Optimum 9400X Blender Review for 2022

Can the Froothie Optimum 9400X convert a blending newbie? Yep.

Optimum 9400X Blender Review for 2022
Sarah Idle
Mar 1, 2022
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Confession time: I’m (Cosier editor and co-founder Sarah) a complete blender newbie. Green smoothies and the world of flaxseed and matcha powder have entirely passed me by. So when I was given the chance to try the Froothie Optimum 9400X, did it convert me to the joys of blending? Spoiler alert: heck yes.

At a glance

What we love
  • Its ability to blend anything and everything with ease.
  • The personalised customer service, which included a note from the owner plus a follow up email to check how I was getting on.
  • How quick and easy it is to use - I was up and running in minutes.
  • The surprising quietness, even as it chewed through ice.
The not so good bits
  • The jug is fairly heavy so people with wrist problems might struggle to easily lift it.
  • It’s not small or compact and requires a lot of benchtop space.
  • Those looks though.
What it offers
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$9, free over $200
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$1,300 - $1,500
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User Friendliness


A few days after ordering, my Optimum 9400X turned up. I appreciated the regular Australian Post delivery updates I got via email, telling me where it was. It arrived in a large, unexciting, somewhat battered cardboard box. It was delivered to my doorstep where I had to bring it inside. The box weighed around 8kg - manageable for me but worth noting.

What’s in the box

I opened the large cardboard box to find… another cardboard box, this one with a dented corner. Once I wiggled the 8kg box out of the larger box and opened it, I found 2 large pieces of polystyrene, plus a lot of soft plastics and some sticky plastic wrap covering the display. I was pleased by how much of the packaging was recyclable, although with some effort on my part (i.e. taking soft plastics to the nearest recycling spot). 

Once unpackaged, I found 2 sheets of cardboard (warranty info and a letter from the owner) plus a user manual and recipe book. All pieces were stored safely inside the blender and everything was in perfect condition.

Optimum 9400x blender in cardboard packaging

Look and feel

My first impressions of the Optimum 9400X were not the best. It’s big and somewhat ugly thanks to being so bulky and rectangular. This isn’t helped by the sound cover. Without the cover, it’s not so bad but it’s still not compact and needs a lot of space. 

I was impressed by the quality of it though. All the components felt sturdy and smooth, including the touch screen.

User friendliness

As you know, I’ve never used a blender before so I was excited to see how I could get to grips with the Optimum 9400X.

I’m pleased to say, very easily. Once I’d washed all the parts, I followed the instructions by putting the jug on the base and switching it on at the wall. The display panel lit up and all I needed to do was press start. Adjusting the speed using the up and down arrows was really easy and gave me great control.

The weight of the jug surprised me. It feels top quality but it is heavy, even without ingredients in it. So again, worth bearing in mind for anyone with wrist problems. 

I really wanted to put the blender through its paces. So, I started with its ability to crush ice which meant only one thing: frozen margaritas. (Anything for science, huh?) The Optimum 9400X took about 3 seconds to turn ice into a frozen slushy treat. Even better, it was surprisingly quiet. I was expecting an airplane-like roar and instead got a reasonable ice pulverising sound. 

The next task was pancake batter. Could it whip up a better batter than I can manually? Um, yes. It managed to create a perfectly smooth batter in just a few seconds. I don’t mean to brag but I’m a pancake master and I haven’t ever managed to get batter this smooth. However, I did struggle to get all the batter out of the jug because a) the jug is so deep, b) it doesn’t have a pouring spout, and c) the blade was in the way (it is removable though so that's one problem gone).

Cup of green smoothie in hand

My next test was a green smoothie, to see how it could handle tough fibrous veg like spinach. After just a few seconds, it hadn’t blended the spinach, it had pulverised it. It handled all the ingredients like a champ, including whole dates and almond butter. It did leave some very tiny spinach fibres but honestly, I can’t imagine any blender doing a better job than the Optimum 9400X.

Pressing on, I whipped up a chocolate shake (using a recipe from the included book). This included a whole banana and a quarter cup of whole, raw cashews. You guessed it - the Optimum 9400X chewed through these things like they were cotton wool. The recipe called for three quarters of a cup of water and when I used the fourth speed setting, the shake shot straight up the jug, all the way to the clear lid plug. There’s a good lesson for you - always make sure the lid’s on securely (mine was, thankfully).

Bannana chocolate shake in optimum 9400x blender

I did find that both drinks tasted somewhat bitty and like they weren’t smoothly blended. I did follow the instructions to ‘blitz until smooth’ and although they looked smooth, on tasting they didn’t quite. However, I feel like it’s more my blending newness than the Optimum 9400X’s capabilities that was the issue here.

Finally, cleaning the Optimum 9400X was a breeze. I am a clean-as-I-go kinda cook though, so the jug didn’t have time to get too much stuck on it. I simply popped the jug into hot soapy water and gave it a good scrub. I loved that the clear lid plug came off for easy cleaning of all parts. It also allowed me to get into all the crevices so I’m confident you won’t get a scum build-up. It wasn’t fiddly to clean, at all. I did find I needed a long handled dish brush though, so my hands didn’t get too close to the blades.

I did notice the chocolate shake was still hanging on a little after the first wash - it needed a second go to get it sparkling clean. Froothie included some deep cleaning instructions which involved filling the jug with warm soapy water and blending it, before leaving it to drip dry. I can confirm this was very effective at cleaning - and quick and low effort too. 


The Optimum 9400X literally blitzed through every single thing I threw at it. Ice! Raw nuts! Whole bananas! Fresh spinach! It handled it all, quickly and with not as much noise as I expected. It couldn’t have impressed me more.

The final word

If you’re serious about blending, the Optimum 9400X is the blender for you. This commercial standard workhouse is an absolute beast at blending and I truly believe it can handle every blending task with ease. So simple to use and clean, it’s also incredibly quick and not as loud as you’d expect (Note: I did try the sound cover version). While not the prettiest home appliance you’ll ever see, I’m a blending convert.

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