The Best Dog Clippers in Australia for 2022

Or how to give your dog the glamour treatment at home.

The Best Dog Clippers
Elese Dowden
Feb 21, 2021
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Does your pup have a fringe to envy Pete Wentz? It might be time to invest in a set of dog clippers. The best dog clippers are usually cordless, with blades that stay sharp and low vibration to keep your dog calm. If you're on the lookout for the best dog grooming clippers for home use, your search is over. We've spent hours combing the web, and here are our picks for Australia's top dog clippers.

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How we picked

Reviews are sometimes hard to come by with pet products like dog beds or clippers. But as dog lovers, we dedicated ourselves to digging up the dirt. Usually we'd start with CHOICE, Australia's biggest consumer advocacy group. They haven't reviewed dog clippers, so we headed over to to see what Aussie dog owners thought.

While we added a few of the top-rated dog clippers to our list, we still weren't satisfied with the selection. It was time for some virtual window shopping to check what was available in Australia. After having a nosy at the major retailers, we took a second pass, weighing up quality, ease of use, and cost against consumer reviews. That's how we ended up with our guide to Australia's top dog (clippers).

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The best value dog clippers

GHB Dog Clippers
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You won't find many pet grooming tools for under $50, but at around $40, these GHB dog clippers are ideal for anyone on a budget. This bargain buy comes with 2 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and 4 guard combs in 3, 6, 9 and 12mm. The GHB clippers also have an anti-slip handle, stainless steel and ceramic blades, and quiet operation to keep your fur babies calm.

The GHB Dog Clippers have charge and run times of around 90 minutes. But even if the batteries go flat, you can still use them while they charge. They're not reviewed by CHOICE or, but the GHB clippers score nearly 5 stars from almost 100 reviews on Amazon.

The best for dogs with matted hair

Bousnic Dog Clippers
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With 2 powerful speeds and stainless steel / ceramic blades, the Bousnic Dog Clippers are ideal for tackling shaggy hair. We rate this kit for heavy duty hair because it comes with everything you need to make your pup look pristine, including scissors and a comb. Bousnic offers additional comb attachments for thick hair.

Aussie reviewers on Amazon say these clippers charge quickly, with a 3-hour runtime to power through shaggy coats. These Bousnic shearers even boast a lifetime warranty. While we reckon they're up to the challenge, it’s important to wash, dry, trim and brush your dog to minimize knots before getting the clippers out, especially with long or thick hair.

The best beginner dog clippers

HOLDOG Dog Clippers
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If you’re just trying your hand at dog grooming, look no further than the affordable HOLDOG dog clippers. These easy-to-use clippers have an LCD display so you can easily see your battery life and power setting. Speaking of, there’s a simple knob at the top to change between 5 different speeds so you can clip with confidence.

The HOLDOG cordless clippers have detachable titanium and ceramic blades, coming in at around $130. They’ll go for up to 3 hours, too. Reviews show the HOLDOG clippers aren’t as durable as pricier models, though nearly 6,000 reviewers on Amazon score these just over 4.5 stars from 5. The warranty information isn't very clear, but HOLDOG offers 1-year “technical support.”

The best cordless dog clippers

Kazoo Dog Groomer
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When it comes to wriggly dogs, cordless clippers like the Kazoo Dog Groomer are key. The Kazoo clippers are around $130, coming with 4 attachment combs, blade oil, and a cleaning brush. They also include 2 rechargeable battery packs, so you'll always have backup.

We like how readily available these clippers are. You'll find them at major pet retailers across Australia. Reviewers on Pet Circle and Pet House score the Kazoo clippers nearly full marks from more than 10 combined reviews.

The best for detailed grooming

Wahl Bravmini
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Wahl has a reputation for quality beard trimmers, but the Wahl Bravmini is designed specially for four-legged friends. We reckon it's one of the best dog groomers on the market. The fine blades make tidy-ups a breeze on faces and paws, getting into small spots without stress. Like all good electronics, the Wahl clippers are compact, cordless and quiet, with low heat production for cooler blades.

The Wahl Bravmini runs for around 100 minutes, and is made in Europe with a 1-year warranty. Aussies are pretty pleased with this trimmer, scoring it nearly 4 stars from a handful of reviews on They reckon it’s “light and easy to use” with excellent battery life. The Wahl does only come with one comb attachment, though, and it’s pricey at around $200.

The best professional dog clippers

Wahl KM-SS
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Another winner from Wahl, these KM-SS dog clippers are Serious Groomers for serious groomers. With a 45w fan-cooled rotary motor, these quality shearers run on one high speed. The kit includes scissors, blade oil, a cleaning brush and 4 comb attachments. While they're not cordless, these simple, quality shearers are some of the best dog grooming clippers for home use.

Aussies score the Wahl KM-SS dog clippers just over 4 stars from more than 10 reviews on Several people rate the quality, and one reviewer says they work best over time with professional sharpening. Some say the blades get hot too quickly. Even so, most think the $229 price tag reflects quality. The KM-SS clippers are also backed up by a 2-year warranty.

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Features to consider

Has hunting for dog clippers left you scratching your head? We've broken down the most important features, so you can spend your time on tummy pats instead.


Most dog clippers have stainless steel blades. While moisture can cause rust, stainless steel contains a small amount of chromium for a strong, easy-care blade. On the other hand, stainless steel heats up quickly. This can be a problem if you're in a warmer climate, or if you're using dog clippers for an extended period. 

To stop your blades getting too hot, you can take frequent breaks, or try a clipper with ceramic blades. Ceramic takes longer to heat up than stainless steel, so ceramic blades stay cooler for longer. While we didn't find any ceramic-only clippers, 3 of our picks have combination ceramic and stainless blades. 

Products in the higher price range also have cooling features to help with this problem. The Wahl Bravmini is designed to produce less heat, and their KM-SS boasts a fan-cooled motor. If you have two or three dogs, or just one very large dog, a pricier set of clippers may save you time waiting for blades to cool. 

Just like a fancy set of cook's knives, it's a good idea to get the blades on your dog clippers professionally sharpened every so often. Sharper blades are more efficient, which prolongs the life of your clippers. Like chef's knives, sharper blades are also safer, affording tidier results with less effort.

Power source 

Across our research, most clippers were cordless with rechargeable batteries. Cordless clippers give you greater freedom of movement when dealing with stressed-out or unruly pups. Not all clippers let you recharge during use, so check for this feature if you've got a lot of grooming to do. Some clippers also come with 2 battery packs.

The downside of cordless clippers is you're restricted by battery life. If your dog's on the larger side, or you do a lot of grooming, a corded set of clippers could be a better choice. Batteries can eventually lose their 'oomph,' so plug-in dog clippers may also last longer over time.

Noise and vibration

If your dog is easily startled, a run-in with the clippers can be a recipe for disaster. Several of the products we found boast lower noise levels to help reduce stress. It's also important to wash and brush your dog regularly, so there's a smooth surface for the clippers to glide through. Keeping clippers sharp can also help with tangle-free grooming.


Many clipper kits come with scissors and grooming tools to prepare your dog's coat for a trim. Some also include blade oil to keep your set in better condition. You'll also find clippers with an array of attachment combs. These combs are usually in an assortment of measurements to guide the length of your trim.


We found a wide variation between product warranties, from 1 year "technical support" to lifetime warranties and everything in between. While a cheaper set of clippers might do the trick, products over $100 generally had longer warranties. Given that longer warranties often reflect quality, pricier clippers may work out cheaper in the long run - especially if you keep them in good nick with professional sharpening.

Ease of use

It can take a bit of practice to get the hang of dog grooming, so clippers with more features aren't necessarily better. If you're a beginner, or just hate complicated tech, simple dog clippers are your best bet. Clippers from bigger brands tend to have fewer features too, which may mean you're paying for the quality of the product rather than quantity of functions.


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