Calming Blankets Hand Woven Weighted Blanket Review for 2022

Is the Calming Blankets hand woven weighted blanket worth the hype?

Calming Blankets Hand Woven Weighted Blanket Review for 2022
Sarah Idle
May 27, 2022
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When is a weighted blanket not a weighted blanket? When it’s a handwoven one from Calming Blankets. No ties, no glass beads, just a beautiful looking and feeling blanket that delivers some serious zen vibes. Learn more about the Calming Blankets’ handwoven blanket in my (Cosier editor Sarah) hands-on Calming Blankets review.

What we love
  • How cool and breathable it is.
  • No fiddly ties or uneven glass beads, just a weighted feel.
  • The stretch of the fabric that drapes perfectly.
The not so good bits
  • Lack of transparency around their supply chain.
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My weighted blanket turned up in a sturdy branded box. Inside, it was protected by 2 plastic bags (soft plastics recycling, here we come) and was tied together by 2 ribbons which I’ll be reusing for wrapping presents. There was no weird smell, and it was very safely nestled into the box so it turned up in perfect condition.

Calming Blankets’ handwoven weighted blanket in packaging on bed

What’s in the box

There was the hand woven weighted blanket and a marketing leaflet about Calming Blankets, and that was it. I love that the packaging (cardboard box and plastic bags) is minimal and easily recyclable.

Calming Blankets’ handwoven weighted blanket unpacked on bed

Look and feel

The Calming Blankets’ handwoven weighted blanket is a beautiful blanket. It has a very rustic, vintage feel, helped by the muted grey colour. It feels top quality and like a lot of care and attention has gone into the hand weaving. 

I was surprised by 2 things. One was the feel of the blanket. Unlike my Calming Blankets’ weighted blanket, it doesn’t have tiny glass beads inside it. It’s just heavy fabric. So, it felt uniformly heavy yet buttery soft thanks to the fabric. The second was how stretchy the blanket is. It has a lot of movement which means that when I snuggle under it, it stretches to fit and drapes really comfily over my whole body. 

I’m using it on my bed as an extra blanket and I love it there, although I could definitely imagine using it while snuggled on the sofa if I could be bothered to drag it down 2 flights of stairs.

User friendliness

I love that there are no ties in the handwoven blanket (unlike my other weighted blanket). This means no crawling inside, and fiddling around trying to retie the ones that have come loose. Even better, because there are no tiny glass beads, there’s no shifting weight either. 

In terms of user friendliness, it couldn’t have been easier to take it out of the box and arrange it on the bed. (Although it’s good to know that it weighs around 9kg which might make it tricky for some people to lug around.)

Hand woven weighted blanket close up detail


The biggest thing I’ve noticed with the handwoven blanket compared to my other weighted blanket is that it feels a lot cooler. Thanks to the open weave, it’s a lot more breathable so I haven’t been trying to throw it off myself overnight.

Personally, I haven’t found weighted blankets to guarantee a perfect night’s sleep every single night. But I love the gentle hugging and contouring sensation of this blanket, I find it very soothing and relaxing. 

The final word

The Calming Blankets’ handwoven blanket is a worthy alternative to a traditional weighted blanket. I absolutely love that it doesn’t have any ties or any shifting tiny glass beads. I found it breathable and loved the way the stretchy fabric draped over my body as I slept. It gets top marks for how relaxed I feel under it.

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