The Best Juicer in Australia for 2022

Or how to avoid paying shop prices for a glass of juice.

The Best Juicer
Sarah Idle
Oct 18, 2021
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In this guide

If it’s one thing we’re short of these days it’s time. Luckily, our modern world gets this. Which is why nowadays we have plenty of things to help us save it. No time to cook dinner? Hello your favourite food-ordering-and-delivery app. No time to walk? Hop on an electric scooter that’s lying nearby. No time to eat an apple? Blitz it in a juicer and enjoy its juicy goodness instead.

Not only does a decent juicer make quick work of your favourite fruit, whipping up delicious, fresh juice at home might be cheaper than juice bar prices. The best juicer offers you convenience, with minimum pre-cutting required. It’s easy to use and is backed by a good warranty. From cold press to fast, this is a guide to the best juicers in Australia. It’s been informed by hours of research which includes independent testing and real Aussie customers’ thoughts.

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How we picked

We planned this to be a guide to Australia’s best cold press juicers. We originally thought that cold press, or masticating juicers were better nutritionally than their fast siblings. This was because of their pressing technique, and lower speeds and temperatures.

However, after hours of research, we worked out that perhaps cold press juicers aren’t that superior to fast juicers when it comes to nutrition. As CHOICE puts it, “There's no single juicer or juicer type that consistently extracts the maximum amount of nutrients from each juice tested”.

So, we changed our scope. This is now a guide to Australia’s juicer brands, and it includes both cold press and fast juicers.

If you’re wondering what the differences are, check out the FAQs.

To choose Australia’s best juicers, we started with CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group. This gave us a list of independently tested juicers. We ran these through to see how real Aussies rated them. 

Then we did the exact opposite: we found the top-rated juicers on and then saw what CHOICE thought of them.

Which left us with a mix of juicers that were either top-rated by CHOICE or by Australian consumers – but not both. So, we’ve been open about who rates which juicer, and why. 

To us, the best juicer is easy to use and ideally, clean. Although this considered the fact that cold press juicers aren’t dishwasher safe. We initially thought we wanted juicers with a small footprint, but that’s difficult to find. Turns out, whichever type you choose, they’re all bulky. We wanted a good warranty that reflected your investment and a balance between affordability and quality. Ideally, we wanted them to be independently tested by CHOICE and have a minimum of 100 reviews and 4 stars on

Armed with that criteria, we found Australia’s 10 top juicers.

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Best cold press juicer

Mod Cold Press Juicer
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A modern juicer very much designed for Instagram, that still delivers – meet the Mod Cold Press Juicer. Great looks combine with great functionality and warranty, all in a quiet package that comes with a wellness plan, recipes and branded juice flask and produce bag. No wonder it’s Aussies’ most loved cold press juicer.

What we love

Wide chute

Mod claims the juicer has a wide chute, allowing you to put ingredients in whole or with minimal chopping. A photo on their website shows an apple being swallowed whole. However, we can’t find the exact dimensions listed anywhere.


At just 50dB, it’s super quiet so no disturbing anyone while you’re whipping up your morning juice.


The sorbet maker allows you to whip up sorbet and plant milks and butters too, making this more than just a juicer.

Easy clean

Aussies on mention how easy the Mod Cold Press Juicer is to clean, but it’s hard to quantify what that means. It’s handwash only (like all the cold press juicers we’ve reviewed) but according to Mod ‘clean up takes mere minutes’.


Stylish, sleek and oh-so-modern, the Mod Cold Press Juicer will look great in your kitchen.

Juicing ability

It can handle a huge range of fruit and veg, even tricky ones like beetroot, celery, carrot, kale and ginger.

Australia’s favourite juicer

It’s been awarded Juicer of the Year 5 years in a row by


It offers an impressive 20-year warranty for the motor, and 5-year for the parts.

Aussie-owned company

We like to support local, and Mod is that. Aussie-owned and operated, they’re committed to health, wellness and good customer service.


Around $550, it’s a well-priced cold press juicer.

The not so good bits

None that we can find.

Additional specs

If there was ever a cold press juicer for the Instagram age, it’s the Mod Cold Press Juicer. With its retro styling and 4 classic colours, it’s one beautiful cold press juicer. But it’s not only its looks that are impressive – we reckon it’s Australia’s best cold press juicer.

Let’s start with the wide mouth chute for minimal chopping, which means you get your delicious juice, quicker. It’s also super quiet, just 50dB, which is about the same noise level as a quiet conversation at home.

Its multifunctional attachment allows you to make sorbet and plant milk and butters. With its 240w motor, it claims to devour all fruit and vegetables, including tough stringy ones, like celery.

We love that the Mod comes from an Aussie-owned and run company. Aussies love the Mod Cold Press Juicer too. It’s a Award Winner for 5 years in a row (2017 - 2021). Unsurprisingly, it gets almost 5 stars. Customers rave about its ability to handle tough veg, including celery and beets, how easy it is to clean and its quietness.

In the box, you’ll find a fine filter, 2 juicing jugs, a jug strainer and a cleaning brush. You also get a wellness bundle which includes the sorbet maker, wellness plan and recipes, a digital juice cleanse and a branded juice flask and produce bag. Phew. With a RRP around $550, it comes with an impressive warranty: 20-years motor and 5-years parts.

Further reading:

Best for ease of use

Kuvings B8000
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From the extra wide chute for minimal prep time to easy clean features like the smart cap and the 2 included cleaning brushes, we reckon the Kuvings B8000 is really easy to use. It’s able to juice through a huge range of ingredients, comes with a sorbet maker and is packed with quality materials.

What we love

Sorbet maker

The sorbet maker makes this cold press juicer a multi-use tool, capable of whipping up frozen desserts as well as juices.

Chute size

Its big chute (7.6x7.6cm) means you don’t need to do much, if any, pre-chopping. This makes the Kuvings B8000 very easy to use.


The material is high quality. Although BPA-free material is quite standard, the use of durable Ultem in the screw and strainer, which NASA uses in its space shuttles, demonstrates their commitment to quality.


Make your juice without feeling like a plane’s taking off in your kitchen.

Smart cap

Found on the end of the spout, the smart cap stops juice dripping out of the machine and onto the benchtop. Plus, for quick, easy rinsing, keep the smart cap closed and run a glass of water in the juicer.


It comes with a huge 20-year warranty for the motor, and a 5-year warranty for parts. This is for domestic use only and is one of the best warranties of the cold press juicers we reviewed.


As well as the sorbet maker, it comes with all the kit you need to keep it clean, plus a comprehensive instruction and recipe book.


The rubber feet keep the juicer safely on the benchtop. You can only operate the juicer if it’s properly and fully assembled. There are 3 heat vents to allow longer use, and an auto shut-off if the juicer is in danger of overheating.

The not so good bits

Consumer reviews

There’s a lack of independent consumer reviews – there’s currently only one on This isn’t a deal-breaker, but consumer reviews do provide good insights as to how the juicer performs in Aussie kitchens.


With all its bits, it can be difficult to store. Plus, there’s no cord storage. Make sure you’ve got plenty of room in the kitchen, it measures 22.8 × 20.8 × 44.8cm.

Not dishwasher safe

No parts of the Kuvings B8000 can be put in the dishwasher. To clean, you need to pour water into the juicer and turn on the motor. We don’t think this is too difficult. None of the cold press juicers we reviewed are dishwasher safe. If you’re after a cold press juicer, you need to accept that they need a bit more care – be prepared to handwash them.

Additional specs

From our research, the difference between a good cold press juicer and a great one is the size of the chute. The bigger the chute, the bigger the fruit or veg you can put in – and the less pre-chopping you need to do. The Kuvings cold press juicer (B8000) has an extra-large chute (7.6 x 7.6cm): it can handle a whole apple. This is just one way that it’s easy to use.

Another is the smart cap which stops juice dripping out the spout, making clean up simple. Plus, with the smart cap on you can run a glass in the juicer for a quick, easy rinse.

The range of ingredients it can handle is impressive and varied, which means no need to worry about what it can handle. As well as fruit, this includes nuts like almonds, cashews and hazelnuts (once they’ve been soaked overnight), wheatgrass, herbs, the skin of oranges (although this may be quite bitter), carrots and celery.

Finally, it comes with 2 cleaning brushes, one specifically designed for cleaning up greens (which tend to be more stringy).

Ease of use aside, it features Ultem in the screw and strainer, which you’ll also find in NASA space shuttles and medical equipment. This means it’s durable and long-lasting. With a 400ml capacity, you can produce juice for 1-2 people at once. It comes with a sorbet maker, recipe book and pulp and juice jug.

It comes in around $600 and has an impressive warranty: a 20-year one on the motor, and 5 years on parts.

Currently, it's only got 1 review on (5 star though!) and it's recommended by CHOICE.

Best fast juicer

Breville the Juice Fountain Max
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The Breville the Juice Fountain Max is an easy to use fast juicer that works quickly. Thanks to its extra wide chute (the biggest we reviewed), it can tackle whole large apples and oranges. Its stainless-steel body gives it a modern appearance, with its looks backed up by independent testing.

What we love

Chute size

At 8.4cm wide, this is the biggest chute we’ve reviewed. A big chute means it can handle whole produce at once, with no need for pre-chopping.

Built-in froth separator

Say bye to frothy juice!

Easy clean

Dishwasher safe parts and smooth, rounded design that cleverly avoids creating food traps, you can quickly rinse the Juice Fountain Max before popping into the dishwasher. Plus, the froth separator doubles as a lid, helping to contain any mess while you’re using it.

1L jug size

Which allows you to whip up a huge amount of juice in one go. This makes it perfect for families or organised types who like to create juice then leave in the fridge (note: it’s best to drink juice immediately to maximise the amount and quality of nutrients).


It comes with a 5-year motor warranty for peace of mind.

2 speeds

The instruction book tells you which speed to use with which produce to get the best results and maximise the juice you get.

The not so good bits


At RRP around $300, it’s far less than a cold press juicer. But it’s one of the most expensive fast juicers. From our research, we do think the Juice Fountain Max is an excellent choice and worth the money.


This is one of the nosiest juicers we’ve reviewed. But with the average juicing time being less than 1 minute, you don’t have to put up with the noise for long.

Stainless steel

With a stainless-steel body, the Juice Fountain Max looks sleek and modern. However, stainless steel does require a bit more care, especially because it shows up water stains and fingerprints. Luckily, there are plenty of resources  to help you care for stainless steel.

Additional specs

Breville dominates the fast juicer market, and for good reason. The Juice Fountain Max boasts an extra wide feed chute. At 8.4cm, it’s the biggest one we reviewed across cold press and fast juicers. According to Breville, this feed chute and filter helps it “extract up to 20% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers” (ref. National Measurement Institute, Australia (2003, 2011)). We haven’t been able to find this source. Regardless of the nutritional value, a large feed chute means less prep time and extra convenience for you.

A criticism frequently lobbed at fast juicers is how they produce frothy juice. To counteract this, the Juice Fountain Max has a built-in froth separator. This separates the froth from the juice when it’s poured into a glass. Plus, this separator allows you to use the juicer with the lid on to minimise mess.

Unlike its cold press counterparts, the Juice Fountain Max has plenty of dishwasher-safe parts. It still includes a cleaning brush though, so you can tackle the filter mesh. The jug is a generous 1L, to make lots of juice in one go. It has 2 speeds and comes with a recipe book and a 5-year motor warranty.

The RRP is around $300 which is the second most expensive fast juicer we’ve reviewed, but about 50% of the price of a cold press juicer. It’s been thoroughly tested by CHOICE and there are good, but limited, customer reviews on

Best value juicer

800ml Juicer
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The 800ml Juicer is a no-frills fast juicer that’s easy to use. A wide chute and 600-watt motor can juice a range of produce, but its biggest selling point is its low price - just $59. It’s a great way to see if a juicer works for you.

What we love

Easy operation

Put your ingredients down the chute, switch the dial to low or high and wait for the juice to come out into the 1 jug provided. It couldn’t be easier to use.

Easy care

With dishwasher-safe parts (and very few parts full stop), it’s easy to keep clean.

800ml capacity jug

Making it ideal for families or up to 4 people.

Wide chute

Which means less cutting time for you (although we can’t find the actual dimensions of the chute).


At just $59, this is an incredibly affordable juicer.

2 speeds

This allows the juicer to tackle a range of fruit and veg for best results.

The not so good bits

No customer reviews

Although it’s been tested by CHOICE, there aren’t any customer reviews which means we don’t really know how it performs in real Aussie kitchens, rather than test labs.


Noisier than the Breville the Juice Fountain Max, especially at high speeds, and with a longer juicing time, be prepared for quite a bit of noise when you’re using it.

1-year warranty

Not surprising at this price point, the juicer only comes with a 1-year warranty. But that should be enough time to check that a juicer works for you.

Integrated pulp container...

Having a pulp container within the machine helps to create a more compact juicer. The downside? (See below!)

... Cleaning

You need to take the machine apart to access and empty the container.

Additional specs

Kmart can produce excellently priced small electronics, like their 800ml Juicer. We’ve also rated their 2 in 1 corded stick vacuum and chose their 1.5L Digital Blender as on of Australia’s best blenders.

What you’re getting with their 800ml Juicer is a no-frills fast juicer. Which means no deluxe recipe book or cleaning brush. But you do get a decent-sized chute (which means very little cutting of fruit and veg is needed) and an easy to operate dial that goes from off to low or high speed. A 800ml jug produces enough juice for around 4 people. Its 2 speeds can handle fruit and green juices, powered by a 600-watt motor.

Its detachable parts are dishwasher safe for easy clean up, and it also has cord storage. Best of all, it’s just $59 making it an excellent way to see if a juicer is right for you.

Although there aren’t any customer reviews (yet), it has been thoroughly tested by CHOICE.

No items found.

Others worth considering

Optimum H3000 2nd Gen
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We reviewed the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) and awarded it Australia’s best blender. So, it’s not surprising Optimum has delivered an excellent cold press juicer. The Optimum H3000 2nd Gen boasts a 7.6cm x 7.6cm feeding chute, the same as the Kuvings B8000. This makes it the one of the biggest feeding chutes we reviewed, reducing your pre-chopping time.

It’s packing a 300w motor to power through fruit and veggies for up to 20 minutes. It has 1 speed plus a reverse function. It’s also packing an easy clean ceramic juicing screw. Apparently it’s healthier than plastic ones too (according to the manufacturer, anyway).

It’s got an in-built vacuum function. This removes oxygen from the 350ml portable cup that’s included. Apparently, this keeps “your juices packed with nutrients and fresh for longer by reducing oxidisation [oxidation]”. This is the only juicer we reviewed that’s got this function. Same goes for the warming function that lets you make warm nut milks and baby food.

It has a 500ml capacity, allowing you to make juice for 1-2 people at a time. As well as juicing, it can handle sorbets, nut milk, soy milk and baby food.

RRP around $800, it comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor, and 5 years on parts (for domestic use only). You can try it for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back. It’s been reviewed by CHOICE and gets almost 5 stars on where Aussies rave about how easy it is to clean.

Hurom H34 One Stop
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Unlike our other reviewed juicers, the Hurom H34 doesn’t have a feeding chute. Instead, you throw all your ingredients into the ‘hopper’ – which looks like a food processing bowl. Once the lid is on, the hopper feeds them into the juicer. This means you don’t have to feed each ingredient separately into the juicer, saving you time. It includes a fine and coarse strainer, a juice recipe book and cleaning brushes. Like the Kuvings B8000, it has a smart cap to stop juice from dripping out the spout. It also has a 10-year motor warranty, and a 5-year parts one.

An advantage of the Hurom is its more compact design. Designed vertically, with components stacking on top of each other, it measures 15 W x 31 D x 43cm H. In comparison, the Kuvings B8000 is 22.8 W x 20.8 D x 44.8cm H. Which is quite a saving on width but 10cm more in depth.

Although tested by CHOICE, we haven’t found any independent consumer reviews. Its RRP (around $750), less features and less good warranty compared to our top picks are other reasons why the Hurom isn’t up there.

Optimum 600M
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Unlike the Optimum H3000 2nd Gen, the Optimum 600M is a far more compact cold press juicer. Its sleek looks and small footprint makes it ideal for smaller kitchens. Its 200w motor offers 40-45 RPM, for slow juicing and a 30-45 minute runtime. This also makes it quiet, at around 66 dB. It’s not going to have the grunt to tackle the stringiest fruit and veg.

As you’d expect from a compact juicer, the chute size is small. Although not listed anywhere, it looks to be only a few centimetres wide. Expect a fair amount of pre-chopping. But its compact nature means it only has 4 parts. This makes it easy to take apart and clean.

It comes with a 600ml juice cup, 600ml pulp cup and a cleaning brush. You also get a 5-year motor and parts warranty and a 30-day free trial. Although not reviewed by CHOICE, it gets over 3.5 stars on One Aussie suggests it makes a great starter juicer.

Sunbeam JE7800
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The Sunbeam JE7800 has 7cm wide fruit chute, quite far off our top pick Breville the Juice Fountain Max’s 8.4cm – but with a RRP of around $180, it is more affordable. This is still a good chute size and will be able to handle small whole fruits, like apples. With 3L total capacity (1L juice, 2L pulp), you can make juice for the whole family without stopping to empty the pulp container.

Like our Home & Co Juicer Large runner-up, it has a 1,000-watt motor and 2 speeds. Unlike our runner-up, it comes with a cleaning brush and recipe book and it isn’t dishwasher safe. Which is quite surprising for a fast juicer – it’s the only one we reviewed that isn’t. It’s also the noisiest of all the juicers we reviewed.

Although it’s been tested by CHOICE, there aren’t any consumer reviews yet. Overall, we don’t think the Sunbeam JE7800 offers vastly more than our 800ml Juicer top pick (although it looks better), but it’s more than double the price.

Breville the Juice Fountain Compact
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Our second of 3 Brevilles, the Juice Fountain Compact is one of our most affordable fast juicers with a RRP around $200. As the name implies, the Juice Fountain Compact is all about space-saving. The pulp is collected within the footprint of the unit to save counter space. Which results in a slightly smaller juicer. Compare it to Hurom H34 One Stop Slow Juicer which also claims to be more compact. That measures 15 W x 31 D x 43cm H. The Juice Fountain Compact measures 24.3 W x 22.6 D x 40.4cm H. Which means the Juice Fountain Compact is less deep and high, but about 10cm wider. Plus, having the pulp collector integrated makes it harder to clean – you need to take the machine apart.

This compact nature is also reflected in the jug size: 740ml, the lowest of all juicers we’ve reviewed. It also only has 1 speed – the only juicer we’ve reviewed that doesn’t offer more than one. It doesn’t scrimp on chute size though. It’s a respectable 7.5cm wide, which means you can juice whole produce without pre-cutting. The built-in froth separator helps to deliver froth-free juice.

With dishwasher-safe parts and a cleaning brush included, it’s easy care – integrated pulp container aside. It’s been tested by CHOICE and has good, but limited, reviews on where it’s racked up around 4 stars.

One speed, high noise, a 1-year warranty and an integrated pulp container for slightly trickier cleaning means the Breville Juice Fountain Compact isn’t one of our top picks.

Breville the Juice Fountain Cold Plus
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We had to include Breville the Juice Fountain Cold Plus in the competition because the name is so misleading! You might think it’s a cold press juicer thanks to the inclusion of cold in the name. It’s not. According to Breville, it uses Cold Spin Technology to “transfer less than 1°C while extracting fruit”. Which we think refers to people believing the speed of a fast juicer creates heat, which destroys nutrients.  Misleading name aside, the Juice Fountain Cold Plus has a 1,200-1,300-watt motor to quickly process tough fruit and veg. It has 2 speed settings.

Again, it features a large chute – 8.8cm, 0.4cm more than our Breville top pick. It also comes with a 5-year motor warranty, cleaning brush and 2L seal and store juice jug, which keeps your juice fresh in the fridge for up to 3 days. This is a great idea for families. Plus, it has a LED indicator if your motor has stopped due to overloading.

The best thing about the Breville the Juice Fountain Cold Plus is the unique space-saving design. The pulp bin is located behind the base. This makes it a great choice for small kitchens or benchtops.

It’s been tested by CHOICE and currently gets over 4 stars (from limited reviews) on Although it has some nice features, like the seal and store jug, space saving design and LED indicator, we don’t think they have a huge impact on the juicer’s performance.

The bottom line

A good juicer needs to consistently deliver smooth juice with minimal pulp and froth. It needs to yield a good amount of juice for the produce you put in, making it a more cost-effective option than juice bar-bought juice. A juicer needs to be about the convenience too. It should require minimal pre-cutting and be quick to clean up afterwards.

This is slightly harder with cold press juicers that require handwashing. Due to their slow pressing nature, they also take a lot longer than their fast siblings to produce a jug of juice. 

We think the Mod Cold Press Juicer is Australia’s best cold press juicer. Made for the Instagram age, its beautifully retro styling is backed up by its great functionality. This includes a multifunctional attachment so you can create sorbet and plant milk and butters. With a focus on wellness, this Aussie-owned and operated company provides a wellness plan (read: recipe book) and a Mod-branded juice flask to enjoy goodness on the go. 

We also rate the Kuvings B8000, especially for its ease of use. It has a large chute which can handle whole fruit, cutting down on your pre-chopping work. It also handles a wide range of ingredients, including pre-soaked nuts, wheatgrass, herbs, orange peel, carrots and celery. It comes with a sorbet maker too, transforming it into a multi-use tool. A 20-year motor warranty and a recommendation from CHOICE makes it a great option.

If you’d like to spend less money, you might like a fast juicer. Our pick for the best fast juicer in Australia is the Breville the Juice Fountain Max. It has the biggest feed chute we’ve reviewed (8.4cm) for maximum convenience, a built-in froth separator for smooth juice and dishwasher-safe parts. Although with a RRP of around $300, it’s the most expensive fast juicer we’ve reviewed, it’s about 50% of the price of a cold press juicer.

If price is a big consideration, try our best for budget pick. The 800ml Juicer is just $59. This no-frills fast juicer gives you a decent-sized chute, a 800ml jug, 2 speeds and a 600-watt motor.

Types of juicers

There are 2 types of juicers we cover in this guide: cold press (slow) and fast (centrifugal). Here's why you might buy one over the other.

Cold press juicers, also known as slow juicers, these slowly crush the ingredients, pressing the juice and pulp out of 2 different chutes, which may result in smoother, less frothy juice. This takes around 5 minutes. They tend to be quieter than fast juicers and are handwash only. They’re usually multifunctional and can handle producing juice as well as nut butters and milk, sorbet, ice cream and pureed baby food. Their warranties tend to be longer, which reflect their higher price point.

Centrifugal juicers are a fancy way of saying fast juicers. They spin at high speeds to pulverise the ingredients, separating the pulp from the juice. They’re fast and usually have wide feed chutes which means less pre-cutting for you. They’re easy care thanks to their dishwasher safe parts. They’re cheaper than slow juicers, but they’re noisier and can result in more frothy juice.

What we looked for

Pulp container

Choose a large pulp container and you won’t have to keep stopping the machine to empty it. The Breville the Juice Fountain Cold has the biggest one of the juicers we reviewed, a huge 3.4L. More expensive juicers tend to have the pulp container on the outside of the juicer. This means you don’t have to disassemble the machine to empty the container. Machines with integrated pulp containers tend to be more compact but cleaning them is a hassle – you need to take the machine apart.

If you’re very limited on space, an integrated pulp container makes sense, but we think non-integrated ones are far easier to clean. 

Chute size

The bigger the chute, the better the time savings for you. That’s because you don’t need to pre-cut your produce. Ideally, you’re looking for a chute that can handle a small apple, whole.

Multifunctional attachment

Sometimes marketed as a sorbet maker, multifunctional attachments allow you to blitz frozen fruit into desserts, or whip up nut milks and butters, and sometimes tofu. Paying extra for this attachment means you get more than just a juicer.


The jug should be made of BPA-free plastic, or some variant of. A 1L jug can hold juice from a huge 1kg of produce. A large jug means you don’t need to empty it while you’re processing. Look for a decent pouring spout. Some juicers also come with froth separators, especially Breville ones. Some juicers don’t come with a jug – although all the ones we reviewed do. If that’s the case, the spout needs to be high enough to fit over a large jug, around 1L.

Reverse feature

Because of their slow speed, a cold press juicer can get clogged. A reverse feature is helpful if you need to unclog it.

Common questions

Should I buy a cold press or fast juicer?

You might choose a cold press, or slow juicer over a fast one if you’re:

  • Into taste. Fast juicers usually give a smooth but frothy juice.
  • Worried about speed and temperature rises, with heat being blamed for destroying nutrients. However, CHOICE has done some research that dispels the myth that fast juicers cause hotter juice: “We measured the temperature of the fruit and vegetables before juicing and after juicing, and there was no significant difference in temperature.”
  • Not bothered about the time it takes to produce your juice.

What are the pros and cons of a cold press juicer?

If you choose a cold press juicer, they’re great because:

  • They’re normally quiet.
  • They’re easy to clean thanks to their smaller parts.
  • They can handle juicing leafy green veg.
  • They tend to have longer warranties.
  • Some vertical models can be smaller and more compact.
  • Some of them can do other things beyond juicing, like grinding stuff.
  • The juice might be less frothy so might taste better.

Cold press juicers are not-so-great because:

  • They’re expensive.
  • They normally have multiple parts that need cleaning straightaway to stop them getting sticky and gunky.
  • They don’t usually have dishwasher safe parts.
  • They take time to juice, around 5-6 minutes.
  • Some horizontal models can be bulky and crowd your benchtop.
  • They tend to have smaller chutes which means more time chopping the fruit / veg.

What are the pros and cons of a fast juicer?

If you choose a fast juicer, they’re great because:

  • They’re fast (d’uh).
  • They normally have wide chutes which means less time chopping.
  • They usually have dishwasher safe parts for speedy clean up.
  • They can normally handle leafy green veg and herbs.
  • They tend to come with large juice jugs and pulp containers = less emptying.

Fast juicers are not-so-great because:

  • They can be noisy.
  • Their filters can be tricky to clean.
  • They can be large and bulky, making them hard to store / fit on the benchtop.
  • They can wander across your benchtop thanks to the high speed causing vibrations.
  • The juice they make can be frothy.

What's the difference between a juicer and a blender?

Whether you choose a slow or fast juicer, they do the same thing. They extract the pulp from the fruit or veg, leaving you with just the juice.

A blender processes the whole fruit or veg, including the pulp. This makes a thicker drink (aka a smoothie).

Some juicers do more than just produce juice. They can also whip up nut butters and milk, sorbet, ice cream and pureed baby food.

Blenders tend to be more multifunctional than a juicer. As the name says, they blend and liquefy ingredients to make milkshakes and smoothies. They can also make great purees, soups, dips and nut butters.

If you just want your morning OJ fix, a juicer is probably best for you.

If you want to whip up smoothies, milkshakes, soups and more, opt for a blender.

Is juice from a cold press (slow) juicer healthier than juice from a fast juicer?

According to CHOICE, you can ignore the marketing blurb that says cold pressed juice is the superior of the 2:  “There's no single juicer or juicer type that consistently extracts the maximum amount of nutrients from each juice tested.”

The quality of juice produced (which CHOICE bases on lab tests for vitamins and minerals) by both types of juicers can vary. This is thanks to factors like seasonality and freshness of the produce you’re using. It also depends on your nutritional needs. If you’re after vitamin C, a cold press juicer might be worth it as it seems like they do extract good amounts of that. But if you need calcium or magnesium, a cold press juicer might struggle to produce good quantities of those in comparison to a fast juicer.

As well as claims about the nutritional value of the juice, you might see claims about fast juicers ‘ruining’ the healthiness of juice due to temperature rises. As fast juicers rely on speed, some slow juice manufacturers claim this speed heats up the juice, stripping out nutrients and vitamins.

Again, CHOICE has debunked this: “We measured the temperature of the fruit and vegetables before juicing and after juicing, and there was no significant difference in temperature.”

If you can’t decide between the 2, review the pros and cons of each rather than focusing on their alleged health benefits. Friends, we reckon there’s little difference.


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