Calming Blanket Review

Is the Calming Blanket worth the hype?

Calming Blanket Review
Oct 24, 2021
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If you’re looking to up your relaxation game, look no further than a Calming Blanket. This is one seriously delicious weighted blanket, from the cool silkiness of the bamboo one to the cosy plushness of the minky one. Although personally I didn't notice any difference to my sleep, the Calming Blanket has become my favourite chill-out spot - the ideal companion to reading, meditating or streaming stuff on the sofa. I did notice a difference to my anxiousness though so for that, it definitely lives up to its calming name.

Unboxing the Calming blanket

My box turned up looking like it’d seen some stuff. The cardboard box couldn’t hack the weight (around 15kg) and had sagged and split down one edge. It was grimly hanging on, thanks to some impressively sticky tape. Honestly? Not the best first impression.

Once I opened it up, I found 1 blanket in a canvas bag and 1 plastic bag.

What's in the box

Inside the box was a 6.8kg minky blanket in a canvas drawstring bag. I love this bag, not just for its eco-friendly nature but because I can take the blanket away with me and it doubles as a handy storage bag. There was also 1 plastic bag that held the 6.8kg bamboo blanket and pillowcase. Finally, there was a marketing leaflet about Calming Blanket. 

I like that you only get what you need in the box with no unnecessary packaging and that plastic is kept to a minimum.

Calming blanket unboxing

First impressions

When I managed to wrestle them out the box, I was surprised by the feel of the blankets - the glass beads felt like grains of sand. The minky blanket felt gorgeously plush and snuggly. While the bamboo blanket and pillowcase felt deliciously cool and smooth. They looked exactly like their picture on the website. Plus, there was no weird smell.

Minky and Bamboo weighted blankets side by side

I thought the weight distribution across the minky blanket was a little off (Calming Blankets pride themselves on their “even distribution”) so I had to unzip the covers and find the loose inner ties. This involved me crawling inside the cover to track down the 2 ties that had come undone. Hot (and hilarious to watch) and a little awkward, but it was a pretty easy fix.

How the Calming Blanket felt

As well as being surprised by the sand-like glass beads, I was surprised by the weight. (Yes, I knew each one was 6.8kg+ but hauling that around and over yourself is actually more difficult than I imagined.) I’m right on the cusp of the different weights but was advised to go up to the heavier one. Having trialled the blankets for a few weeks, I'm glad I opted to do this.

Calming Blanket is keen to point out that their blankets aren’t for the under 3s. I’d also point out if you’re buying one of these for your parents or grandparents to be aware of the weight. They’re not the easiest things to lug around.

Thanks to its single size and rectangular shape, it’s easy to tell which way it’s meant to go. Plus I love that the minky cover is vegan friendly and both covers are machine washable.

Calming blanket on bed while reading book

Did it work?

Due to the sticky summer nights, I’ve only been able to try the bamboo blanket overnight. The bamboo fabric is a stroke of genius. Once I’m under it, it’s cool, silky and soft. Although I’d been a bit nervous about how the blankets would feel on - I was after a calming sensation, not a chest-crushing one - I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t feel heavy or smothering, even on my chest. Instead, it felt like a gentle hug. I was aware of the tiniest bit of pressure over my whole body.

Like most people, 2020 wasn’t the kindest to my sleep and I’ve come into 2021 with a bit of a fractured relationship with it. According to the leaflet Calming Blanket sent me, it’s “designed to improve your sleep and reduce anxiousness” and to help you “sleep as you’ve never slept before”. It’s fair to say I went into it thinking (hoping!) I’d settle under it and drift instantly to sleep.

Reader, I did not.

Rather than feeling instantly sleepy, I did feel relaxed and calm. When I’d approached bedtime feeling a little anxious from a stressful day, I did find the blanket helped me calm down. So, that’s a win.

The bamboo blanket doesn’t always stay on me all night, but as I’m a sleeper that tosses and turns (a lot), that’s no surprise. Currently, I’m hanging out for winter so I can cuddle under the minky one.

The final word

I loved

My bamboo blanket has quickly become my favourite relaxation spot. I love that I can move it around to where I need it at home, whether that’s over my bed or on the couch. It’s completely elevated my streaming stuff / reading / meditating experience. I also love the feel of a gentle hug it gives me. I love the cool silkiness of the bamboo blanket and the plush (vegan-friendly) lushness of the minky blanket. I’ve been impressed by its ability to calm down times of anxiousness and I absolutely cannot wait for winter to get under that minky blanket more.

I not-so-loved

For me, the Calming Blanket doesn’t live up to its claims to help with troubled sleep. That’s ok - sleep is a complicated thing, with lots of different factors going on. (Calming Blanket offers a 30-day returns period which gives you time to try it for yourself, and return it if it’s not doing it for you.) I’m also not the biggest fan of the lack of transparency around their supply chain - I couldn’t find any info about where they’re made and where the materials are sourced from.

This product was provided free of charge, but opinions are my own.

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