer Elese gave one a trial run, and here's what she reckons.
Elese Dowden
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Elese Dowden
Jul 26, 2021
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At a glance

The Koala mattress is a dreamily-soft bed in a box made by an Aussie-owned company which prides itself on sustainability. This is one of the most comfortable mattresses we've ever slept on. By cutting out the middleman, Koala takes the pressure out of buying a bed, offering speedy free delivery, and above all, making a stellar product that should last years.

Update: Koala has released a new mattress range, including an improved original Koala Mattress, plus two new additional mattresses: the Koala Calm As and the Koala Soul Mate. Our original research for the Koala mattress still applies.

First thoughts

Buying process

We chose a Koala mattress because we'd seen glowing reviews, and liked the ethos behind the brand. The website was easy to use and we liked that options were kept to a minimum so we could make a quick decision. We also liked that we could pick our delivery window.

After a few clicks to buy the mattress, we got a confirmation email which included info about delivery. On the day of delivery, we were emailed to say the mattress was on the way, with a link to a live delivery tracker. The delivery guy was cheerful and offered to help us get the mattress up the stairs. 


It was pretty exciting getting a Queen-sized bed delivered, and we were surprised at how easy it was to move the person-sized box into the bedroom. When we opened the cardboard box, there was a Koala soft toy inside, which was a nice touch. The mattress was vacuum-sealed in plastic. It took a little tugging to get it out, but we put the roll on our bed frame, and pulled the loose plastic end to unroll it until the mattress unfurled. It fit the IKEA frame perfectly, and there was no scent or lumpiness.

What’s in the box

There wasn't much in the box aside from the little Koala toy and the mattress itself. We liked that packaging was minimal, and the instructions were printed on top of the box. Because the cardboard was minimally dyed and had no plastic lining, we were able to use it as compost in the garden.

Look and feel

As soon as we lay down on our Koala mattress we knew we'd picked a winner. The surface is really pressure-relieving, and it absorbs weight to quite an impressive depth. At the same time, the sink factor doesn't make you feel stuck. It doesn't have any odd smell, and the stitching and handiwork are high quality. 

The edges are a thick, sturdy-looking blue fabric, and the surface is a super-soft, breathable TENCEL. Even after 5 months of wear, the mattress still looks and feels good as new. The bed is a little harder to move around out of the box, but it's still light enough that you could move it by yourself. We reckon this mattress should last us at least a few years if we rotate it regularly.

Koala mattress close up

Using it

User friendliness

This mattress gets top marks from us for ease of use - we made our bed, lay down on it, and wanted to stay there forever. The hardest part is pep-talking yourself to get back up again.


The Koala mattress has performed well since we bought it in March 2020. We're both side sleepers, and like the way we sink into the mattress without getting stuck there. It absorbs pressure well too, so if one of us gets up, the other can continue to snooze undisturbed. With memory foam pillows, we both sleep soundly despite our various aches and pains. The Koala is a super comfy mattress, and now we always look forward to bed.

The final word

I loved

I love how soft and cosy this mattress is, and that it fits our Queen-sized IKEA frame well. We're also pleased that it has less of a carbon footprint than other mattresses. It's a reasonable depth without being too thick, which has proven ideal as we've had issues with fitted sheets on deeper mattresses. The design is also very clean and simple. In short, it does what it should, didn't cost too much, and was really easy to get delivered.

I not-so-loved

I wish it had handles! You're supposed to rotate your Koala mattress every month to ensure even wear and tear, but I only found this out after some digging. Without handles, it's annoying to have to grab at the sides and move it by yourself. I was worried about it retaining odour, but the TENCEL cover is ultra-breathable.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the Koala mattress any good?

We rate the Koala mattress better than good - we rate it great. This memory foam mattress is dreamily soft yet supportive and breathable. We love that it’s really effective at minimising partner disturbance and that the cover is removable and washable to help keep it fresh. Koala itself has a top-notch approach to environmental sustainability which is a big tick for us. Oh, and it comes with a little Koala toy. What’s not to love?

How long does a Koala mattress last?

You can expect the Koala mattress to last at least 10 years - it comes with a 10-year warranty. 

How much does a Koala mattress cost?

Prices start from $780 for a single mattress, up to $1,250 for a king.

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