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The Best Electric Shaver in Australia for 2022

Or how to get a shave so close they'll ID you at the bottle-o.

The Best Electric Shaver
Elese Dowden
Apr 14, 2021
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Shaving your face is like any other job: it's easy when you have the right tools. The best electric shaver is robust, showerproof, and cordless, with sharp blades that don't take too much maintenance. Some even have pop-up trimmers to help touch up sideburns and facial hair. If you're looking to keep some length, beard trimmers or hair clippers are also great options. We've done the research, and here's what we reckon are the top electric razors in Australia.

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How we picked

When you're willingly putting rotating blades near your face, you want to be sure you're picking a product you can trust. We started our search with CHOICE, Australia's biggest consumer advocacy group, to see how electric shavers ranked in their independent testing. Only a few products were readily available in stores, so we headed over to to see what Aussies thought.

After adding the top-ranked razors with the most reviews to our list, we cross-checked our picks with what was available with major retailers. Only a few made the cut, so we made a second pass for razors with fewer reviews, and added one final listing to be sure we had a good selection. That's how we ended up with our guide to Australia's best electric razors.

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The best electric shaver for most

Panasonic 3 Blade Electric Shaver
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When it comes to the best electric shaver, we rate this 3 Blade model by Panasonic because it ticks all the boxes. It'll work wet or dry, for starters, so you can use it in the shower to save time. The grooves in the outer blades push shaving foam through the foils to glide smoothly over stubble, and there's an in-built sensor that automatically reduces the power level to be gentler on soft spots.

This Panasonic 3 Blade shaver is made in Japan, with precision blades that cut at 30 degrees. Its linear motor runs at 13,000 cycles per minute to speed through that 5 o'clock shadow. The outer foils are rounded to fit the contours of the skin, and it even has a handy pop-up trimmer for sideburns and nose hairs. We also like that it includes a water shutter switch to make cleaning a breeze.

The Panasonic 3 Blade electric shaver is great when you're on the go, too, with a switch lock button to guard against any awkward encounters at airport customs. It charges on its own stand, and comes with a storage holder for travel. This shaver is reviewed by CHOICE, and scores around 4 stars on Aussies say it's nicely built, charges quickly, and produces a clean, rash-free shave.

The best value electric shaver

Remington Power Series R3
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New to the world of electric shavers? The Remington Power Series R3 is a great starting point at a bargain price. At just under $70, this rotary shaver has similar features to high-end models, including multi-flexing heads and a multi-directional pivoting neck to get around harder-to-reach spots. This electric shaver is 100% waterproof, and even has a pop-up trimmer to help groom any pesky strays.

While you won't find an LED screen, the cordless Remington Power Series R3 does have an indicator light, taking around 4 hours to fully charge for a 60 minutes of cordless runtime. It scores around 4 stars on Aussies rate this budget shaver, saying it's easy to maintain and gives great results. In the words of one reviewer, 'for the price and the close shave, you can't go wrong.'

The best for sensitive skin

Panasonic Arc5
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For a smoother shave without the lumps and bumps, we rate the Panasonic Arc5. What makes this the best electric shaver for sensitive skin is its 5-blade cutting system. This includes 3 different kinds of foils and a flexible head to remove hair both gently and effectively. Its quick-lift foils have reverse-tapered edges to cut whiskers lying flat against your face. Comb blade foils chop longer whiskers, while specially-shaped finishing foils grab anything you've missed.

The Panasonic Arc5 also has a shaving sensor for a softer touch where needed, and its nano-polished inner blades are made from tempered stainless cutlery steel. Better quality blades make for a closer, quicker shave, so you won't run your skin ragged with this model. It's a good idea to use shaving foam or gel to help razors glide over sensitive skin, and the Arc5 is 100% waterproof for shaving wet or dry.

The Arc5 is reviewed by CHOICE, and scores around 4 stars on Aussies rate its pop up trimmer for sideburns, ears and nose hair, and say it's easy to clean thanks to its sonic vibration cleaning mode. They also say it has a solid battery life. And speaking of, the LCD screen tells you when your battery's low, or when you need to charge or clean your shaver. At just under $500, it's not in everyone's price range, but Aussies' overall verdict is that it's a quick, quiet, shaver that's gentle on sensitive skin.

The best luxury electric shaver

Braun Series 7
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If you're an old hand at electric shavers, it might be time to treat yourself with a Braun Series 7. This fancy little razor has all of the bells and whistles, starting with 360 degree flex blades. Combined with AutoSense technology which adjusts according to beard density, these blades effortlessly adapt to the contours of your face for a closer shave. It charges quickly with a 50-minute runtime, but there's also a 5-minute quick-charge function to help save face when you're having one of those mornings.

The Braun Series 7 is 100% waterproof for shaving in the shower, and you can use it wet or dry. You can also mix and match with additional attachment heads like beard and precision trimmers, or a stubbler, body groomer or cleansing brush. You can keep this shaver in tip top shape with Braun's SmartCare Centre, which is one of the cleverest charging stations out there. It's an added extra, but this ingenious docking system helps you get more from your electric shaver by cleaning and lubricating while it charges.

The Braun Series 7 is made in Germany with a 2-year warranty, and scores around 3.5 stars on Aussies really rate this electric shaver for its quick charging and powerful motor. Some say it takes a little longer than others, and one person reckons the blades need replacing every 3 months or so. But if you're looking to upgrade, the Braun Series 7 is a robust and versatile electric shaver.

The best for coarse hair

GilletteLabs Heated Razor
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Still gritting your teeth while you shave? There's a better way to cut through coarse hair with the GilletteLabs Heated Razor. This lightweight, innovative shaver has a stainless steel heated warming bar that helps to soften coarse hair and skin for a closer, more comfortable shave. It's waterproof, and is designed to mimic the feeling of a hot towel in a traditional cut throat shave. You'll need to use this razor with GilletteLabs heated razor cartridges, but it charges easily with a wireless dock.

The GilletteLabs Heated Razor is highly rated the world over, winning TIME's Best Inventions and the Best of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in 2019. Aussie reviewers also rate this model, scoring it around 5 stars on They say it's good for thick stubble, and recommend slowing down for an optimal warming and softening effect on thicker hair. At just under $300, the price isn't exactly cutting-edge, but coarse-haired folks may find this clever technology worth the investment.

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Is an electric shaver better than a razor?

The long and short of it is: it depends. An electric shaver is ideal if you don't have time to muck around. Electric shavers are designed to be more ergonomic, so they're easier to use. Blades don't get as close to the skin, which makes for a gentler (albeit less close) shave. Replacement blades or foils can be pricey, but many electric shavers are designed for use in the shower, with or without water. This makes it easy to breeze through facial hair when you don't have time to waste.

Classic razors are usually cheaper than an electric shaver, though they can be more of a hassle. Razor blades are smaller and more exposed. This means you can get into tight spots with a razor for an extra-close shave, though it's easier to cut yourself as the blades sit closer to the skin. You'll also need to use water and some sort of lather, which can make shaving with a razor both time messy and time consuming.

TL;DR - electric shavers have the edge because there’s less risk of you cutting yourself and they’re quicker and easier to use than lathering up a razor. Although the closest shave still belongs to a razor.

What makes a good electric shaver

Wet or dry

Being able to use an electric shaver wet or dry is a big help. It means if you're running late, you can chuck it in the shower with you and shave away. Plus, a waterproof electric shaver makes sense from a safety perspective too, especially if you're using it in the bathroom.


The best electric shavers have pop up trimmers, making it 2 tools in 1. If you fancy tidying up your sideburns or hairline or need to get rid of a stray long hair, a pop up trimmer lets you do that, without having to invest in a separate tool.

LED screen

This is more a nice-to-have than a must-have, but a LED screen is something you'll be glad you splashed a little more cash on. Why? Well, it'll tell you when your shaver needs charging for starters. No more wondering about battery life. Simply look at the screen to find out how much juice your shaver has left. Really smart ones will even tell you when your electric shaver needs a decent clean.

Quick charge

Picture the scene: you really really need to shave and you're running late. You grab your electric shaver but uh-oh, it's dead and it takes over 1 hour to charge! What are you going to do? Hopefully just hit the quick charge button and a few minutes later you have enough power to tidy up your face. Disaster averted.

Common questions

What's the difference between an electric shaver and a beard trimmer?

Electric shavers are often confused with beard trimmers. But as the names suggest, an electric shaver shaves hair with blades that sit close to the skin, while a beard trimmer cuts hair closely, leaving some length. If you want a bare face or a bald head, an electric shaver is the way to go. To maintain your 5 o'clock shadow, or touch up that moustache, a beard trimmer is a better bet.

What kind of electric shaver should I choose?

When choosing an electric shaver, you're faced with two broad choices. Rotary shavers have three circular heads which contain blades. To use a rotary shaver, you move the heads in a circular motion against the contours of your face, and circular guards guide hair into the blades for a clean shave. Foil shavers have perforated foils designed to run directly over the skin, and the hair that pokes through the holes is cut by oscillating blades that sit behind these protective foils. 

Both rotary and foil shavers are similarly priced, taking a similar amount of time to get the job done. Rotary shavers are more heavy-duty than foil shavers, which makes them slightly rougher on the skin. That's why rotary shavers are ideal for those with thicker facial hair, especially if you've been shaving for years. Multiple circular blades also mean rotary shavers are good for getting round facial contours and different hair directions, so they're great for an all-over shave. 

If you shave every day, have skin that's easily irritated, or need a shaver that'll give you straight lines, a foil shaver is a better option. Protective foils are gentler on the skin than the circular heads of a rotary shaver, making them ideal for fine facial hair or sensitive skin. Foils also allow you to shave in straight lines like you would with a traditional razor for a bare-faced shave.


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