The Best Blender in Australia for 2022

Or how to impress everyone with how healthy you are.

The Best Blender
Sarah Idle
Feb 22, 2021
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In this guide

Ever ordered a cup of tea from a cafe and then been charged $4+ for a tea bag with some hot water? And then felt annoyed at how much that 1 tea bag and hot water has cost you? No? Just us? If you too have ever been annoyed by the mark up on stuff, including smoothies, soups or any culinary delight that involves blending ingredients, the power for change can be on your kitchen benchtop. That’s right - grab a blender (not a food processor).

The best blender is easy to use and clean. It quickly powers through a variety of ingredients, both hard and soft, to give you a smooth textured result that doesn’t leave much waste in the jug. Here are Australia’s best blenders, drawn from hours of research that includes independent testing and real Aussie insights.

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How we picked

We began by being clear about what products we were reviewing - blenders, not food processors. If you’re confused about the difference, check out our FAQs

We also needed to be clear about the type of blenders. This guide covers both personal and high performance blenders. Wondering about the difference? We’ve got a FAQ for that too. 

Once we had that clear, we started with independent testing and research, including CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group. This gave us a huge number of blenders that had been put through their paces. We also checked Canstar Blue, a comparison site that surveys Aussie consumers about brands they love and trust. 

We then further dived into Aussies’ opinions, checking for top-rated blenders. Ideally, we wanted at least 100 reviews with a minimum 4 stars. From there, we could look for any crossover between the tested blenders and those recommended by Australians.

We were looking for both personal and high-performance blenders. We expected user-friendly operation, quick blending, easy cleaning and excellent results. Which meant they needed to effectively blend exactly what they advertised – no kale lumps in our juice, please. We were also keen to have a range of prices, from rock-bottom to eye-wateringly high, and a good number of positive reviews. A better than average warranty (more than 1 year) was a bonus.

After many hours deliberating, we ended up with the 11 best blenders in Australia.

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The best blender for most

Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen)
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Simply designed with a powerful motor (2,611 watts), the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) is a brilliant blender. Easy to use, it whizzes through a huge range of ingredients, whipping up everything from juices to nut butters and hot soup. The tamper, auto shut-off and 3 pre-sets are all great bonuses.

What we love


It includes a tamper, a small plastic bat that pushes food down into the blade. When a blender is going full speed, air pockets can form around the blade. A tamper bursts them without stopping the machine, giving you that smooth consistency you’re after, quickly.

Easy to use

A very simple control panel makes it easy to use. Simply turn on, select your speed and away you go.

Blending functions

Thanks to its stainless steel 6-blade and powerful motor, it can handle a huge variety of blending tasks, including nuts and grains. Which means whether you’re after liquids like smoothies and juices or more complex things like nut butters, it can do them all.

Hot soup mode

Winter chill biting? In around 5 minutes, you can get hot soup from the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen). Simply pop your ingredients in and set it off. You’ll get perfectly blended hot soup in minutes.

Shut-off sensor

A great feature for this price point; if you’re working your blender too hard, it’ll automatically turn off. This avoids costly repairs down the track.

Easy clean

Just fill the jug with warm water and washing liquid and blend for 20-30 seconds before rinsing and air drying. However, you can’t remove the blade and no parts of it are dishwasher safe.


With just 1 jug, which can handle both dry and wet ingredients, you don’t need different jugs or attachments for different purposes. This saves valuable kitchen storage space.

Pre-set smoothie / juice function

Which basically means you don’t have to press your finger down on the speed button. You can throw your ingredients in, set the time (20, 35 or 45 seconds) and then wander away. This is a convenient feature for busy mornings.


With a 5-year warranty, and the option to go lifetime for $100 extra, this is one of the best warranties we’ve reviewed. It’s beaten by the Breville the Boss BBL915 with its 7-year one.

The not so good bits

Size of jug

At 2L, the jug is very large. This is great if you’re whipping up stuff for the whole family, but not so ideal if you’re after single serve smoothies. According to Froothie, a smaller jug is planned. Plus, this size may be awkward to clean in your sink.


Clocking in around 80 decibels on the highest setting, it’s not quiet. Some reviews compare it to a jet engine and raise concerns about their hearing.

No locks

Neither the lid nor jug lock securely. Which means you’ll need to keep an eye on the blender when you’re using it, to ensure it doesn’t become shoot off.


It looks a little like something your mum would have had in the kitchen back in the 80s, weird script lettering and all. Because it’s quite heavy (around 4.8kgs), you’ll probably need to keep it on your benchtop to avoid regular lifting.

Additional specs

The Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) is a blending superstar. Simply designed, what it lacks in bells and whistles it delivers in blending power and results. Its user-friendly control panel is simple to use. There’s 1 button to turn it on and off, 3 buttons for speed, 3 buttons for time (20, 35 and 45 seconds) and 1 button for pulse.

Its stainless steel 6-blade cutting tool is powered by a 2,611-watt motor, making it the most powerful blender we tested. By a long way - the closest is the Breville the Boss BBL915 with 1,500 watts. This supersized motor allows it to blend a huge variety of ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and ice. Which means it’s perfect for quickly whipping up smoothies, juices, nut butters and milks, ice cream, dips, soup and more. Because of the speed it generates, it can even produce hot soup. There are only 4 blenders we tested that offer this – the others are the more expensive Vitamix blenders, plus the Breville the Boss BBL915.

To make it easy, it has just one 2L jug that can be used for wet or dry ingredients. Which means there aren’t multiple attachments that you need to store or swap in and out. This jug is made from BPA-free plastic for durability. It’s also easy clean. Simply fill the jug with warm water and a few drops of washing liquid. Blend for 20-30 seconds, rinse out and leave to air dry.

It also has an in-built sensor that detects over-usage. This automatically switches off the motor when excess use is detected. This helps extend the life of the blender and avoids use-related breakdowns. Because of its power and performance, the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) is recommended for both home and commercial use.

You’ll also get a 30-day money back guarantee if it’s not working for you, plus a 5-year warranty and a 76-page recipe book. For an extra $100, you can get a lifetime warranty.

If this all sounds too good to be true, the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) boasts over 300 reviews on, with an average rating of 4.9 stars. It’s also been tested thoroughly by CHOICE.

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The best looking blender

Mod Blend Pro
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The Mod Blend Pro is a blender for the Insta age. Sleek and compact, its good looks are backed up by its good tech. This includes a digital display, 5 pre-set functions, a sliding power scale and a pulse function. It comes with a 5-year warranty from a proudly Aussie company.

What we love


It’s the blender for the Insta age.

Digital display

To help you easily see how long’s remaining.

Easy to use

Thanks to the 5 pre-set functions.

Pulse function

For that extra punch of power.

Touch 8-speed slider

To give you extra power, as needed.

2L jug

Making this family sized.

Mod drink flask

Is included, so you can drink your smoothie on the go.

5-year warranty

Which we reckon is impressive for a small appliance.

Aussie company

So you’re getting feel good vibes from supporting local.

The not so good bits

None that we can find, other than limited consumer reviews currently.

Additional specs

If you want a blender that’s all about the aesthetics, consider the Mod Blend Pro. Compact and sleek, it’s available in 2 modern colours: black and white. Looks aside, it’s packing a 3.5 HP (mechanical horsepower) commercial grade motor. Thanks to an online converter, that’s roughly 2,600 watts of power. This should give you the power you need to blend through even tough ingredients.

To make it easy to use, it has a digital display and 5 pre-set functions to help you whip up ice cream, smoothies, soups, whole juice and ground ingredients. There’s also a touch 8-speed slider so you can adjust the power and speed as needed. It has a pulse function too, for that extra punch of power.

The jug is a generous 2L, making it family sized. Thanks to having just 1 jug and no other attachments, it’s easy to clean too. It comes with a 5-year warranty and a Mod branded drink flask, for chugging your smoothie on the go.

We love the fact that Mod is an Australian-owned company. They also make a darn good cold press juicer. Although it hasn’t been reviewed by CHOICE, it gets glowing, but limited, consumer reviews on where it’s a 2020 award winner. It comes in at a reasonable RRP of $399.

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The best blender for personal use

Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ
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Well-priced, convenient, and quick and easy to use, the Ninja Nutri with Auto IQ is a great personal blender which offers 2 pre-sets. Its 1,000-watt motor powers through ice and gives you the option of creamy smoothies or smoother juices, which you can pick up and drink instantly.

What we love

Excellent at smoothies and juices

Although not the range of the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen), the Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ produces great smoothies and juices, quickly (around 45 seconds). With its 1,000-watt motor, it can power through ice and frozen fruit easily.

Pre-set programmes

With the Auto-IQ technology, you don’t need to mess around choosing the right length of time to blend. Press the button and it’ll do it for you.


Tip in your ingredients, press a button and once it’s done, simply pick the cup up and start drinking! It comes with 3 cups and 3 sip and seal lids for extra ease.

Easy care

With dishwasher-safe parts, you can simply chuck it in the dishwasher.

Pulse function

Smoothie not smooth enough? You can use the pulse function to tailor the consistency to your taste.

Easy to use

Just 4 buttons and a digital display that counts down the time remaining.


At less than $200, this is an affordable at-home blender that’ll save you money on shop-bought juices and smoothies.

Non-slip feet

A small but useful feature that’ll keep the Nutri Ninja safely on your benchtop, not slipping onto the floor.

The not so good bits

Limited range

Although great at producing smoothies and juices, it may not handle anything else, like nuts, seeds or grains. You can probably whip up a dip with it.


Again, there are complaints about the noise, although it is less noisy than the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen).


With its low price, there do seem to be some durability issues with customers complaining about having to replace every year or so. It only comes with a 1-year warranty too.

Additional specs

If you’re going to blame anyone for the at-home smoothie craze, it might be Nutri Ninja. Unlike our Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) pick, the Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ is a compact blender that focuses on producing smoothies and juices. So, you won’t get the range of functions, but you will get excellent smoothies and juices in a range of sizes.

Packing 1,000 watts of power, it has 3 cups: 500ml, 700ml and 900ml, which are ideal sizes for 1-3 people. With 3 sip and seal lids included, you can blend and go. The Auto-IQ technology claims that “intelligent programmes combine unique pulsing, blending and pausing patterns for optimal results”. In reality, this means you choose the Blend function for ice-based drinks and a creamy texture. Or choose the Ultra-Blend function for fibrous ingredients (think kale) and a juice-like consistency.

It also has an additional pulse function if you’d like a smoother result. Even though the Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ is a lot more affordable than the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen), it can still handle tough blending jobs, like ice and frozen fruit.

Unlike the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen), it has dishwasher-safe parts (excluding the blade) so cleaning it is simple. Plus, the blade is removable for handwashing. It has a secure jug lock to keep the jug firmly in place when in use and suction feet for stability. At just 2.6kg, it’s easy to store in the cupboard and get out when needed. It comes with a 1-year warranty and over 100 happy Aussies on

If that’s not enough, Nutri Ninja is the winner of most satisfied customers in Canstar Blue’s 2018 survey. They scored 5-star reviews on overall satisfaction, performance, consistency and ease of use.

The best value blender

Kmart Home & Co 1.5L Digital Blender
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A blender with a rock-bottom price, the Kmart Home & Co 1.5L Digital Blender can handle a wide range of tasks, blitzing through fruit and vegetables, and even nuts and ice. Not the best-looking blender, it’s a good entry point and has been thoroughly independently tested for peace of mind.

What we love


At far less than $100, this is firmly within the affordable category. If you’re wondering whether a blender is right for you, you could try the Kmart Home & Co 1.5L Digital Blender before stepping up to a more expensive model.

Independently tested

At this price, you might have concerns about performance. For peace of mind, CHOICE has thoroughly tested the Kmart Home & Co 1.5L Digital Blender to ensure it does what it claims.

Range of functions

With 10 pre-set functions, you can do a lot with this blender. This includes mixing, chopping, liquefying, and ice crushing. It even has a dedicated smoothie function and can handle hard ingredients, like nuts.

Large jug

At 1.5L the jug size is comparable to the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen). Which means it’s good for family-sized serves, but less good for single serves.

Easy care

With some dishwasher-safe parts, cleaning is simple.

The not so good bits


Whether it’s the large sticky feet or the cheap-looking buttons, the Kmart Home & Co 1.5L Digital Blender is not a joy to behold. At 2.5kg however, you can easily hide it away and only get it out when you need it.


This is the loudest blender we reviewed, which probably isn’t surprising for the price. Customers warn about not using it early morning and its ability to make babies cry…

1-year warranty

Again, not surprising for the price, it only comes with a 1-year warranty. But this is the same as our Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ pick.

Additional specs

From the home of affordable homewares, the Kmart Home & Co 1.5L Digital Blender is a surprisingly good entry-level blender. Thoroughly tested and reviewed by CHOICE, it includes a 1.5L jug, plus a smaller grinding blade and cup. It has a huge 10 pre-set functions: as well as a smoothie mode, you can choose puree, blend, grind, chop or pulse, plus 2 speeds (high or low) and a frozen slush and ice crush mode. Which means it’s as easy as throwing your ingredients in and pressing the right button.  

As well as being able to blend soft frozen fruit, chop carrots and crush ice, it can even chop harder ingredients like nuts. Secure suction feet keep it safely on your benchtop and it comes with a 1-year warranty, the same as the Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ but less than half the price.

To prevent overheating, it automatically shuts off after 1 minute. Which may prove a little annoying as it only has a 700-watt motor. Again, some of its parts are dishwasher safe for easy care.

It scores almost 4 stars on with Aussies praising how easy it is to clean and use. It excels at blending fruit juice and smoothies.

No items found.

Others worth considering

Vitamix A2300i Ascent Series
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Vitamix specialise in 1 thing: blenders. So you know a Vitamix blender is going to be an impressive bit of kit - and the Vitamix A2300i Ascent Series is. The focus is on being an easy to use, powerful blender. It has a 1,400 watt motor and a dial to switch between 10 speeds. This gives you great control over the texture of your blending. It has a pulse function plus a digital timer so you know how long it’s been running. It self-cleans too. Put in some dish soap and warm water, blitz it for 30-60 seconds and it’s done - no disassembly required.

But the most impressive feature is the Self-Detect Technology which uses wireless connectivity to help the machine identify which Self-Detect container you’re using and adjust the blending time and power accordingly. These containers (sold separately), let you create multiple batches sizes with this 1 machine. You can then store, serve or take them to go. The Self-Detect Technology also acts as a safety feature, preventing the machine from operating if the lid or container is not secure.

It comes with a 2L jug, cookbook and a 10-year warranty. This somewhat justifies a steep RRP of $895. It’s been reviewed by CHOICE and has great but limited consumer reviews currently.

Vitamix Explorian Series E310
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Vitamix classes their Explorian Series E310 as an ‘entry level blender’. Which we think means it’s more affordable, coming in around $600.

What you’re getting with this Vitamix is a 1.4L jug and 10 variable speeds, controlled by a dial. It has a pulse feature and around a 1,500 watt motor. It self-cleans with no disassembly needed. Simply throw in some dish soap and warm water and blitz for 30-60 seconds.

Unlike the Vitamix A2300i Ascent Series, it doesn’t have a digital display or the Self-Detect Technology. It comes with a 5-year, rather than 10-year, warranty.

It gets full marks on, from a handful of reviews.

Breville the Boss
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Around the same price as our Optimum pick, Breville the Boss is a worthy contender. It has 12 speeds, a 1,500-watt motor and 5 pre-programmed settings (pulse / ice crush, smoothie, green smoothie – allegedly the world’s first – frozen dessert and soup) plus auto-clean. The digital display allows you to easily see the action you’re after (mill, puree, blend, chop, mix or stir) and the time left. There’s even a pause button for extra control.

Like our winner, it has a 2L jug (with handy measurements on the side), recipe book and a tamper, but it’s intended for use with frozen desserts only. It does have a scraper to help you get all ingredients out. It also has a 7-year warranty, compared to our winner’s 5-year.

One of the reasons we chose the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) over the Breville is its popularity with Aussies. Almost 300 Aussies rate it on, compared to less than 100 for the Breville. With Breville being a popular, trusted brand with Aussies (according to Canstar), this is a great option.

Sunbeam Two Way Blender
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Coming in at under $200, the Sunbeam PB8080 Two Way Blender is firmly affordable. It has an extensive menu of buttons. This includes 7 functions: 3 pre-programmed ones (green / frozen smoothie, food chop / salsa and milkshake / frappe) and 4 manual ones (low, medium or high speed, plus pulse). It has a 1,100-watt motor, a 2L jug and a 12-month warranty.

The ‘two way’ refers to the heavy-duty stainless-steel blade that changes the direction of the blade motion. Sunbeam reckons this ensures all ingredients get pulled into the vortex and it helps to create a more even, smoother blend.

For the price, the Sunbeam PB8080 Two Way Blender is a solid option – limited reviews rave about it.

Nutribullet Select
Check price

A definite frontrunner in the blender craze is Nutribullet. The Nutribullet Select N9C-0901 has 3 pre-programmed settings (crush, blend and pulse) and 5 speeds. This makes it simple to use – just turn the dial to your desired setting and it’s done. It also has an auto shut-off feature after 1 minute to prevent overheating.

With a 1,000-watt motor, it has a 500ml short cup so you can blend and drink directly, a pitcher with lid plus a 900ml cup for easy serving. This means it can easily handle 1-2 people serves. It can blend soft frozen fruit smoothies, crush ice and chop vegetables, although it may struggle with more fibrous vegetables like kale. It comes with a 12-month warranty and a recipe book. With limited reviews, if you’re looking to spend around $200, we think your best bet is the Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ.

The bottom line

In a world where convenience is king, blenders are its loyal subjects. Excelling at their ability to blend liquids, fruit and vegetables into delicious smoothies and juices (and maybe more), they’re a quick way to enjoy healthy food.

An affordable blender will get you a decent motor that’s able to handle tough fibrous veg and even ice. Spend more, and you’ll get pre-programmed settings and more control over speed for easier use and, ideally, smoother results.

We reckon the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) is Australia’s best blender. Simply designed with a hugely powerful motor –  2,611 watts – no other model we tested came close to this wattage. The stainless steel 6-blades can handle a huge range of tasks, from juices to nut butters and even hot soup. It comes with pre-set timers for maximum convenience. The 3-year warranty is a great bonus. All this, and a lot of change from $1,000.

It’s been hard to compare like-for-like, as this guide encompasses a range of blenders, from high-performance blenders like our winner to personal blenders, like our the Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ. It’s not going to handle the same range of tasks as the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen). But it’s a lot more affordable, at less than $300. Instead, you’re getting a blender that produces excellent smoothies and juices quickly, which you can pick up and drink instantly. Its 1,000-watt motor powers through ice and gives you the option of creamy smoothies or smoother juices. If you’re after a personal blender, we reckon the Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ is the best choice. 

Our budget pick is the Kmart Home & Co 1.5L Digital Blender. More a high-performance blender than a personal one, it can handle a wide range of functions, including smoothies, juices, ice and nuts. It has a rock-bottom price (around $50) but it has been thoroughly independently tested. If you’re not fussed on looks, noise isn’t an issue and you’re not willing to spend hundreds of dollars, consider the Kmart Home & Co 1.5L Digital Blender.

If looks are important to you, the Mod Blend Pro could be the way to go. It’s a sleek, compact and modern blender. But it’s not just a pretty face. It’s packing an impressive 2,600 watt motor and handy tech, like a digital display, 5 pre-set functions, a pulse feature and a 8-speed touch slider. It has a generous 2L jug and comes with a Mod branded drink flask for on-the-go drinking. Mod’s also a proudly Aussie company.

Types of blenders

While shopping for blenders you might come across 3 different types: a blender (what this kind is about!), a personal blender and a high performance blender.

Personal blenders, like Nutribullet and Ninja blenders, are designed to create smoothies, juices and shakes that you can instantly pick up and drink. You normally blend ingredients and drink from the same bottle. Great for convenience - you can grab one and chug it on your morning commute - they aren’t as powerful as traditional blenders. You can normally only use them for 1 minute at a time.

High performance blenders are a fancier version of a standard blender that offers even more versatility. These blenders are the ones that can handle tough ingredients (like hard nuts) to whip up nut butters and pesto. 

What makes a good blender

Power of motor

The wattage of the motor will give you an indication of how powerful it’ll be. The more power it has, the easier it’ll blend tough ingredients like nuts, potatoes and kale. Most of the blenders we tested offered around 1,000 watts, with our winner over double that. Some offered less than 500 watts. It was clear in our reviewing that lower wattage equals less blending power.

Speed settings

All blenders should offer variable speed settings, regardless of price. As well as high and low, a pulse setting is useful. It gives a short burst of power and is useful for small quantities of ingredients, especially dry ones. It helps distribute the ingredients for an even consistency. 

Only 1 of our blenders, the Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre, is missing this function. Which is surprising because of its very high price. At nearly $1,000, it was the second most expensive blender we reviewed. 

Noise vs power

From our research we learnt that the biggest complaint consumers have about blenders is the noise. Which isn’t surprising if you consider what they’re doing – blending a large quantity of potentially dry ingredients together, at high speed, in a plastic jar. At the least, you can expect a high-pitched whine. At the most, an aircraft taking off. 

The blenders that make the least amount of noise seem to be the ones with the lowest wattage. So, if noise is a consideration for you, you’ll need to be happy to swap power for more aurally-pleasing blenders. Or, only use it when everyone’s awake and there are no sleeping babies around.


A tamper is a small plastic bat that pushes food down into the blade. It bursts the air pockets that form around the blade when the blender is working hard. From our research, it seems like a tamper really does make a difference to the quality of the blending. Only 4 of the blenders we tested had a tamper. 

Pre-programmed functions

For the ultimate laziness, meet pre-programmed functions. Rather than wondering how long and fast you need to blend your ingredients for the perfect juice / smoothie / soup / crushed ice, etc., simply press the button. The blender will do the hard work for you, using optimum pre-programmed settings.

Common questions

What's better: a glass or plastic jar?

You might think that glass is a hardier material. It is, to an extent. But it’ll also not perform well if dropped on the floor or benchtop. And it’ll be disastrous if you accidentally drop a metal spoon in there and turn it on – glass would shatter everywhere. Instead, you’ll find every one of our picks has a BPA-free plastic jug. Which, like glass, is long-lasting and tough.

Should I buy a blender or a food processor?

It depends what you want to use it for. 

A blender blends and liquefy ingredients. Think blending blueberries, milk and ice cream together to make milkshakes. Blenders also make excellent smoothies, purees, soups, dips and nut butters. 

A food processor dices, chops and cuts down on food prep time. Think making breadcrumbs, slicing cabbage and dicing vegetables. 

So, if you want milkshakes, smoothies and anything that involves blending mainly wet ingredients, go for a blender.

But if you want to let a machine chop up stuff for dinner, go for a food processor.

Should I buy a blender or a juicer?

Again, it depends what you’re after.

A blender blends whole fruits and/or veggies to create thick, delicious smoothies. A juicer separates the pulp from the juice of fruit and/or veggies to leave you with, er, juice.

Blenders tend to be more versatile than juicers, as you can make smoothies, frappes, soups, salad dressings and maybe even pesto or nut butter.

If you just fancy a freshly squeezed OJ in the morning, go for a juicer.

Are blenders safe?

We’ve all seen the movie when the lid wasn’t on the blender properly, leading to a smoothie explosion on the kitchen cabinets / ceiling / floor / cat, etc. Unfortunate yes, but sometimes a tiny bit of user error (no judgment, we’ve all been there. Mornings, etc.).

But there have also been other cases of exploding blenders that haven’t been the result of user error. Like Thermomix in Australia, where almost 100 Aussies received scalds and burns from faulty machines. 

To help keep yourself safe when using a blender:

  • Wait for soup to cool before blending it.
  • Keep the lid on when removing the jug.
  • Turn the blender off at the power point before picking up the jug.
  • Don’t go over the maximum blending times.
  • Look for a blender with safety features, like a cut-off time and lid lock.


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