The Best Pillow in Australia for 2022

Or how to wake up on the right side of bed every morning.

The Best Pillow
Elese Dowden
Oct 20, 2021
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So you've got the online mattress your friend recommended. You bought those organic cotton sheets you saw on the 'gram, and you found a fabulous doona. The cherry on top of your great night's sleep sundae is a first-rate pillow. The best pillow is different for everyone. If you're feeling so overwhelmed by pillow choices that you need a nap, don't stress. Instead, check out our mega-list of pillows for every Australian after a good night's sleep.

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How we picked

The porridge from Goldilocks and the Three Bears has nothing on pillows. Because personal preference is the biggest criteria in finding your dream pillow, we started by checking the reviews on It turns out that Aussie consumers have a lot to say about pillows, with over 500 reviews for the 2 highest-ranking products. Some pillows stood out, so we added them to our list.

Next, we went deeper by checking out what CHOICE had to say. CHOICE is Australia's biggest consumer advocacy group. While they didn't have any specific pillow reviews, they did have some good pointers on pillows for different sleep concerns.

Returning to our list, we culled the lowest-rated pillows, taking care to leave a wide variety of them to suit different sleepers. Finally, we ended up with our list of Australia's best pillows.

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The best pillow for hot sleepers

Koala Pillow
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I, Elese, Cosier writer (g’day!), have a super-comfy Koala mattress, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that their pillows are loved by Aussies too. We think their pillow is best for hot sleepers, as it’s designed with ventilation to draw heat and moisture away from your head. One side is more resistant, while the other is soft, and the outer edge is firmer than the middle. Foam pillows like the Koala offer a higher sleeping profile than polyester and down, so they're best for back and side sleepers.

Queenslanders and Western Australians are well-catered to with the Koala pillow. It's made of a breathable foam with a cooling gel-infused core to keep your head cool as a cucumber. This pillow's versatile shape and sides also make it the People's Pillow. Koala is a member of 1% for the Planet, which means they give 1% (or more) of their annual sales to environmental charities.

You can rest easy knowing your Koala pillow is made by a sustainably-minded company, which meets CertiPUR-US® standards for emissions. The only real complaint from reviewers is that there’s a bit of a smell, but like the latex pillows, this quickly goes away. At $150, the price tag could be a deal-breaker, but with a 5-year warranty, it's much cheaper than buying an average pillow every year.

The best pillow for side sleepers

Logan & Mason Memory Foam Sculpted Contour
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If you're a side sleeper, the Logan & Mason Memory Foam Sculpted Contour pillow makes a snooze-fest sound like a good time. The best pillow for side sleepers is a foam or latex one, because they offer the best height and firmness to support your spine. The Logan & Mason memory foam range gets around 4.5 stars on, with this specific design coming out on top with almost 5 stars. This non-allergenic pillow suits sneezier side sleepers too, as dust mites aren't so keen on memory foam.

The Logan & Mason Sculpted Contour pillow is soft, yet dense, so it keeps your spine aligned while moulding to your head with the heat of your body. What we also like is that the Logan & Mason pillow has a slightly higher profile on one side. Not every side sleeper has the same-sized neck, so if it seems too high or low, you can turn it around.

At under $70, the Logan & Mason Sculpted Contour pillow is one of the most affordable on this list. Aussies love that it moulds to your body while offering support. Another says the medium profile works well for both themselves and their side-sleeping partner, despite a 20cm height difference. All in all, it's a great pick for side sleepers at an affordable price. Just put 'Rainforest Thunderstorm' on your white noise machine and voila: a great night's sleep is all yours.

The best pillow for back sleepers

Spinaleze Low Profile
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We initially met the Spinaleze pillows with suspicion. We pride ourselves on avoiding bias, and we don't make recommendations just because someone's paid for ad placement. Spinaleze runs ads on, but their reviews are too positive to ignore. They get around  4.5 stars from over 500 reviews. What's more, these Aussies rave about Spinaleze pillows with the enthusiasm of infomercials in most of these reviews.

We think Spinaleze's low profile option is the best pillow for back sleepers, because it helps maintain correct spinal curvature. Back sleepers also tend to be snorers, so the good news is that this pillow should help you breathe easier while you sleep. And if you're a back sleeper with breathing troubles, you can rest even easier knowing that these pillows are Ultra-Fresh treated to be antimicrobial and anti-dust mite.

Spinaleze is also Australian-made and Australian-owned, which is sure to please you if you like to #shoplocal. Many reviews claim that the Spinaleze is the best pillow for sore necks and backs. Their website says that these pillows are clinically trialed by a Sydney chiropractor, but it was hard to find concrete evidence. The major downside is that you'll pay top dollar for these pillows, but given the 500+ stellar reviews, it should be money well spent.

The best memory foam pillow

Tempur Symphony
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The Tempur Symphony is our pick for best memory foam pillow. Some pillows are soft, but don't have enough support. Others are designed ergonomically, but won't fit a pillowcase. The Tempur Symphony can't relate because it can do it all. To start with, it's dual-sided with gentle contours that fit the shape of your body. The Symphony has Oeko-Tex certification, and comes with its own washable cover, although it should fit standard and Queen pillowcases.

Tempur's memory foam is designed to absorb more pressure, which is why it offers more comfort. But just as the colonel won't tell us about the 11 herbs and spices, only a 'handful of highly trained scientists' know Tempur's secret memory foam formula. It was originally engineered in the 70s by NASA for cushioning during lift-off. If it's good enough for astronaut bottoms, it's good enough for us. Tempur is certified by the International Space Foundation too, so you know it's not just a fluffy anecdote.

What stood out about the Tempur Symphony is that there isn’t a single bad review on Sure, there are less than 10 reviews, but Aussies only give this pillow 5 stars. While it comes with a 3-year warranty, our reviews show it lasts up to 10. Back, side, and stomach sleepers are happy campers, and some comment that it eases neck and shoulder pain. Of course, there is one major downside to this NASA-engineered, Danish-made pillow: the cost.

The best pillow for stomach sleepers

MicroCloud Hotel Pillow
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MicroCloud pillows are comfy as heck. They're fluffy, hotel-grade, and have over 500 reviews on While front sleepers are big fans, there are more than a few side and back sleepers who aren’t. This is probably because fabric fill is softer than foam, so the MicroCloud height is better for sleeping on your front. Stomach sleepers need lower pillows for better sleeping posture, as their necks are closer to the mattress.

MicroCloud pillows are around half the price of the Spinaleze pillows, but that doesn't mean they're not fancy AF. MicroCloud makes 5-star hotel quality pillows and doonas. Their products are HealthGuard treated, and globally certified to global Oeko-Tex standard to be dust mite resistant and free from 100 harmful chemicals. The breathable fibre inside these pillows is designed to feel like down, but bounces back every morning.

If you're one of those people who hates hotel pillows, the MicroCloud isn't for you. Most reviewers note that they provide good neck and back support while being super-soft, so MicroCloud pillows are a good down alternative. Unlike most feather and down pillows, you can wash and tumble-dry these pillows too, although they don't absorb smells. Your MicroCloud should last its 2-year warranty, but you won't get the same life out of them as a foam or latex product.

The best latex pillow

TLC Latex Classic
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If you keep waking up feeling like you've been trampled by elephants, the TLC Latex Classic could be your solution. Latex pillows are a good choice for allergy-prone folks, as they’re naturally hypoallergenic, and dreamily soft, too. These pillows fit the bill, and are made out of latex from the sap of rubber trees. Natural latex is superior to synthetic latex as it's an eco-friendly and biodegradable material that breathes.

TLC pillows are manufactured to hold their shape over time, and the latex resists dust mites, mildew, mould and bacteria. They're guaranteed for 5 years, and are lighter than other latex pillows because of the Talalay processing method. This is supposedly more advanced than the industry-standard Dunlop method. Some consumers complain about a slight latex-y smell when it’s first opened, although it disappears after a few hours.

Several reviewers on comment that they’ve had less headaches and neck pain after using their pillows. One reviewer notes that they are 'cloud soft, yet supportive,' while others remarks upon TLC's top-notch customer service. One of the downsides of the TLC pillows is that they’re too small for standard pillow cases, but the benefits of these well-priced pillows will likely outweigh your aesthetic qualms.

The best value pillow

Kmart Supreme Comfort
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While a high-quality pillow will set you back over $90, not everyone is keen to sell a kidney for a solid night's kip. Even if you are willing to fork out, memory foam isn't everyone's cup of chai. That's where the Kmart Supreme Comfort pillow comes in. These high-profile pillows are designed to suit side-sleepers best, and reviews show that this is a winner for those who prefer the feel of a classic polyester pillow.

While the Kmart Supreme Comfort pillows only has a handful of reviews on, we’re reassured by the over 70 4.5 star reviews on the Kmart site. Oh, and did we mention that they're $20? For 2? Consider us sold. The cover is antibacterial treated, though it's not clear what that means. One con is the profile of these pillows is too high for front sleepers. Even so, the price makes them a top-shelf choice if you want a Martha Stewart-esque number of pillows on your bed.

The best pregnancy pillow

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow
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The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is the kind of pillow Chrissy Teigen would buy. These unique maternity pillows are road-tested and designed by 2 Aussie mums who know how difficult sleeping can be when you're pregnant. The pillow is compact and light, and comes with slight 'yummy mummy' vibes. The cotton cover is machine washable.

Butterfly pillows are made in Melbourne, so this product ticks the local business box. Their pillowcases are made of silky-soft Japara Cotton, and you can buy additional pillowcases in a small range of pastel hues. The inner is made up of Comfortfil polyester fibre, and is divided into compartments so that the filling doesn't ball up or get lumpy. The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is also mould and mildew-resistant, and has a 12-month warranty.

Reviewers on are ecstatic about this pillow. Some like it better than longer body pillows, and almost all reviews comment on how good it is for belly and back support. At $97, it's also one of the cheaper pillows on our list. There don't seem to be many downsides to the Butterfly Maternity Pillow. In short, it's a surefire way to get into your pregnant pals' good books.

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Features to consider

Australians are picky about their pillows, so there are a number of important considerations when it comes to finding the right one.


If you're prone to allergies or asthma, try to find a pillow with an allergy certification. You can also find dust mite-proof cases.

Sleep position

As a general rule, side-sleepers will prefer higher-profile pillows, while medium-profile pillows are ideal for back sleepers. Front sleepers should go for lower-profile options, and may find firmer products uncomfortable.


Foam and latex pillows are your best bet for a firmer snooze. Polyester, down, cotton and wool pillows tend to be rated higher by soft pillow preferrers.


While most pillows are around a similar size, some of the products on our list didn't fit standard pillowcases as well as others. A standard pillow is 51cm x 66cm.


Aussie summers are brutal no matter how close you are to the equator. If flights to Bali are super-cheap from your city, it may pay to check how breathable your pillow is.


Not all pillows are machine-washable. If you're a drooler, you may want a pillow that will fare well in the wash (and yes, 'washability' is definitely a word). 

What you get if you spend more

The cheapest pillow on our list is $10, while the most expensive comes in at over $300. You can expect to spend around $100 for a high-quality pillow.


Pillows with a bigger price tag usually have longer warranties and better consumer reviews.


Most of the more expensive pillows on our list justify their price tags with new-fangled manufacturing techniques.


If you're paying top dollar, it's usually because the people making your pillow are being paid a living wage. A higher price sometimes reflects a product that's better for the environment.


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