Bed Sizes in Australia

Our guide to choosing the right mattress size.

Bed Sizes Australia
Nov 18, 2021

Choosing the right mattress size for you is a bit like trying to decide your favourite ice cream flavour. There are just so many options and they’re all good. So, how do you choose?

Chart of bed sizes in Australia

There are the practical things, like how much space you have available in your bedroom; your height and weight; how much you want to spend; and how you like to sleep. (That’s your preferred sleeping position, not whether you like to sleep in the nude or not. You do you.) But there are also things like how many people (including little ones and even pets) will be sharing your bed, both now and in the future. There might be considerations like whether your bed partner is a restless sleeper or one of you is a shift worker. In those cases, as much space as possible might be most important.

Our guide to Australian bed sizes covers everything you need to know, from the mattress size for single, king single, double, queen, king or super king beds to what size mattress suits what type of person best, including children, solo sleepers and co-sleepers. Think of it as the ideal bedfellow to our guide to the best mattresses in Australia.

Australian mattress sizes

Single 92 x 188 cm
King Single 107 x 204 cm
Double 138 x 188 cm
Queen 153 x 204 cm
King 183 x 204 cm
Super King 204 x 204 cm

Single bed size

A single bed is ideal for solo sleepers, whether that’s a child, teenager or adult. Measuring 92cm x 88cm, they’re compact enough to fit into every bedroom, including apartments or studios. Sleeping-space wise, a person sleeping in a single mattress has as much room as they would if they were sharing a king size bed equally. (A king bed has a width of 183cm - basically double the width of a single.)

King single bed size

Diagram showing king single bed dimensions

A king single bed suits a solo sleeper, like an older child or teenager or particularly tall adult (it’s the same length as a king bed - 204cm). Measuring 107cm wide, a king single bed fits smaller bedrooms and is ideal for a guest bedroom. Wider and longer than a single, a king single accommodates a growing child well. If you want to future-proof your child’s bed and have the space (and budget) a king single mattress is a good choice. 

Double bed size

Diagram showing double bed dimensions

A double mattress will fit 2 small adults or 1 adult and a lucky pet. A double bed measures 138 x 188cm so should fit into the average Australian bedroom. Double beds are ideal for growing teenagers who need their sleep. They also make good guest beds.

Queen bed size

Diagram showing queen bed dimensions

Two adults can cosy up in a queen size bed. It measures 153 x 204cm, which is only 30cm narrower than a king bed. Or, one adult can enjoy plenty of space, which they might share with a pet or two. For couples or singles with pets, a queen size mattress offers more space than a double. It needs a bigger bedroom though. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a king, try a king-size doona on a queen mattress for a luxurious feel. 

King bed size

Diagram showing king bed dimensions

A king size bed will happily take one adult with pets (or children!) or two adults with a child or large pet. Measuring 183 x 204cm, there’s plenty of space for the family. The downside is that a king mattress requires a larger bedroom to accommodate it and a larger price tag. King size beds make ideal beds for your master bedroom (or for a guest bedroom, if you really, really love your guests).

Super king bed size

Diagram showing super king bed dimensions

The perfect square, a super king mattress measures 204cm x 204cm.  This super size bed will sleep an adult who enjoys plenty of sleeping space, either alone or sharing it with children or pets. It’ll also easily accommodate two adults with multiple children or pets. At the highest price point, a super king bed is an investment that should be enjoyed for years to come.

Which mattress size is right for you?

Trying to figure out what mattress to buy? Here are few handy rules of thumb:

  • For young kids a single bed size works fine, while older kids could have a king single.
  • For solo sleepers, we recommend starting with a double.
  • For couples, going as large as your room can take / wallet can stretch to is ideal.
  • For families likely to have kids piling on the bed, the bigger the better - try a king size mattress or super king.