The Best Slow Cooker in Australia for 2022

Or how to whip up impressive meals with minimal effort.

The Best Slow Cooker
Sarah Idle
Oct 17, 2021
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In this guide

For some reason, sliced bread has got the reputation of being The Best Thing. But let's be honest, sliced bread is just, well, sliced bread. If you’re really craving some food-related excitement, a slow cooker is where it’s at. A slow cooker delivers flavour-packed meals, mouth-watering aromas, falling-off-the-fork meat and tender yet never mushy vegetables. Even better, you don’t have to do much more than throw your ingredients in, switch it on and let it work.

The best slow cooker is easy to use, with intuitive controls and a variety of cooking modes for maximum flexibility. It’s also easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe parts, and durable, representing good value for money. This is a guide to the top slow cookers in Australia, informed by independent testing and real Aussie consumer insights.

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How we picked

We started with CHOICE, Australia’s consumer advocacy group. They put a huge number of slow cookers through their paces across 24 criteria chosen by their expert testers. This gave us a good starting point.

We then turned to, Australia's first consumer opinion site, to see how these slow cookers performed in real Aussie kitchens, not a test environment. We also searched for the most popular slow cookers as judged by users, rather than the CHOICE testers.

Finally, we looked at Canstar Blue, an Australian consumer review and comparison website. They ran a slow cooker survey, which gave us a good understanding of popular brands in Australia, although not specific models.

This gave us a shortlist of slow cookers. We chose our picks based on how easy they were to use and clean and weighed up price and independent testing against consumer insights and trying to avoid certain brand dominance.

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The best slow cooker for most

Breville Flavour Maker 7L
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Choose this if

Combining convenience with depth of flavour, the Breville Flavour Maker takes you directly from searing your meat to cooking it, in just 1 pan. Easy clean with a standalone pan that’s oven, cooktop, dishwasher and fridge safe, it’s big enough to feed a crowd, with minimal washing up.

What we love

7L size

The generous capacity means you can fit an entire roast in the pan, with some veggies fitted in too. This makes it great for families, cooking for a crowd or anyone who likes to fill the freezer with leftovers.

Stove top to cooker

Searing meat first helps to produce rich caramelised flavours. Being able to do it in a pan and then slot it directly into your slow cooker means you’re getting these flavours with minimum effort – and washing up.  

Standalone pan

The pan can be used by itself in the oven and on the cooktop, although it’s not suitable for induction. You’re not just getting a slow cooker; you’re getting a searing / roasting pan too.

Non-stick pan

For easy cleaning! Some customer reviews raise issues with the non-stick coating coming off. We’ve seen a lot of these complaints, and not just about this slow cooker or brand. Overall, it seems to be isolated cases rather than a genuine issue.

Easy care

With the pan being dishwasher and fridge safe, this is an easy to look after slow cooker – you’ve only got 1 pan to care for which can be popped in the dishwasher.

Removable power cord

This means you can dish up at the table, saving you using and washing up a serving bowl.


At around $150, we think all these features make the Breville Flavour Maker excellent value for money.

The not so good bits

Size and weight

Its 7L pan means it’s going to be heavy and bulky to store: it weighs 5kg. Measuring  46cm W x 28cm H x 23cm D, you’ll need adequate storage space.

No timer

With no built-in timer, you’ll need to set your own timer.

No keep warm function

A keep warm function is handy, keeping your food warm at a safe temperature, but not cooking, until you’re ready to eat it. We don’t think it’s a deal-breaker not having this function but even the $39 Kmart model packs one.

1-year warranty

It’s a shame to spend around $150 and only get a 1-year limited warranty.

Non see-through lid

Taking off a lid during slow cooking is a big no-no. It can have a big impact on the cooking time. A see-through lid can be handy for having a look at what’s going on. But given you can’t take it off, there’s not a huge benefit in being see-through. Think of this as a slow cooker that’s good for people who like surprises.

Additional specs

Slow cooking is all about convenience combined with depth of flavour. This is a combo that the Breville Flavour Maker 7L Slow Cooker nails. That’s because its pan can be used on the stove top to sear meat, before being directly transferred to the slow cooker to tenderise the meat in its delicious browned juices. You can even use the pan in the oven, making it a multifunctional standalone tool. Removable silicone handles mean you can transfer it safely between stove top / oven and slow cooker.

It has 3 settings: low, high and auto to allow you to cook a wide range of deliciousness. The low setting gently simmers pot roasts and braises. The auto setting cooks for high for 2 hours, then switches to low. It also comes with a stainless-steel trivet for roasts and puddings.

When you’re done, the non-stick coated cooking pan is easy to clean – it’s dishwasher (and fridge) safe. The lid’s dishwasher safe too. Serving is a breeze: take off the power cord and bring the slow cooker to the table.

With a generous 7L capacity, you can feed the whole family. All this, for around $150. CHOICE has thoroughly tested it and it’s got over 4 stars from almost 100 reviews on

The best value slow cooker

Sunbeam SecretChef
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Simple to operate and care for, the Sunbeam SecretChef Slow Cooker HP5520 offers a dishwasher-safe lid and bowl and cook-and-serve ability, thanks to its detachable power cord. Although it doesn’t offer the functionality of our Breville Flavour Maker winner, its 5.5L-capacity bowl is an affordable way to feed a family.

What we love


At RRP $60, this is less than half the price of our winner making it a very affordable slow cooker.

Easy care

With the lid and bowl being dishwasher safe, it’s very quick and easy to look after.


Like our winner, it has a detachable power cord for serving up on the table.

Easy operation

With a dial that offers low, high and keep warm options, this couldn’t be simpler to use.

See-through lid

So you can keep an eye on your meal.

5.5L capacity

Making it family-sized, or great for producing leftovers.

Keep warm setting

Not ready to eat just yet? Use this function to keep your food at a safe temperature until you’re ready to serve.

Popular brand

As Canstar Blue’s 2nd most popular slow cooker brand, you’re getting a brand that’s trusted and loved by Aussies.

The not so good bits

No searing function

You can’t go straight from the stove to the cooker with this, which makes it slightly less convenient.

No timer

Not a dealbreaker, but a nice to have.

1-year warranty

At this low price point, a 1-year warranty seems fair, but it’d be nice to be a little longer, especially if this is going to be a high-use item.

Size and weight

Even though it has 1.5L-less capacity than our winner, it’s heavier and deeper making it tricky to store.

Additional specs

If what you’re looking for in a slow cooker is a simple, no frills cooker that you simply switch on and let work, we reckon the Sunbeam SecretChef Slow Cooker HP5520 is the way to go. Its 5.5L capacity is family-sized and it offers 2 heat settings, plus a keep warm function.

It’s got a see-through lid, which is dishwasher safe like the bowl, so it’s easy care. Like our Breville top pick, it has a detachable power cord for cook-and-serve functionality. Unlike the Breville, the Sunbeam SecretChef Slow Cooker HP5520 doesn’t offer a searing function. You’ll need to use a separate pan for this, which generates more washing up.

Even though its capacity is 1.5L smaller than our winner, it’s deeper and heavier. It weighs around 6kg and measures 45cm W x 20cm H x 29cm D – which is 6cm deeper. Bear this in mind if you’re limited on storage space.

It’s been thoroughly tested by CHOICE and it’s currently got just under 4 stars on Sunbeam is also Canstar Blue’s 2nd most popular slow cooker brand. Sunbeam achieved the only 5-star review for cooking performance, with 4 stars in all remaining categories, including design and value for money. With a RRP of $60, it’s a highly affordable, excellent slow cooker.

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Others worth considering

Breville Fast Slow Pro
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Oxymoron of a name aside, the Breville Fast Slow Pro BPR700 is an impressive beast that offers more than slow cooking; it’s also a pressure cooker. There are 11 pressure cook settings, plus slow cook settings from high to low. It allows you to reduce, sauté, sear, slow cook, and pressure cook steam. Once you’ve got to grips with it, it automatically adjusts time, temperature and pressure between fast and slow cooking modes to deliver the best taste. The keep warm function automatically kicks in when cooking is complete.

An auto steam-release setting helps minimise overcooking and safely releases steam, hands-free. A LCD display lets you know what’s going on, with plenty of information including a pressure indicator, temperature, countdown timer, and steam release indicator. The lid can be put in the dishwasher, but the bowl can’t.

It has a 6L capacity and comes with a stainless steamer basket and rack, plus recipe book. It packs a huge RRP – around $400 – but still only a 1-year warranty.

Kmart 6.5L Slow Cooker
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At the other end of the slow cooker scale is the Kmart 6.5L Slow Cooker. This is a simple, easy to use slow cooker. It has low, high and keep warm settings. Its timer allows you to change the low and high heat settings preset times from 30 minutes to 12 hours. Then the LED display shows you how much time is remaining. The bowl and see-through lid are dishwasher safe and it comes with some recipes. The 6.5L capacity is enough to feed the fam and have leftovers.

It costs just $39. As you’d expect, it doesn’t have features like a detachable power cord and it has a 1-year warranty – the same as the c.$400 Breville Fast Slow Pro! But it’s been thoroughly tested by CHOICE and clocks up almost 5 stars on

Breville the Smart Temp
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Take the guesswork out of slow cooking with Breville the Smart Temp BSC420BSS. It has a sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature to prevent overcooking. It also offers 3 pre-programmed settings – low, medium and high – plus a keep warm function that automatically kicks in once cooking is complete. With a dishwasher-safe lid and bowl, it’s easy clean.

The ceramic bowl holds 6L and Breville reckons you can “Serve on the table in this premium crockery bowl”. Note that it doesn’t have a detachable power cord, so you can’t take the whole unit to the table.

It’s easy to use and care for, and well-tested by CHOICE. There are good, but limited, reviews on – both our 2 top picks have more reviews. With a price around $140, it’s less than our Breville winner but offers less functionality.

Russell Hobbs Searing Slow Cooker
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The Russell Hobbs Searing Slow Cooker RHSC650 offers the same functionality as our Breville top pick: sear your meat in the pot on the cooktop, and then transfer to the slow cooker. Unlike the Breville, the non-stick pot can’t be used in the oven. It’s also not dishwasher safe. But multiple reviews mention that the pot is lightweight, making it easy to handwash.

It offers 3 heat settings – high, low and warm – plus an auto function, which begins at high before switching to low when the desired cooking temperature is reached. It has a digital display and buttons, with a timer for easy use. It holds up to 6L and has a RRP of $90, considerably less than our Breville top pick's $150. It also has the longest warranty of any slow cooker we reviewed: 2 years.

There are currently very limited (although great) consumer reviews, which is why this didn’t earn a top spot.

The bottom line

Slow cookers can be life-changing, making mealtimes much easier. At their most basic, you simply chuck in your ingredients, select the right cooking mode and leave it to it. Pay more, and you might get more cooking options or even greater convenience – like being able to sear and slow cook in 1 pot. 

We reckon the Breville Flavour Maker is Australia’s best slow cooker. It offers great convenience: you can sear your meat on the cooktop before slow cooking it – in the same pan. With this pan being cooktop and oven-safe, it’s multifunctional and you can use it standalone. Easy care thanks to its dishwasher-safe lid and pan, it holds a huge 7L making it suitable for families, crowds or leftovers.

A simpler but still great slow cooker is the Sunbeam SecretChef Slow Cooker HP5520. Simply put your ingredients in, turn the dial and let it go. It doesn’t offer the same functionality as our winner, but it has a much lower price tag. It’s also equally easy to care for, and you can cook-and-serve with it too, thanks to its detachable power cord.

Features to consider

Slow cookers (not to be confused with pressure cookers) tend to offer very similar things, which can make choosing between them difficult. Here’s what to look for when shopping for one.

Litre capacity

Slow cookers are designed to feed a crowd. The smallest capacity we reviewed was 5L, going up to 7L. The smallest capacity you might find is 3.5L. Which means you can cook for 3-7 people, approximately. The cheapest slow cookers we reviewed were the smallest (5L and 5.5L). The largest slow cooker (7L) wasn’t the most expensive, that goes to a 6L one. So, size seems to be somewhat linked to price. 


Slow cookers tend to be oval, round or rectangular. While this doesn’t impact on performance, it can impact on storability. Rectangular slow cookers are thought to be easier to store.  

Cooking settings

Basic slow cookers usually have 2 settings: low and high. These are all you need to slow cook effectively. 


From our consumer research, it seems slow cookers are prone to some issues. As a high-use item that endures high temperatures for an extended period, it’s not too surprising. The most complaints we found related to non-stick coatings peeling off and lids shattering – though how many of these are related to user error, we’re not sure. 

Check the warranty. Five of the slow cookers we reviewed came with a 1-year warranty. Only 1 (the Russell Hobbs) came with a longer 2-year warranty. Also be aware of the cost of replacement parts – you don’t want to end up spending half the amount you paid for the cooker on a new lid or bowl. 

Control dial

The simplest slow cookers feature a control dial that you turn to your desired setting. This basic control is easy to use and doesn’t create too many crevices for food to lurk in. 

Easy clean

There shouldn’t be much to clean with a slow cooker: just the bowl, and perhaps the exterior may need a quick wipe. The bowl should ideally be dishwasher safe. If it’s not, check how heavy and bulky it is – you need to be able to easily wash it in the kitchen sink so it should fit under taps. A stainless-steel exterior may look modern, but it’ll also show up fingerprints.

What you get if you spend more

Pay more and you might get some features that up the convenience factor, although they probably won’t impact much on the performance.

Keep warm function

Not ready to eat? Once cooking is over, you can switch to keep warm mode which will keep your food at a safe temperature. Some more expensive models switch this mode on automatically. It’s a nice to have. But if you’ll be at home when the cooking is over, you probably don’t need this.


A lot of slow cookers don’t have a timer - our winner, at around $150, included. Pay more and you’ll probably get one. It’s not essential, as a lot of us use our phones to set alarms.

Auto cooking feature

This basically means the slow cooker will start on the low setting, before cranking up to the high setting after a certain amount of time (or vice versa). On more expensive models, the slow cooker will automatically adjust between settings once a certain temperature is reached. It’s intended to ensure your food stays warm until you’re ready, without overcooking it. 

Digital display

Buttons and dials can be mess-attracting crevices. Top-end slow cookers opt for digital displays instead. These touch interfaces are easier to clean, but they attract a premium price and are more likely to misfunction than a basic dial. 

Delayed start setting

Going out all day, but your meal doesn’t need that long to cook? This function lets you set your slow cooker to start later. 

Cooking modes

Most slow cookers offer 2-3 cooking modes, low, medium or high. Opt for a higher-end model, and you’ll get more control over your cooking. The most expensive slow cooker we reviewed – the Breville Fast Slow Pro BPR700 – offers 11 different cooking modes. If you’re that serious about cooking, you probably don’t need a slow cooker…


This is 1 feature that might affect your meal’s taste. Searing your meat first caramelises it, making it more flavourful. Doing it in the same pan as what you’ll slow cook it in gives you this additional flavour hit, while also minimising washing up and the number of pans you need.

Common questions

Should I buy a slow cooker?

A slow cooker can be a handy kitchen tool. They cook food using moisture at low temperatures over a long period of time. This usually results in amazing aromas and saucy, flavour-filled dishes. If you’re wondering whether to buy a slow cooker, let’s look at the pros and cons.

Slow cookers are great because they’re:

  • Easy to use - normally you throw everything in, switch it on and let it do its thing.
  • Ideal for cheaper cuts of meat as they make them really tender.
  • Easy to clean thanks to minimal washing up (everything is cooked in 1 bowl, that might be dishwasher safe).
  • Meant to be left alone, with no stirring needed. 
  • Usually energy efficient so won’t cause skyrocketing power bills.

Slow cookers are not-so-great because they’re:

  • Not quick and take a long time to cook, normally a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Big and bulky, making them hard to store.
  • Not immune to power cuts which might mean you come home to no dinner.
  • Not always 1-pot things - sometimes you need to brown meat or cook ingredients or spices on a stovetop first.
  • Best suited to well-organised people who can prep dinner in the morning to eat that evening.

How big a slow cooker do I need?

A 3-4.5L slow cooker will cook enough for 2 people. If you’re cooking for the whole fam, go for a 5-8L one. 

Even if you’re cooking for 2, you can upgrade to a bigger slow cooker, cook extra and freeze the leftovers. 

What’s a searing slow cooker?

A searing slow cooker, like the Breville Flavour Maker 7L Slow Cooker and the Russell Hobbs Searing Slow Cooker RHSC650, lets you sear the meat or other ingredients before slow cooking them. These rich, caramelised juices then go directly into your slow cooker, adding to the delicious flavours.

Searing in a pan which then slots directly into your slow cooker means you’re getting these flavours with minimal effort and washing up.

What shape should I buy?

You can buy an oval, round or rectangular slow cooker. The shape doesn’t impact on performance, but it does on storability. Tight on space? Opt for a rectangular one, they’re easier to store.  

Slow cooker vs pressure cooker. What's the difference?

A pressure cooker is like a fast version of a slow cooker. They too can tenderise meat: a slow cooker can make melting lamb shanks in 7-8 hours, whereas a pressure cooker can do it in less than 1 hour.

Pressure cookers have an airtight cooking pot with a valve that controls the pressure. They cook quickly, using hot, highly-pressurised steam. While slow cookers use low temperatures to gradually simmer and cook foods over many hours.

Pressure cookers suit time-poor people who want to whip up a slow cooker-style meal in under 1 hour. Using steam to cook means food retains vitamins and minerals that might otherwise be dissolved in water. They work great with cheaper cuts of meat too.

The downside is you need to supervise them while cooking, unlike a slow cooker which you turn on and leave. Because they use hot, highly-pressurised steam you need to be careful when removing the lid. They’re normally more expensive than slow cookers and can be tricky to get the hang of. Expect some experimentation to get the right amount of liquid for best results.


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