Ecoy Bamboo Sheets Review for 2022

Giant pandas love bamboo, will I love it on my bed? Heck. Yes.

Ecoy Bamboo Sheets Review for 2022
Sarah Idle
Mar 30, 2022
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I (Cosier editor and co-founder Sarah), know precisely 1 thing about bamboo: it’s what giant pandas eat. But apparently it also makes brilliant bedsheets. I’ve tried cotton and linen (here’s looking at you Bed Threads) but never bamboo. Until now. Here’s my hands-on Ecoy bamboo sheets review to help you decide if the giant pandas are onto something with their love of bamboo. (Hint: I definitely think they are.)

What we love
  • The feel of these buttery soft, silky, cool sheets.
  • How easy they are to wash.
  • The cool night’s sleep.
The not so good bits
  • Lack of colour options currently, with just 3 to choose from.
  • The er, stains.
The details
What it offers
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Free Trial
Price range
$160 - $250
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A green branded Ecoy box landed on my doorstep (contactless, obvs - thanks COVID). It was in surprisingly good nick and had been reinforced with sellotape to keep it secure. 

What’s in the box

Opening the box, there was a great slogan to greet me: we’re building a better world, together (complete with the 1% for the Planet logo). How’s that for some guilt-free shopping? Nestled inside was a branded bamboo bag with a cute rope tie and 2 cardboard tags telling me about the bamboo sheets, which included a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and 2 pillowcases. There was also 1 piece of cardboard which the sheets were fitted around, which was so easy to recycle.

And that was it! No extra packaging to waste, just my sheets and a useful bag.

Ecoy bamboo sheets packaging

Look and feel

When I picked up the bag, I was immediately struck by how soft, silky and cool the bamboo was. It reminded me of silk or satin and I was impressed by the quality of them, with no loose threads or pulls. Although there was a bit of a weird smell when I put my nose to them and had a good sniff.

I loved the soft muted green which Ecoy calls sage. Currently, Ecoy’s colour options are pretty limited. You’ve got sage, white or black. (I don’t know about you but black sheets don’t really appeal…)

It’s fair to say that I was pretty excited to get these on my bed and slip under them. But first: washing (more on that in the performance section below). Once I popped them on the bed, they looked gorgeous - they draped in a really inviting way. Because they’re quite wrinkly, they give a relaxed, vintage look.

Ecoy bamboo sheets label

User friendliness

The fitted sheet was easy to put on and I appreciated the label that says ‘head’ so I knew which way round it was - top marks for that.

The care instructions are straightforward - they need a cold or warm machine wash on a gentle cycle. Although Ecoy recommends line drying them, I couldn’t on the day I washed them so instead lay them over my drying rack. The sheet did pick up the lines and bumps of the rack so I'd definitely say line dry where you can.


These bamboo sheets washed beautifully. The weird smell I noticed was gone by the time the sheets dried and the gentle machine wash didn’t cause any pulls, tears or loose threads. I even risked the tumble dryer for the flat sheet (it can handle a low / medium heat on a gentle cycle) and it worked perfectly. I was super impressed by their durability during washing and drying and am confident these sheets are going to last for years to come. 

When I was finally able to slip onto and under these sheets, it was worth the wait. They’re so cool and smooth, but without being cold or slippery, like I imagine satin might be. Every night, I’ve had a cool and comfortable night’s sleep without ever feeling cold. I’ve been so impressed by how cool and breathable they are - hot sleepers, rejoice. 

Listen, I’m not proud of it but it turns out I, er, dribble in my sleep - or that’s what the stains on my pillowcase in the morning suggest. These marks show up really clearly and it’s not the best look. I’m sure they’ll wash right out but in the meantime. Gross.

Hand feeling Ecoy bamboo bedding on bed

The final word

Bamboo isn’t just for giant pandas - it’s the 5-star hotel sleep experience you never even realised you were missing out on. Ecoy bamboo sheets deliver the ultimate cool and comfortable night’s sleep, while feeling great and washing well. With impressive quality, smoothness, softness and durability, I might never get out of bed again.

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