Ecosa Vital Mattress Review for 2022

Can all sleepers find a decent sleep on the Ecosa Vital?

Ecosa Vital Mattress Review for 2022
Sarah Idle
Mar 22, 2022
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Although hybrids didn’t turn out so well in Jurassic World, hybrids in the mattress world can be great. That’s because hybrid mattresses combine the best of both worlds: the sinking feeling of foam with the support of pocket springs.

The Ecosa Vital is Ecosa’s most affordable mattress (there’s also the mid-range all-foam Ecosa mattress and the top end latex hybrid, the Pure). That’s already impressive to us, with Noa The Luxe and the Emma Diamond both being hybrid mattresses too but their respective brands’ top end offerings. That’s not all that’s impressive about the Ecosa Vital. There’s also the washable cover that’s made from recycled plastic bottles plus the lack of partner disturbance and great breathability.

Our Ecosa Vital mattress review tells you more about this hybrid mattress in a box to help you decide if it’s the right mattress for you.

At a glance

What we love
  • All night comfort and support thanks to 7 zone pocket springs.
  • Removable and washable cover that’s made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Proudly Aussie company that’s certified carbon neutral.
The not so good bits
  • No handles (although the Ecosa mattress doesn’t need rotating or flipping).
  • Some sleepers find it too firm and it can take a while to adjust to.
  • Returns can be tricky and take a long time.
What it offers
Mattress Type
hybrid (foam and springs)
15 years
0-7 business days
Free Trial
100 nights
Price range
$700 - $1,100
Ratings breakdown
Customer Experience
User Friendliness

Who’s the Ecosa Vital mattress best for

Ecosa calls the Vital their ‘most cushioned mattress’, thanks to the plush top layer which provides that sinking feeling. So, if you’re looking for a luxe feel, combined with excellent support, the Vital could be right for you. It’s also ideal for anyone nervous about all-foam mattresses in a box as it’s a hybrid, featuring traditional pocket springs. 

What you need to know

Ordering and delivery

Deals! Promos! Mattresses! Pillows! Bed base! Bedding! The Ecosa homepage is a bit of an assault on your senses. Luckily, it can be avoided by going to the top menu and selecting the Vital mattress.

Once on the Vital mattress page, it’s pleasingly simple to order. We love that the size is shown so you know upfront whether it’s going to fit into your room. Delivery information is easy to spot too. We really love that the additional extras, like a bedframe, are underneath the large Add to cart button so it feels less pushy than other sites. 

The checkout process is easy and involves 3 steps: your contact details and shipping / billing address, delivery method, and payment (credit card, Google Pay, PayPal or finance options). The delivery method information is great, letting you either choose same day delivery or a date and time that suits you in the future. 

After you’ve bought it, you can look forward to your mattress in a box being delivered. The Ecosa Vital comes in a tall, skinny box, the height of which depends on the size of the mattress. Most sizes come in a 35cm x 35cm box, with a height between 101cm and 160cm. The king comes in a slightly bigger box: 36cm x 36cm x 191cm. For all sizes, the box weighs between 24kg and 48kg. As delivery is to your front door / ground floor only, you might need to rope someone in to help you move it to your bedroom (it does have wheels to help you though).

Materials and construction

The Ecosa Vital is a hybrid mattress, yet it’s the cheapest mattress option by Ecosa. We find this surprising as similar offerings, like the Noa Luxe and Emma Diamond, are hybrids too yet are the most high end offerings. Inside it you’ll find:

  1. A comfy plush top layer with a removable and washable OceanCycled cover made from 120 plastic bottles collected from the ocean.
  2. Air memory foam with pincore holes for breathability.
  3. Tranquil foam for pressure relief all night long.
  4. Transition foam to dampen the motion of the springs and partner disturbance.
  5. 7 zone pocket springs for total body support.
  6. Recycled felt as a protective layer for the pocket springs.
  7. Reinforced foam to support and protect the pocket springs.

As well as featuring some recycled materials, all the materials in the Ecosa mattress, including the foams and covers, are certified free of harmful chemicals and other nasties. Plus, all the carbon produced to create and ship the Vital mattress is offset.

What the Ecosa Vital mattress feels like

Ecosa reckons the Vital mattress feels medium firmness, with most sleepers agreeing. Although some do say that it felt firmer than they were expecting and took a few nights to get used to. Because of the plush top layer, the Ecosa Vital does offer a slight sinking and holding sensation - you’ll lie on it and feel held by the mattress. The plushness can be confused with softness so be prepared for that.

The foam and pocket springs combo responds to your body movements to provide support throughout the night. 

Partner disturbance

Ecosa prides itself on no disturbance technology (and has the wine-glass-on-the-bed videos to back it up). Sleepers agree that the Vital is great at reducing partner movements. 

Suitability for hot sleepers

As an Aussie company, Ecosa understands that Aussie nights can get hot. Like really hot. So, they’ve paid attention to making the Vital mattress as cool as possible. This includes using memory foam with pincore holes and zoned pocket springs to allow air to move freely throughout the mattress, and not get trapped inside it.

Most sleepers find that the Vital delivers a cool night’s sleep. Temperature can be subjective though and depends on many things, like the size and temperature of your room. Taking advantage of the 100 night free trial is a good way to see if it’ll work for you. 

Off-gassing smell

It’s a common complaint for mattresses in a box - that they release a weird chemical smell when they’re first opened. Most Ecosa Vital sleepers don’t notice much of a smell at all. If you do, Ecosa recommends opening a window for the first few days to air your mattress and washing the cover. 

Bonus bits

Ecosa is Australia’s first certified carbon neutral mattress company and they’ve got a range of sustainability initiatives. These include using natural and recycled materials (like the OceanCycled cover and recycled felt in this mattress and the Pure mattress); moving towards sustainable packaging by 2025; designing long-lasting products that you don't have to replace; and offsetting their carbon emissions. For example, the Ecosa Vital mattress’ carbon offset is 189.6kgs. You can see more on the product page about which projects are offsetting this carbon.

Other bonus bits include Ecosa’s longer than average warranty of 15 years and their efforts towards transparency about their manufacturing and supply chain. A proudly Aussie owned and operated company, materials are sourced from Germany (90%), Japan (5%), and China (5%). The mattresses are made in China in factories that have been independently audited, although they don't provide any more details than that. 

How much does the Ecosa Vital mattress cost?

Prices start from $700 for a single mattress, up to $1,100 for a king. 

Trial, warranty and shipping

The Ecosa Vital mattress comes with a 100 night trial, although Ecosa asks that you try it for at least 14 nights before returning it. To arrange a return, you need to contact Ecosa via email, online chat or online form. Ecosa will then arrange with their charitable partners (like The Salvation Army) to do a free pick up. This can take up to 10 business days.

This is for metro areas only though. If you’re outside these areas, you might need to return the mattress to your nearest pick up spot, at your own cost and time. Only once the mattress has been picked up or dropped off will Ecosa process your refund. There are a few recent customer complaints about the returns process, mainly long pick up times (remember you don’t get your money back until the mattress is picked up) and not being able to get in touch easily with Ecosa, with emails going unanswered. 

The Ecosa Vital has a 15-year warranty. This covers visible dents deeper than 2cm; cracked or split foam; or a manufacturing defect of the cover (in which case you just get a replacement cover, not mattress). Although Ecosa promotes that the Vital can sit on the floor, they do repeatedly mention that you need to stand the mattress often so it can breathe, plus air and vacuum the floor underneath the mattress. This is because they won’t accept returns or warranty claims for mould or mould-related problems. This is much better than Noa’s warranty that’s void if you don’t use a bed frame, although they state the mattresses can be used on the floor.

Like most mattresses in a box brands, Ecosa seems to be struggling with deliveries lately with lots of complaints about deliveries not turning up when they’re supposed to. 

How the Ecosa Vital mattress compares

  • The Ecosa Vital mattress is the most affordable option, with the Ecosa being the mid-range mattress. The Vital is a hybrid mattress, while the Ecosa is all foam. The other major difference is that you can adjust the firmness on the Ecosa, but you can’t with the Vital. Plus, the Ecosa is waterproof and 25cm tall, while the Vital isn’t waterproof and is 23cm. 
  • The Pure mattress is the top-end mattress. Although both the Vital and Pure are hybrids, the Pure is a hybrid of latex and springs, not foam and springs (like the Vital). The Pure also has more of a focus on being natural, organic and eco-friendly. The Vital is 23cm high, but the Pure is 29cm. While the Vital is only a medium feel, the Pure offers a medium and a medium-firm feel.
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Ecosa Vital Mattress
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Common questions

Is the Ecosa Vital mattress any good?

We reckon the Ecosa Vital mattress is very good, especially because it’s a hybrid mattress in a box yet still Ecosa’s most affordable option. We love the plush, snug sensation that the Ecosa Vital provides and the all-night support, thanks to the pocket springs. We’re also fans of the removable and washable cover and that Ecosa is Australia’s first certified carbon neutral mattress company. 

How long does the Ecosa Vital mattress last?

Ecosa focuses on producing quality, long-lasting mattresses that you don't need to replace as they believe this is better for your wallet and the planet (we agree). That’s why they back the Ecosa Vital with a 15-year warranty - you should expect it to last at least that long. 

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