The 55 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone

Tis the season for giving.

Christmas Gift Ideas
Nov 15, 2021

If you're feeling more ho, ho, no than ho, ho, ho, one - we don't blame you. It has been a year (and more). Two - sit back, relax and putting your scrolling finger to use. We've done all the hard work for you, rounding up 55 of the best Christmas gifts in Australia to suit everyone.

Stuff their stockings with a range of gifts that'll delight every type of person (including the dog). All that leaves you to do is dig out your Christmas hat, stick on Elf for the 150th time and try to develop a taste for eggnog. It might take a while but we believe in you.

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Gifts for mum

100% Flax Linen Bedding Set
Bed Threads

Allow mum to sink into the sweetest of dreams with this 100% Flax Linen Bedding Set from Bed Threads. It contains everything mum needs for a total bed makeover, including a duvet cover, 2 pillowcases and a fitted sheet. Not only is flax linen super soft and cosy, it gets better with every wash and feels cool on sticky nights. Plus, it's an eco-friendly material as it needs less water and chemicals than other fibres. It comes in a beautiful range of colours and sizes to suit every mum's style.

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Ottolenghi SIMPLE

Bring a little bit of nourishment into her everyday life with this Ottolenghi SIMPLE cookbook. It includes 130 simple yet delicious recipes that promise to be quick to make, use less than 10 ingredients that mum will find in the pantry and can be prepped ahead of time. Mum can expect nutritious recipes that showcase basic ingredients in a whole new light. If you're lucky, she might even whip one up for you next time you visit.

Book Subscription

Give mum the gift of a few hours of uninterrupted reading time by getting her a Bookabuy book subscription. Australia’s original book subscription service, there’s a great range of pay monthly and pay upfront options for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. There's a wide range of subscription options, including fiction, non-fiction, young adult and classics. If you want to mix things up, they also offer books with a side of chocolate, candles, tea or socks - there's something for every mum.

Robert Gordon

Complete mum's next dinner party perfectly with a Robert Gordon Platter. Handmade in Australia, this quality 43cm stoneware platter is quite the design statement. It doesn't just look good though, it's also practical - it's oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. With no need to hide it away 'for special occasions', this platter will quickly take pride of place on the dinner table.

State of Escape

Peer inside any mum’s bag and you’ll find plenty of stuff. Make sure she’s got room for everything with a large, gorgeous tote bag. We love State of Escape’s collection. These sophisticated bags are made right here in Australia, with each pattern hand-cut to ensure a quality bag. Made of neoprene, they're durable and can resist a little dirt and water. The sailing rope handle evokes coastal vibes, while being practical. It also comes with a removable zip up pouch for her valuables.

Gifts for dad

Baby Q

Dad gifts don't get much better than a Weber Baby Q. The BBQ of choice for dads across Australia, the Baby Q is a portable BBQ that heats up quickly to efficiently and evenly cook food, without wasting gas. Easy to carry, dad can take it with him wherever he goes - deliciously BBQed food is always on hand when he's at the beach or park or with the caravan. Although it's compact, it doesn't scrimp on features, including a hassle-free drip tray, split grills and loads of compatible accessories to extend its use.

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Sock Subscription
Soxy Beast

Listen, socks as presents have traditionally been given a bad rap. But they weren't socks from Soxy Beast. Give the gift of good sox with a sock subscription. These Australian made socks aren't your usual socks. Artist-designed, they're made from 65% cotton and 35% nylon / lycra to make them comfy and stretchy. Plus, every purchase supports an Australian charity. Soxy Beast offers 3, 6 or 12-month prepaid gift subscription options to keep dad's feet soxy.

Massage Gun

If you've got a sporty dad, his hardworking body will love you if you treat him to a Therabody Massage Gun. The choice of pros, this top-of-the-line massage gun will pummel away all the strains and stresses on his body. And it'll do it quietly - it's 55% quieter than previous models. Four arm positions allow him to access all areas of his body, even the tricky spots. It lasts for a massive 300 minutes, has a customisable speed range and integrates with a smartphone app to help him get the most out of it.

A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes
Taylor Calmus

Make this your first port of call for gifts for new dads - A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes by Taylor Calmus. It'll help him prepare for the most important role of his life: a sharer of dad jokes. This book is crammed full of those groan-inducing jokes, puns, quips, 1-liners and stories that you’ll hate yourself for laughing at. They're family friendly so he won't turn the breakfast table blue. There's also joke inspo from famous dads, including Homer Simpson. With jokes broken down into every month, he'll have enough material to last for an entire year (sorry).

Classic Thermos

Your dad is a vintage classic and so is this Classic Stanley Thermos. Used for generations by people around the world, this iconic Thermos keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Heck, it'll even keep an iced drink icy for 5 days so dad can enjoy his iced coffee even when he's on a wilderness hike. Stainless steel, it won't rust and it won't leak and the lid doubles as a cup. Dad will get years of enjoyment from it - it's got a lifetime guarantee.

Gifts for family

Throw Throw Burrito
Exploding Kittens

All good family get togethers involve at least one thing being thrown, right? (Or is that just my family?) For a legitimate excuse to chuck things at each other, look no further than Throw Throw Burrito from Exploding Kittens. It's basically dodgeball, just with cards and small foam burritos instead of balls. The idea is to collect matching cards faster than your other family members, while dodging soft burrito projectiles. Fun, fast-paced and hilarious, even grandma will enjoy a round or two of this. Just mind her false teeth.

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Robot Toy

Us humans get hours of digital entertainment a day, why shouldn't your 4-legged friend? The Wickedbone Robot Toy promises day-long entertainment, which you can control via an app on your device. Think turning it around, spinning it quickly or flipping it. Or you can select auto play mode and the toy will respond automatically to the way your dog plays with it, with no input from you required. Safe, durable and easy to clean, this is either going to delight or terrify your dog.

Millennials vs Boomers Trivia Game

It's time to settle this once and for all: who's better - millennials or boomers? Although the answer is clearly Gen Z, the family will enjoy scrapping it out with this Millennials vs Boomers Trivia Game. 200 cards pit the older generation against the younger one, with head scratchers about pop culture for the boomers ('what's a meme?') and life in the 60s through to the 80s for the millennials ('what did people listen to before CDs?'). Hours of after-dinner entertainment guaranteed - fingers crossed you'll still be talking to each other by the end of it.

Holiday Burrow - Santa's Milk and Cookies
Zippy Paws

Cosier Editor Sarah's greyhound Fergus absolutely loves seriously cute Zippy Paws soft dog toys. Given this is a guide to Christmas gifts, it's only right I pick a Christmas-themed burrow toy. Feast your eyes on this Santa milk and cookies soft toy. It includes a milk carton, inside which is stashed 3 small squeaking cookies for your dog to find and pull out. Once they do, they'll be begging for you to stuff them back in the carton so they can do it again (and again).

Instax Mini 11 Camera

Make sure they never miss a photographic moment with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera. This cute camera is so easy to use with an automatic flash and settings that even great aunt Mabel can give it a go. This isn't the polaroid camera they remember though - it's got a selfie mode and can even connect to your smartphone and print off your photos from there. After taking a snap, they just need to wait around 90 seconds to have it in all its full colour glory in their hands.

Gifts for kids

Kids Science and Art Projects

Give a child a KiwiCo subscription and not only will they love you for it, so will their parents. These kits are so stuffed with fun, child-friendly activities that parents will never hear the phrase "I'm bored" again. (Or for about an hour, at least.) These all-in-one kits contain everything a child needs to get hands on with science or art. Even better, they're suitable for a huge range of ages, from 0 to 14+ and cater for all interests, from cooking and crafts to engineering and geography. Delivered monthly, they'll always remember their favourite gift-giver long after Christmas is gone.

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Help them do their home schooling, connect with overseas family or get them out of your hair for a bit by investing in this Lenovo Tab M8. This family-friendly tablet has all they need for work or play. Around 20cm and weighing around 0.3kg, it's child-sized. Packing 2GB RAM and 32GB storage with an expandable memory of up to 128GB, it's got enough storage for their favourite apps and photos. Kid-friendly tech is built-in including Google Kids mode, a touchscreen, and light and display technology that lowers blue light to help protect their eyes.


Drag them away from their screen with a 22" Penny Skateboard. Proudly Australian owned and designed, Penny is obsessed with skateboards so they use only the best materials and processes to craft iconic skateboards that will last. Their 22" boards are ideal for younger kids but there's a size to fit all ages (yep, adults too). They come in a range of colours and styles for that true boarder aesthetic. Whether they’re just learning to skate or are tackling advanced tricks, there’s a Penny to suit.


Life's more fun on 2 wheels, especially when those wheels light up. Meet the Micro Sprite Light Up Kids Scooter. Suitable for 5 year olds and up (even to adult - it's got an adjustable handlebar), this lightweight scooter is easy to manoeuvre. It folds down easily too, for taking it places and storage. As they scoot, the wheels light up. Even better, the LED lights are motion powered which means you don't need to worry about the lights going out or having to replace batteries.

Personalised Smoothie Cup
Lottie & Liv

Make their slurping on a smoothie way cooler with their own Personalised Smoothie Cup. This 450ml stainless steel reusable cup comes with a screw top lid and reusable straw, making it ideal for on-the-go drinks and for eco-conscious kids. The matte black finish makes the name personalisation (up to 15 characters) pop even more. Hand engraved in West Gosford, it's a unique gift for kids that they'll enjoy for years to come.

Gifts for play

Nintendo Switch Console

Cool gifts for him don't get much cooler than a Nintendo Switch Console. This clever console offers both at-home big screen gaming and on-the-go play. The controllers can be used in multiple ways too. What we really love is how you can share the game play - even if you're not in the same building, state or country as him, you can play together. (So, this is kind of a present for you too.)

Aaron Franklin Texas BQQ Course

If your dad believes that barbecued meat is its own food group, treat him to an Aaron Franklin Texas BBQ Course MasterClass. As any self-respecting dad knows, Aaron Franklin is the daddy of BBQ-ing. He's a BBQ award winner, with crowds flocking to his restaurant to taste his famous smoked brisket. In this MasterClass, dad gets 16 lessons to help him master low and slow cooking - everything from building the best BBQ fire to expertly smoking cuts of meat. BRB - just got to wipe the dribble off my face.

DIY Craft Printer
Circuit Joy

Got a mum that's obsessed with Pinterest? Snap up this Circuit Joy DIY Craft Printer. This compact printer will easily fit into her craft corner (or room, if she's lucky). All she has to do is select her craft project in the app and let the printer do the rest - it can write and print. It quickly prints out custom decals, t-shirt designs, labels, personalised greeting cards and more. Just expect to get cheesy t-shirts for every special occasion from now on.

Classic Dog Toy

You won't find many dog owners that don't own at least 1 KONG. These rubber toys have so many uses. Naturally bouncy, your dog can chew, chase and fetch them. Fergus has one and loves that treats can be stuffed inside. On hot days, I stuff it with PB and freeze it to create a dogsicle. It’s dishwasher safe which helps with the slobber clean up. Fergus has really put his KONG to the test over 3 years and it still looks as good as the day I bought it - it's super durable and long-lasting.

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Original Tamagotchi

Honestly, we toyed with putting this into the guides to the best gifts for mum / dad / parents / families - heck, any type of adult. Because any human that grew up in the 90s is probably going to love this nostalgia hit. If you can't remember them, here's a refresher on the Original Tamagotchi. A pocket pet, they raise their Tamagotchi from an egg to an adult - feeding it, playing with it, giving it medicine and more. Complete with a chain, it can go with them everywhere. Bonus: once they're bored of it, you can inherit it instead.

Gifts for people who have everything

Guardian Angel Gift Card

Christmas isn't the easiest season for our fellow animals, with the RSPCA flooded with thousands of unwanted and neglected animals. Help the RSPCA care for these animals by making the animal lover in your life a RSPCA Guardian Angel. Simply choose what animal you'd like to make them the Guardian Angel of (it can be a dog, cat or other animal) and your gift amount. Preset amounts start from $25, although you can put in any amount you want. Then their gift card will be sent to their email or to you for at-home printing.

Summer Fling Gift Pack
Goodwill Wine

Once Christmas arrives, summer is usually well underway which makes this Summer Fling Gift Pack from Goodwill Wine the ideal charitable Christmas gift. It contains 2 bottles of summer-friendly wine, a rose and bubbles, and a recipe card for a champagne cocktail. As they sit back and savour it, they can feel happy knowing that 50% of the profits from this gift pack go to an Australian charity of your choice. With over 300 charity partners to choose from, you can pick the right cause for them.

Luxury Picnic Basket
The Gourmet Pantry

If they believe that cheese is life, they're going to love this Luxury Picnic Basket from The Gourmet Pantry. It's got everything they need for the cheesiest night in, including 3 cheeses and a huge collection of crackers and condiments to make the most epic cheese board. We're talking olives, black truffle crisps, fruit paste, flatbread and more. Heck, there's even a cheese knife. Not only that, but it includes a fully insulated wicker basket with a lid that doubles as a cheeseboard. Oh, and did we mention the G.H.Mumm champagne, red wine and craft beer? It's got it all.

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Craft Ciders of Australia Hamper
Gifts Australia

Gifts Australia, in our humble opinion, make some of the best hampers for Christmas. Take this Craft Ciders of Australia Hamper which is stuffed full of Australian made goodies. There are 5 craft ciders to enjoy, sourced from some of Australia's most interesting producers. These are accompanied by a range of savoury snacks, including beer nuts, olives, beef jerky, tapenade, wafers and fig and fennel paste. With so much goodness inside, they can spread the Christmas cheer well beyond Christmas Day.

DIY Organic Mushroom Mini Farm
Little Acre

If you're struggling to think of unique gift ideas, you can't go wrong with this Australian made Little Acre DIY Organic Mushroom Mini Farm (unless they're allergic to mushrooms or hate them). For everyone else, they'll love this wee farm that contains everything they need to grow their own delicious oyster mushrooms. From their first harvest, they should get enough mushrooms to cook a meal for 2 - and it should only take weeks for this to happen. Once they've mastered the process, they'll have an endless supply of homegrown mushrooms. Yum.

Gifts for them-time

Gift for 2
Red Balloon

Spoil them with a Red Balloon gift for 2. For busy parents, they'll love the excuse to spend some quality time together. There are gifts for every type of parent. If they're the adventurous type, how about hot air ballooning? If they like the finer things in life, what about a winery tour and tasting and gourmet lunch? With everything from sunset cruises to cocktail making classes on offer, you're sure to find an unforgettable experience for them.

Bathtub Caddy Tray

Allow them to enjoy a relaxing bath together with a Bathtub Caddy Tray from BRITOR. It's crammed full of enough storage slots for them to enjoy individually or together. It holds a book or tablet plus a phone and wineglass. There's even space for a candle or their favourite bath products. It's extendable to fit most standard baths. As a proud owner of one of these durable 100% bamboo trays, I've spent many a happy hour getting wrinkly in the tub, both alone and with company.

Weighted Blanket
Calming Blankets

Give the gift of relaxation with a weighted blanket from Calming Blankets. These premium quality, soft, plush weighted blankets will help soothe a stressed or frazzled mind. Adult sized, they're ideal for using on the bed or for cuddling under on the sofa. Featuring tiny glass beads, this weighted blanket will give your friend a comforting hug when you're not able to.

Festive Treats Hamper
Gourmet Basket

If you think Christmas gift baskets should contain Christmas-themed goodies, you'll love this Festive Treats Hamper from Gourmet Basket. Fill their stockings (and stomachs) with a great range of sweet and savoury treats, including a classic Christmas pud, raspberry bliss mini melting moments (in seasonal red), a gingerbread man and Christmas pud truffle chocolates. Sure, some of the treats don't exactly scream Christmas (olives and garlic nibbles, anyone?) but they all sound so darn delicious, we'll let them off. This time.

Essential Oils Collection
Eco Modern Essentials

Delight her senses with this Essential Oils Collection from Eco Modern Essentials. Containing their best selling blends, this is the ideal gift for an essential oils newbie or the perfect addition to their collection. There's an essential oil for every purpose, including for energy, women, clearing sinuses, calming and destressing plus sleeping and dreaming. Mum doesn't need anything else to enjoy these - she can inhale them straight from the bottle, add them to her pillow or pop them in the bath or shower.

Gifts to eat / drink

Melbourne Smoked Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Melbourne Hot Sauce

It doesn't have to be tricky to find gifts under $20 as this Smoked Jalapeno Hot Sauce from Melbourne Hot Smoked proves. Coming in under $10, this sauce features green jalapeno cold smoked for 6 hours over Victorian apple wood to give it a distinctly smoky Aussie taste. Blended with aged cider vinegar and wild roquette for a peppery tang, it's handcrafted in small batches in Port Melbourne. Gluten and dairy-free, it's suitable for vegans.

Whisky Club Membership
The Whisky Club

Extend that gift-giving feeling with a Whisky Club Membership. Sign dad up for one of these and choose whether he should get a 1-, 3- or 6-month subscription which involves a bottle of whisky handpicked by whisky experts, delivered to his door. He'll also get to enjoy exclusive Member benefits, like discounted whisky at Australia's best bars and access to regular events and giveaways, like holidays to international distilleries.

Espresso Martini Starter Pack
Mr Consistent

If you're looking for gifts for a mum who is hard to buy for, we reckon you can't go wrong with this Espresso Martini Starter Pack from Mr Consistent. It contains everything she needs to whip up bartender quality (not guaranteed) espresso martinis at home. This includes 2 espresso martini mixers, which is enough for 20 serves, an essentials bartender kit and some cocktail coffee beans for the perfect finishing touch. It's even got an espresso candle to create the ideal ambience for her to savour her homemade espresso martini.

Wine Subscription
Good Pair Days

Stock their wine cellar (i.e. kitchen cupboard) with a gift wine subscription from Good Pair Days. We love Good Pair Days, not just for their quality pun of a name, but because of how tailored your friend's wine subscription can be. You've got control over whether you send a one-off surprise box or a monthly box, how much you spend, how many bottles and what wine type to include. Because Good Pair Days is totally independent, your mate's getting special wine they won't find in their local bottle shop.

Chocolate Introductory Package
Haigh's Chocolates

Treat them to some serious chocolate indulgence with Haigh's Chocolates' Introductory Package. The oldest family-owned chocolate maker in Australia, Haigh's only use ethically and sustainably farmed UTZ certified cocoa beans. So, not only does their chocolate taste delicious, but it's good for people and the planet. This package includes some of Haigh's most popular products, like milk chocolate peppermint frogs, dark orange chocs and peppermint truffle bars. Once you've ordered it, there's just time to set up the sweepstake as to whether it'll last the Christmas period.

Gifts they'll actually use


If 'always be prepared' is your mum's motto, she'll love this BLUNT Metro Umbrella. This compact umbrella comes in a storage bag which easily slots into mum's bag, so defence against unexpected rain is always on hand. It boasts 100cm coverage, which will be plenty to keep mum dry, while not taking up too much space on the busy street. Mum simply presses the button and the canopy opens by itself - no more struggling to put up a brolly as it chucks it down. It comes in a great range of bright colours so she'll forgive such a practical pressie.

Roam Portable Speaker

Fill his life with the sound of sweet music by grabbing him a Sonos Roam Portable Speaker. Wireless and compact, he can take it with him wherever he goes. Bonus, it's waterproof if rain unexpectedly makes an appearance. Oh and it's drop-resistant too for those fumbles. In-built wireless means seamless connection to his home network and it offers up to 10 hours of play time.

Classic T-shirt

Who says a t-shirt has to be boring? Not this Sea Tee from Allbirds, that's for sure. The darling of Silicon Valley, it's punny name reflects its materials - it's a blend of merino wool (ok), eucalyptus trees (interesting) and crab shells (er what?). This makes for a soft fibre that's naturally odour-resistant because even mum sweats on a hot Aussie day. The boxy cropped style manages to be both classic and modern and gives a relaxed feel. Heck, it'll probably become mum's favourite tee - no, you can't borrow it.

Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

If caffeine is pretty much the only thing getting them through the day (understandable), gift them a JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup. Surprisingly sturdy and durable, this artisan hand-blown glass coffee cup keeps their favourite hot drink at the right temperature. It's got a silicone sleeve for no burnt hands and a splash-proof silicone lid, ideal for those last minute dashes for the bus. Although hand washing is recommended, it's top shelf dishwasher safe so it's always ready for the next day's use.

Classic Pocket Ruled Softcover Notebook

If there's any notebook more iconic than a Moleskine, we haven't found it yet. This Classic Pocket Ruled Softcover Notebook is ideal for any budding Hemingway or for being whipped out in a meeting to look achingly retro. It's got 192 lined pages just waiting to be filled plus a bookmark ribbon so they can always find their place. With a soft cover, it's lightweight and flexible and perfect for throwing into a bag for whenever inspiration hits.

Gifts that don't cost the earth

Gift of Trees
Trees for Life

Say thanks to the trees this Christmas (they're hardworking environmental superstars after all) by giving someone the Gift of Trees from Trees for Life. $40 gets a bundle of 10 seedlings that Trees for Life will plant to help create a biodiverse habitat for native wildlife. Included is a certificate for your gift recipient which they can gaze upon proudly while patting themselves on the back for being a true supporter of trees.

Recycled Stemless Flutes
Uncommon Goods

Let them toast to their love with these Recycled Stemless Flutes from Uncommon Goods. Recycled wine bottles are transformed into 6 beautiful glasses they'll be proud to show off. Handblown in Morocco, none of these handcrafted flutes look identical making them a unique gift. With a wide bottom, they're sturdy enough to withstand dinner parties. Best of all, they can be popped in the dishwasher when they're done.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Get them enjoying their favourite exercise without leaving their home thanks to this PowerTrain Eco Friendly Yoga Mat. Double layer and 8mm thick, it's well-cushioned to support them during their workout. The back features a non-slip surface so even if they're working out on a wooden floor, they won't slide about. With a carry strap included, they can take it wherever they go. When they're finally done with it, it'll biodegrade making this a great choice for your eco-conscious pal.

Solid Bath Melts

Help them sink into a warm bath and let the stresses of the day float away with Ethique's Solid Bath Melts. These 4 cute heart-shaped bath melts are crammed full of natural ingredients like non-oily coconut milk, cocoa butter and flaxseed for a hydrating skin treat that's 100% soap free. Lightly scented with lavender, they'll be drifting off in no time. To also help ease their mind, these bath melts are eco-friendly (no plastic in sight), vegan and 100% compostable for zero waste.

Indoor House Plant
The Good Plant Co

Bring the outdoors in with a lush indoor house plant from The Good Plant Co. Our green fingers are itching to get into the Monstera Deliciosa - the Swiss cheese plant, so-called for its holey leaves. Large glossy leaves will brighten up her indoor space and it's pretty easy to look after (well, easier than you as a baby anyway). It thrives in medium light and with moderate watering.

Gifts for the home

Cast Iron Round Casserole
Le Creuset

The French know a thing or 2 about cooking, including their cookware. This timeless Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole has been especially designed for all-things casserole (think stews, roasts and soup), producing rich, intensely delicious meals. Generously sized, it's a one-pot meal solution - simply throw in all the ingredients and let them simmer away. Even better, it's dishwasher safe and suitable for all heat sources, including induction and gas cooktops and the oven. Coming with a lifetime warranty (you're welcome mum), it’s ideal for slow cooked dinners to warm up wintry nights.

Cable Knit Throw

Perfect their snuggling spot with this Cable Knit Throw. Not only is it cosy, soft and breathable, it's good for people and the planet. It's made from 100% Fairtrade certified organic cotton and free from all nasties, including toxic chemical sprays. Ethically made in India for 100% Australian owned family business Bhumi, it's the guilt-free indulgence they deserve. With a range of modern, muted tones, you're sure to find one they'll love.

Coffee Machine

Kick start their day with the Breville the Bambino Plus. This compact coffee machine is suitable for small kitchens, thanks to its smaller-than-most footprint. It can quickly whip up 2 cups of coffee, so there will be no arguments about who gets their coffee first. Although it looks the business, it’s simple to use with large, grandparent-friendly 1-touch buttons. All they need to choose is their froth and milk temperature and off it goes. It’s even got a steam wand for that barista-like finish.

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Walnut Wireless Charging Station

Devices, devices everywhere and not a charger to be found. Well, not anymore thanks to Alldock's Walnut Wireless Charging Station. This attractive piece of kit has a dizzying amount of charging capacity with enough charging space for all his devices. This includes 3 docking rails with 2 wireless fast charging decks, a 6-point USB charger and a dedicated charging notch for Airpods. Wireless, there are no ugly wires dangling down to ruin the sleek walnut looks. He'll never run out of juice again.

Cast Iron Skillet

Dads get better with age, like this Cast Iron Skillet from Lodge. The more dad cooks on it and 'seasons' it, the better food tastes. The thoughtfully designed handle makes it easy to lift and move around, which is important for cast iron cookware - it isn't the lightest. It can be used on all types of cooktops, including induction, and he can even pop it in the oven or use it on a campfire or BBQ. With a lifetime guarantee, dad will be searing, frying, sauteing, grilling, roasting (and more) for years to come.