The 10 Best Charitable Gifts in Australia for 2022

Like a present, but better.

Charitable Gifts
Jan 23, 2022

Regifting: great for the planet, less great for your self-esteem when a present you gave to your sibling last year ends up in your mum's hands for her birthday this year. Ouch. Make sure a gift of yours never ends up being regifted by opting for charitable donations instead of gifts.

Although charitable gifts have long been popular for staff / employees, we reckon anyone - friends, parents, couples, even teachers - would love the warm fuzzies that come from charitable donations. Although we've got you covered with the traditional donation-and-gift-card options, we've also found a few more unique options that'll treat both them and someone else.

Guardian Angel Gift Card

Some times of the year are more difficult than others for our fellow animals, like Christmas when the RSPCA is flooded with thousands of unwanted and neglected animals. Help the RSPCA care for these animals by making the animal lover in your life a RSPCA Guardian Angel. Simply choose what animal you'd like to make them the Guardian Angel of (it can be a dog, cat or other animal) and your gift amount. Preset amounts start from $25, although you can put in any amount you want. Then their gift card will be sent to their email or to you for at-home printing.

A Good Night's Sleep: Maison Balzac Scented Water

Charitable gifts aren't limited to you making a donation in someone's name. If you'd rather gift someone an actual thing, how about this A Good Night's Sleep: Maison Balzac Scented Water from Two Good Co? They'll get a beautiful 100ml bottle of water scented with lavandin oil that's thought to ease anxiety and insomnia. A spritz before bedtime should help soothe them to sleep. As will the fact that your gift also donates the same scented water to someone living in a shelter for domestic violence survivors across the country. It's the gift that gives twice.

Pineapple Growing

Pineapples aren't just for endless debates about whether they belong on a pizza. Help someone see this divisive fruit in a different light by buying them a pineapple from Oxfam. Now, to be clear, they don't actually get a pineapple but someone else will. This gift provides everything farmers in Vanuatu need to grow, harvest and sell pineapples. Your gift recipient will get a puntastic pineapple card, explaining all the good their gift has done.

Charity Pot

Give the gift of great skin with the Charity Pot from Lush. This vegan hand and body lotion is crammed full of natural goodness, for a long-lasting, non-greasy, skin-softening treat. Wondering how this is a charitable gift? Well, 100% of the price (less taxes) is donated to local grassroots organisations working in environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. So they can feel great about looking great.

Gift of Trees


Say thanks to the trees (they're hardworking environmental superstars after all) by giving someone the Gift of Trees from Trees for Life. $40 gets a bundle of 10 seedlings that Trees for Life will plant to help create a biodiverse habitat for native wildlife. Included is a certificate for your gift recipient which they can gaze upon proudly while patting themselves on the back for being a true supporter of trees.

100 Meningitis Treatments

Love you baby
UNICEF Australia

Here's a sobering fact for you: most newborns around the world die from largely preventable causes, including treatable infections. This gift of 100 Meningitis Treatments from UNICEF Australia is the gift of survival. It's 100 newborns given an antibiotic treatment that can help them fight infection, including meningitis. This makes a beautiful, thoughtful gift (it includes a personalised gift card) and is one of the best charitable donations as gifts we've found.

Summer Fling Gift Pack

Although ideally suited for an charitable Christmas gift (with summer being well underway then), we reckon this Summer Fling Gift Pack from Goodwill Wine is an all-year round treat. It contains 2 bottles of summer-friendly wine, a rose and bubbles, and a recipe card for a champagne cocktail. As they sit back and savour it, they can feel happy knowing that 50% of the profits from this gift pack go to an Australian charity of your choice. With over 300 charity partners to choose from, you can pick the right cause for them.

Gift Voucher

Paws and people
Pets of the Homeless

A gift voucher from Pets of the Homeless benefits both people and their beloved pets. It provides food, vet care and other support to pet owners in need - those who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of it. This ensures their furry pals are well looked after so they don't have to worry about them. Gift voucher values range from $10 up to $500 so there's a donation for every budget.

Food for 2 Families for 1 Month

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Child Fund Australia

As they tuck into their meal, they can eat easily knowing that they've helped feed 2 families for 1 month, thanks to this gift from Child Fund Australia. Going towards supporting families who have been most affected by COVID-19 (including families with young children, people with medical conditions, and families with lost income), it contains food staples like maize, beans and cooking oil plus basic essentials, like clean water and soap.

Australian Destination Soy Candle Pack

Smells like generosity
The Karma Collective

Even if they can't go anywhere right now, they can at least smell like they have. This Australian Destination Soy Candle Pack from The Karma Collective contains 3 luxury soy candles in glass jars which take their scent inspiration from the Blue Mountains, Port Fairy and Phillip Island. It'll fill their home with the sweet smell of generosity as 50% of the profits go to animal charities, both here and overseas.

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