The 19 Best Gifts for Every Type of Mum

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Ah, mum. The amazing woman who gave life to you. Sure, she still harps on about how long and painful your entrance to the world was, usually at the most embarrassing moments. But she’s literally got the scars and stripes to prove it. So, deal with it.

Your mum’s probably tirelessly looked after you your entire life, whether it’s sticking by your bedside during sickness or doing your washing even if you don’t live at home. Which means you can do something nice for her and treat her to a pressie.

If your love doesn’t extend to traipsing the busy shops on a weekend, explore our curated collection of the best gifts for mum. Whether she’s into cooking, pampering or sleeping, you’ll find a unique gift that suits – and suits your budget too. Most of our picks come with a side of warm fuzzies too, as they’re eco-friendly and locally made.

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For the mum who thinks she’s Nigella 

Taste magazine

Cooking magazine subscription

If mum needs to brush up her skills, or you just want to give her an excuse to sit down, pop her feet up and enjoy some me time, get her a cooking magazine subscription. Bonus: you might get to taste some of the deliciousness she’s inspired to whip up. 

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Red Le Creuset casserole

Le Creuset casserole

The French know a thing or 2 about cooking, including their cookware. A timeless Le Creuset casserole is going to last – it comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s ideal for slow cooked dinners to warm up wintry nights. Once mum’s done, she can put it in the dishwasher. Easy.

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Breville Flavour Maker 7L

Breville Flavour Maker 7L

An easier alternative to a stovetop stew is a slow cooker. Mum throws the ingredients in and lets the machine do the hard work. Sure, it’s not quick but a slow cooker is great for a lazy Sunday dinner. The Breville Flavour Maker has 1-pan convenience and minimal washing up. 

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Beeswax wrap around loaf of bread on chopping board

Beeswax Wraps 

Mum can chuck out the planet-unfriendly single use plastic wrap thanks to Beeswax Wraps. Long-lasting and washable, leftovers, sammies, fruit, veg and even that lockdown sourdough can be kept fresher. Even better, Beeswax Wraps are handmade with love in Rosebery NSW and feature Dreamtime-inspired Aboriginal designs. 

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For the mum who deserves sweet dreams 

Blue Calming Blanket weighted blanket

Calming Blanket Weighted Blanket

If mum struggles to switch off at night, treat her to a Calming Blanket Weighted Blanket. The ideal bed / couch companion, she’ll snuggle her way to sweet dreams under this soft minky blanket. Available in 3 modern colours, it uses micro glass beads to give her a cosy cuddle. 

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A proud Aussie, Peter Alexander designs range from cute and cuddly flannelette sets to luxe silk and satin sets. With a range of colours and patterns, from classic stripes to modern collaborations, you’re bound to find a suitable bed fellow at Peter Alexander for every style of mum.

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WheatBags Love Sleep gift pack

WheatBags Love Sleep Gift Pack

The WheatBags Love Sleep Gift Pack includes a lavender eye pillow, a tin of sleep balm and ear plugs to help soothe mum into sleep. Both the eye pillow and sleep balm are handmade in Melbourne from all natural and organic materials – go you for supporting local and planet-friendly.

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Scented candles

Help mum create a snooze-worthy sanctuary by filling it with relaxing scent. The Generics vegan candle has an impressive 80-hour burn time, reusable glass vessel and is free of nasties, like paraben and phthalate. It comes in over 80 fragrances, including Aussie-inspired ones, and is handcrafted in Perth. 

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For the mum who wants to elevate her living, stat 

Terrarium Laboratory DIY terrarium kit

DIY terrarium

Gardening outside seems like hard work? Go for a DIY terrarium instead to ensure mum really earns her cute tiny indoor garden. They feature hardy plants that even the most non-green-fingered mum shouldn’t be able to kill. Plus, Terrarium Laboratory are a small Melbourne-based biz so you’re supporting local too.  

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Bookabuy book subscription

Give mum the gift of a few hours of uninterrupted reading time by getting her a Bookabuy book subscription. Australia’s original book subscription service, there’s a great range of pay monthly and pay upfront options. This includes fiction, young adult and books with a side of chocolate, tea or socks.

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Kellective by Nikki jewellery

Personalised jewellery 

For the ultimate personal gift, design mum her own customised jewellery. We love Kellective by Nikki. All her pieces are handmade in Brisbane, including hand-stamping the characters you choose. Available in a range of materials and lengths, there are necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more to create mum’s perfect piece. 

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Grow your own kits

Urban Greens Grow Kits are the gift that keeps on giving. Mum follows the simple instructions provided in these all-in-1 kits and soon enjoys a mini indoor garden. Using only quality Australian seeds, mum can grow her own tea, micro-herbs and culinary flowers, brightening up her drinks, cooking and windowsill. 

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For the mum who’s just like Monica 

Bottle of Koala Eco natural multi-purpose kitchen cleaner

Eco-friendly cleaning products

If mum wants to clean her home without a side of planet-ruining guilt, go for non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products like Koala Eco. Launched in Sydney in 2017, Koala Eco products are vegan, natural and Australian-made – and promise to work. They’ve got everything from natural dish soap to natural bathroom cleaner. 

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Adoremats personalised doormat

Funky doormat 

Do away with mum having to clean the hallway by brushing your feet as you walk inside, ya filthy animal. Australian Adoremats are commercial strength and machine washable. Even better are their personalised doormats with your choice of colour and text so mum can put her mark on her home.

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Reusable cleaning cloths

As any Monica knows, your cleaning is only as good as your cloths. Euclove, an Aussie-owned Melbourne-company, knows this too. That’s why they’ve designed their eco-friendly, long-lasting microfibre cloths. Machine washable, mum can use them again and again. We reckon the twin pack woven and waffle is a good option. 

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 

Surely the best gift you can actually give your mum is less time spent cleaning? If you agree, meet the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. This robot vacuum whizzes around floors even when mum’s not home, thanks to its own app. Plus, it has a mopping mode too.

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For the mum who needs to treat ho’self

Function of Beauty personalised hair products

Personalised hair products

Supermarket-brand hair products won’t cut it. Enter Function of Beauty, personalised hair products as unique as mum. Fill out the quiz then the experts formulate mum’s-specific products. Around 1 month later, she’ll get her cruelty-free, 100% vegan haircare products. (Or send a gift card if you’re unfamiliar with mum’s hair.)

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Ethical socks by Vege Threads

Ethical and sustainable clothing

Sure, mum wants to look good. But she wants to feel good too. Which is where ethical and sustainable clothing comes in, like Vege Threads. Their collections are manufactured 100% in Australia using organic, eco-friendly materials and dyes in limited numbers. We love their organic basics that suit all mums. 

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Luxe skin and body care

For serious pampering, treat mum to Lush skin and body products. Handmade in Sydney, they’re 100% vegetarian, cruelty free and only use ethically- and sustainably sourced ingredients. Their Mother’s Day gifts include bubble bars, body scrubs, bath bombs and more. Mum will love the hilarious names and cheeky shapes. 

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Tote bag

A practical yet stylish tote bag

Peer inside any mum’s bag and you’ll find plenty of stuff. Make sure she’s got room for everything with a large, gorgeous tote bag. Check out State of Escape’s collection. These sophisticated bags are made right here in Australia, with each pattern hand-cut to ensure a quality bag. 

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