Calming Blankets Delta Sleep Mattress Review for 2022

Can Calming Blankets deliver a top mattress like their top weighted blanket?

Calming Blankets Delta Sleep Mattress Review for 2022
Sarah Idle
Mar 23, 2022
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Rewind a few years back and ‘pandemic’ was just an average movie with Matt Damon, self-isolating just meant staying at home, and weighted blankets were the darling of the Instagram age. How times have changed. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the lasting appeal of weighted blankets, especially the ones by Calming Blankets.

Building on their success, Calming Blankets has branched out into a range of sleeping products, from a mattress topper (which we’ve got hands-on with) to a mattress. Meet the Calming Blankets Delta Sleep mattress.

This Australian-made mattress promises a great night’s sleep, whatever your sleeping style. But does it deliver? Find out in our Delta Sleep mattress review that covers everything from what it feels like to sleep on, to its materials and warranty.

What we love
  • The removable, washable cover which is quite uncommon for mattresses.
  • That it’s Australian made in an environmentally friendly way.
  • The plush 7cm top layer that’s super cushioning.
The not so good bits
  • Lack of customer reviews.
  • Lack of information about the mattress, especially the warranty and returns process and even basic details like weight.
The details
What it offers
Mattress Type
10 years
8-10 business days
Free Trial
100 nights
Price range
$795 - $1,194
Our ratings breakdown
Customer Experience
User Friendliness

Who’s the Calming Blankets Delta Sleep mattress best for

If you’re into Australian made goodness and want to support local, the Delta Sleep mattress is a good choice. It’s ideal for any type of sleeper who wants the cushioning support and pressure relief of an all-foam mattress. Co-sleepers will enjoy the lack of partner disturbance. Being one of the cheapest mattresses in Australia, it’s ideal for the kids or guests. 

What you need to know

Ordering and delivery

Calming Blankets are mainly all about weighted blankets, so finding the Delta Sleep mattress isn’t the easiest. It’s not featured on the homepage and is instead accessed through the top menu under Bedding. 

Once on the mattress page, it’s clean and easy to read and use. Choosing a size from the drop down and adding it to the cart is a breeze. (Although it would be handy for the dimensions to be shown there.) 

It’s also easy to buy the mattress once it’s in your cart, with a large well-labelled check out now button. There are other suggested products shown underneath this button but they aren’t particularly relevant (we were served up weighted blanket covers). After being taken to our cart (again), it’s a standard 3-step checkout process. This includes contact information, shipping address and shipping method. The delivery information provided is very basic. It simply tells you it’s standard free delivery with no indication of timeframe. (Compare this to Koala where you can pick your delivery date and time slot.) Finally, add your payment details (credit card, PayPal and financing options) and you’re done. 

The Delta Sleep mattress is delivered in a tall, skinny box with wheels for easy moving. The single and king single boxes measure 36cm x 36cm x 118cm. The double and queen boxes measure 36cm x 36cm x 165cm. The king box measures 36cm x 36cm x 195cm. Calming Blankets doesn’t mention whether delivery is contactless and to your door only, but let’s assume it is because of COVID. Calming Blankets also don’t state the weight of their mattresses but hey, the box has wheels so the weight isn’t a biggie. 

Materials and construction

The Delta Sleep mattress is an all-foam mattress with 2 layers:

  1. A 7cm thick foam top comfort layer.
  2. High density support foam

The Delta Sleep mattress is covered by a removable and washable Tencel cover. All the foam in the mattress is certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) and no harsh chemicals or nasties are used in their manufacture. Calming Blankets reckon every step in their process, from raw materials to delivery, is environmentally friendly, as well as ethical and sustainable. We love that the Delta Sleep mattress is made in Australia (Victoria to be precise), from Australian-sourced materials. It’s the only mattress we’ve reviewed that is.

What the Calming Blankets Delta Sleep mattress feels like

The Delta Sleep mattress has a 7cm plush top layer. This means you’re going to get a soft, enveloping filling when you first lie on it - it’s going to cradle you. Because it’s all foam, it doesn’t have the bounce of springs, instead it slowly bounces back when you press down on it. 

Most Aussies reckon it feels like sleeping on a cloud, which is probably the soft cushioning of the top layer. The support layer adds firmness. 

Partner disturbance

Because of the thickness of the top layer, Calming Blankets reckons you don’t get any partner disturbance and most sleepers agree that they can’t feel their partners move throughout the night.

Suitability for hot sleepers

There are lots of features in this Australian-made mattress to ensure a cool night’s sleep. This includes the breathable Tencel cover that wicks moisture away and Intellicool technology. This means the foam has a unique cell structure that allows air to move freely throughout the mattress, rather than trapping the heat inside. 

Off-gassing smell

A lot of mattresses in a box have a slight chemical smell when they’re first opened. That’s because  they’ve been manufactured, vacuum packed into a box, and then shipped hundreds of kilometres to Australia. Because Delta Sleep mattresses are made here in Australia, with far less travelling to do, they don’t suffer from this as much.

If you do notice a smell, you can remove and wash the cover and open a window to air the room the mattress is in. It’s good to understand that although not the most pleasant smell, it’s not dangerous or toxic. 

Bonus bits

The Calming Blankets Delta Sleep mattress is the only mattress we’ve reviewed that’s Australian made. With an ethical and sustainable supply chain and manufacturing process that’s kind to people and the planet, that gets a huge tick from us. 

How much does the Calming Blankets Delta Sleep mattress cost?

Prices start from $795 for a single mattress, up to $1,194 for a king. 

Trial, warranty and shipping

The Calming Blankets Delta Sleep mattress comes with a 120 night trial. If the mattress doesn’t work for you, you can contact them by email, phone or live chat from Monday to Friday. Calming Blankets don’t provide a lot of information about the returns process. They do mention returned mattresses are donated to charity but don’t explain if they arrange a free pick up or if you need to drop off the mattress.

Calming Blankets makes a big claim: that the Delta Sleep mattress is 100% sag free. They back this up with an ‘unconditional’ 10-year guarantee against sagging and other defects. But again, no further details are provided about what is and isn’t covered and how to claim under this warranty.

Shipping is free and should be delivered within 2-8 business days. If it doesn’t arrive within 10 business days, Calming Blankets ask that you contact them so they can find out where your delivery is. Once you’ve bought your mattress, you’ll be texted to schedule your delivery date.

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Common questions

Is the Calming Blankets Delta Sleep mattress any good?

The Calming Blankets Delta Sleep mattress is Australian made, so that already makes it very good in our eyes. Add in an all-foam construction with attention paid to environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials and good prices, and you have a comfortable, supportive mattress that should keep you cool on hot Aussie nights. 

How long does the Calming Blankets Delta Sleep mattress last?

Calming Blankets reckon the Delta Sleep mattress is 100% sag-free and backs it with a 10-year guarantee. So, you should expect it to last at least 10 years.

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