Calming Blankets Mattress Topper Review for 2022

Can a mattress topper really feel like sleeping on a cloud?

Calming Blankets Mattress Topper Review for 2022
Sarah Idle
Mar 21, 2022
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I (Cosier editor and co-founder Sarah) really love sleeping. So you bet I jumped at the chance to review the Calming Blankets mattress topper. I already use the Calming Blankets weighted blanket so was hoping for an equally great sleep treat - and I wasn’t disappointed. Calming Blankets reckons their mattress topper delivers cloud-like comfort and honestly, I agree.

What we love
  • The plush, cushioning, supportive feel. 
  • The fact it’s fitted so putting it on is easy and it stays put all night.
The not so good bits
  • The musty smell when it was first opened, that didn’t disappear even after being aired outside.
The details
What it offers
Mattress Type
Free Trial
Price range
$179 - $219
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Customer Experience
User Friendliness


A few days after ordering, my Calming Blankets mattress topper turned up. It was great to have regular email updates letting me know where my order was, from being processed to being on its way, complete with tracking link. It arrived as one branded box and was fairly heavy, as it has 4kg of fill.

What’s in the box

Pleasingly, there was minimal packaging in the box. The mattress topper was vacuum packed in a recyclable soft plastic bag and that’s all there was. When I opened the bag, the mattress topper inflated, just like a mattress in a box.

Calming Blankets mattress topper in box

Look and feel

It took a bit of wrangling to move the topper around because of its king size and weight. I was instantly struck by how deliciously plush the topper was - it had a deep, cushioned feel that my hand sunk into.

It was covered in loose cotton bits, had some loose threads and there were also a few black marks on the sides of the topper. It had a bit of a musty, damp smell (not surprising really, as it’s packaged straight after being manufactured and then sent hundreds of kilometres). I had to air it outside for a few hours and even then, the scent lingered. However, it’s machine washable so if you have a large enough washing machine, it’s easy enough to freshen up.

User friendliness

Because it’s like a fitted sheet, it was super easy to put onto our bed. Even better, it stays there all night long. Generous sizing means that it fits above our mattress protector (which we don’t need any more!) and under our sheets.

Calming Blankets mattress topper fitted to bed


The first time I slipped under the duvet and onto the topper, I was blown away by how plush the topper feels. It feels luxurious, like a 5-star hotel bed. I like a firm bed so I was unsure how it’d work out for me but I’ve been impressed by how supportive it is. As I move around (which I do, a lot), the topper cradles me and moves with me, giving a really snug feeling and plenty of support, without being too hot. 

As a (mainly) side sleeper, sometimes my hips and shoulders can get sore. But I found this topper to be super pressure relieving, providing me with lots of comfort even on my side. I sometimes roll onto my stomach and on my mattress I can get woken up by lower back and hip pain. Since sleeping on this topper, that's gone.

There’s definitely been an adjustment period. I’ve been sleeping on it for a week now and I do get a sore back the next day, but I’m confident I’ll adjust - I’ve never slept on a mattress topper before so I expect it will take some time for my body to get used to it. 

It’s also good to understand that my bed isn’t particularly old (5 years) or lumpy, so it’s enhanced a mattress that was already in good nick.

The final word

The Calming Blankets mattress topper has given my bed a luxe, plush, 5-star hotel-like feeling. Supportive and cushioning, it’s evened out my mattress while not heating it up. I love that it’s machine washable and fitted so it stays in place all night long.

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