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The Best Beard Trimmer in Australia for 2022

Or how to style your face fuzz any way you want to.

The Best Beard Trimmer
Sarah Idle
Oct 26, 2021
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In this guide

For whatever reason you’re wearing that beard – #lockdown growth, warmth, Hagrid from Harry Potter cosplay, embracing your inner lumberjack, hiding your dad’s chin, saving snacks for the mid-afternoon slump, etc. – a beard trimmer is your best friend when it comes to keeping it on the right side of presentable. 

The best beard trimmer is easy to use and offers plenty of options for length and style. It’s easy to clean and has a good battery life. It might even tame hair on other bits of your body too. Here’s our guide to Australia’s top beard trimmers, pulled from hours of research.

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How we picked

Our first learning was that Aussies aren’t really into beard trimmers currently. For example, CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group and our usual first research stop, don’t have a guide to them.

So, we headed to, Australia’s first consumer opinion site, where the choice wasn’t exactly overwhelming. Either the reviews were terrible (less than 2.5 stars) or the reviews were great (5 stars) but from a very small number of them (2-3).

Which meant we had to head overseas, choosing the Wirecutter, a New York Times Company product review site, and the Strategist, a New York Media shopping and product discovery guide. But a lot of their picks weren’t available in Australia.

Finally, we checked Canstar Blue’s recent beard trimmer brand survey. This let us know which brands Aussies reckon perform best. 

We wanted beard trimmers that ideally were backed by experts as well as consumers. They also had to be easily available in Australia and not sold via 1 questionable Amazon seller. Although our guide is focused on beard trimmers, we’ve included some picks that are more multi-groomers. This means they’ll trim your beard as well as hair on other parts of your body (and possibly head), see our guide to the best hair clippers if this is more you.

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The best beard trimmer for most

Remington Boss Pro
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With a beard trimmer and 3 adjustable guide combs plus a nose and ear hair trimmer, beard brush and scissors, the Remington Boss Pro Beard Trimmer has everything you need for a customised beard trim. This easy to use (and clean) cordless beard trimmer has got an impressive 2-hour runtime.

What we love

Everything you need

It includes a beard trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, brush and scissors.

3 adjustable guide combs

With one designed for micro stubble, one for a short beard and one for an XL beard, you get the exact look you’re after.


Giving you more freedom where you shave.

Long runtime

A 4-hour charge can give you an impressive up to 2 hours of runtime.

Rubber grips

So it stays secure in your hand, helping to avoid slips.

Detachable blades

Give them a quick rinse under the tap for quick and easy clean up.

Included blade oil and cleaning brush

To extend the life of the trimmer and keep maintenance simple.

2-year warranty

Which isn’t bad for this price point.

The not so good bits

Nothing, apart from the price. At around $150, it’s pretty expensive.

Additional specs

With a name like the Remington Beard Boss Pro, how could we not pick this as Australia’s best beard trimmer? Now before you panic and think that we’ve chosen it solely on its name, we haven’t. We truly believe this trimmer is packing everything you need for the beard trim of your life.

Why? Well, not only does it include a beard trimmer, it also comes with a showerproof nose and ear trimmer so your entire facial area can get a trim. It also comes with a bristle beard brush to give your beard a thorough groom before and after trimming. It even has stainless steel scissors so you can trim any strays. They’ve thought of everything.

The beard trimmer itself has 3 adjustable beard combs so you can get as close (or not) as you’d like. Use the zoom wheel to select your ideal length and off you go. It’s even got a pop up trimmer to do your sideburns. Cordless, you won’t need to worry about wrapping yourself up in cords as you trim. With a lithium battery, it has a runtime of up to 120 minutes and a charge time of 4 hours. 

Cleaning it is a breeze, thanks to the included cleaning brush and lubricating oil. Plus, the blades are quick release and washable. When you’re done, pop it all away in the storage pouch.

All this comes in around $150, with glowing 5-star reviews and a 2-year warranty.

The best budget beard trimmer

Wahl Color Trim
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If you’re on a budget, the Wahl Color Trim could be for you - it costs around $50. Ideal for a beard trimming newbie (or someone who wants to trim without the fuss), it comes with 8 colour coded combs for easy use. Cordless, it gives you up to 60-minutes runtime.

What we love


It costs around $50, making it a firmly affordable beard trimmer.

Easy to use

For beard trimming newbies or those who want a trim without the hassle, the colour coordinated combs with labels on the trimmer make it simple to use.

8 combs

With lengths ranging from 1.5mm to 13mm, you can trim as much or little as you want.

Storage pouch

It comes with a handy pouch to neatly store all the combs plus the comb. 


This cordless beard trimmer will run for up to 60 minutes on 1 charge.


Wahl is a trusted brand that’s loved by the pros and amateurs alike.

2-year warranty   

Which we think is great for the price.

The not so good bits

Charge time

It takes around 6-8 hours for a full charge which isn’t ideal if you need a quick touch up.

Additional specs

Before starting this guide, our knowledge of beard trimmers was, we’ll admit, somewhat limited. But a few hours deep into our research and it was clear 1 name stood out – Wahl. It came up multiple times, accompanied by rave reviews. Not surprising, given that Wahl’s been used by the pros since 1919.

Even though Wahl is trusted by the professionals, their prices are home-user-friendly, like their Color Trim Beard Trimmer that’s around $50. For that, you’re getting a name to trust plus a simple beard trimmer that’s easy to use. At this price, it’s an ideal starter kit if you’re new to beard trimming or if you just want a simple beard trimmer.

It includes 8 colour-coded combs that range from 1.5mm up to 13mm. Simply choose your length, find the corresponding colour comb (also printed on the beard trimmer) and away you go. It also comes with a storage pouch, moustache comb, cleaning brush and blade oil. 

Cordless, it has a runtime of 60 minutes although the charge time is long: 6-8 hours. There’s got to be a payoff for this price, right?

The best showerproof beard trimmer

Philips Multigroom Series 7000
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You want a beard trimmer that’s more than just a beard trimmer thanks to extensive functionality and tools, is showerproof and offers a 5-minute quick charge.

What we love

The not so good bits

Additional specs

The Philips Multigroom Series 7000 comes with great versatility. It offers 5 different options, ranging in price from $119 - $299. This includes a 12-tool option, 2 x 14 tools and 2 x 18 tools. Which means the Series 7000 offers way more than a beard trimmer.

As well as a different number of tools, you get different runtimes which start at 2 hours and go up to 6 hours. Whichever model you go for, they’re all showerproof for easy use and cleaning. All the blades are self-sharpening and don’t need oiling for easy maintenance. All options offer a 5-minute quick charge and a 2-year warranty.

Philips is Canstar Blue’s #4 beard trimmer brand and the Series 7000 gets around 4.5 stars on

No items found.

Others worth considering

Wahl Peanut
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The Wahl Peanut is a compact beard trimmer with minimal attachments. There are just 4 combs to keep your beard the length you like (3, 6, 10 and 13mm). Its peanut-shape makes it easy to hold and use. This is helped by its weight – just 100g.

Because it’s corded, it’s ideal for continual use and won’t ever run out of charge (unless you unplug it, obviously). With a generous cord length of 2.4m you’ll have plenty of space to run between the plug point and the mirror.

The detachable blades are easily cleaned and maintained with the included blade oil and cleaning brush. It’s the Wirecutter’s #2 pick which they claim, “has cutting power that no cordless trimmer can match, with a durable, easy-to-maintain design that will last for years”.

It comes in around $130, however.

Philips Series 7000 Vacuum Beard Trimmer
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n case you’re wondering what the ‘Vacuum’ stands for in the Philips Series 7000 Vacuum Beard Trimmer, we’ll start there. It means that it has an integrated vacuum that captures up to 90-95% cut hair (depending on which model you go for), for less mess and easier clean ups.

Because of this tech, you’re looking at a starting price of around $119, all the way up to around $180. There are 3 trimmers to choose from in this range.

Vacuum-aside, all trimmers are packing stainless steel blades with 20 length settings (from 0.5mm up to 10mm) that you can change by 0.5mm. The charge time for them all is 1 hour and they all feature a quick-charge function - 5 minutes of charge for 1 full trim. Runtime varies from 60 minutes up to over 1.5 hours. Suitable for worldwide voltage, you can also use them corded or cordless.

The Strategist names the Philips Series 7000 Vacuum Beard Trimmer the “best beard trimmer for most people” with most people raving about the vacuum sucking feature. However, it gets middling reviews on

The bottom line

However you wear your beard – sharp lines and well-ordered or a bushy beard that rivals electric bike-riding hipsters – a beard trimmer can help you whip it into shape. The best beard trimmer is easy to use with a decent runtime so you won’t run out of juice mid-trim. It’s also easy to clean. It should be built of quality, durable materials that’ll last. It also might offer extra versatility, allowing you to maintain your beard and other areas of hair, like on your body or head. 

For the best beard trimmer, we reckon you should consider the Remington Beard Boss Pro. It's got everything you need to tame your beard, including a beard trimmer, showerproof nose and ear trimmer, beard brush and stainless steel scissors. Phew. The trimmer itself has 3 adjustable combs, running from micro stubble to XL beards, so every length is covered. It has a 2-hour runtime, with a 4-hour charge time. It'll set you back around $150 but it does come with glowing 5-star reviews from bearded Aussie men.

If price is a consideration for you, try the Wahl Color Trim Beard Trimmer. It comes in around $50 and is the ideal starter kit for beard trimming newbies, or those who want a no frills trimmer. It comes with 8 colour-coded combs that range from 1.5mm up to 13mm. If you can't remember which colour is for which length, it's printed on the beard trimmer for as easy-as-it-gets use. Cordless, it's got a 1-hour runtime but the charge time is long: 6-8 hours.

What makes a good beard trimmer

Guard vs no guard

Beard trimmers do just that: trim your beard, not remove it entirely. An electric shaver or razor is the best tool for a clean shave. But if you look for a beard trimmer that has no guard, you’ll be able to cut closer to your skin. This gives you stubble, rather than a clean shave. Opt for a beard trimmer with a guard and you won’t get stubble, just well-trimmed hair.


A waterproof beard trimmer usually means it’s easy clean because you can rinse it under the tap when you’re done. Trimmers that aren’t waterproof normally rely on you regularly oiling the blades.

Different combs

Not for brushing your beard but to set the length that you trim your beard to. Look for a trimmer that has a variety of combs to suit different lengths. 

Self-sharpening blades

This sounds very high-tech but seems to be a standard feature. All the beard trimmers we reviewed have self-sharpening blades. It basically means your trimmer will have a blade and a piece of metal next to it. When the trimmer is on, the blades move and rub against the metal – ‘sharpening’ the blades.

Charging time

Cordless beard trimmers come with a range of different charging times. Of the 4 cordless ones we reviewed, the charging time ran from 1-4 hours. The longer the charging time, the less convenient it might be.


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